Aye-Que Gets Tails Rolled

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Aye-Que Gets Tails Rolled
Let's dance under this unscripted tunnel, ect
Background information
Participants Tails6000, members of the S.H.A.R.K. and Dr. Aye-Que
Date 2013/7/15
Location Aye-Que's lab

Aye-Que Gets Tails Rolled was an event where Aye-Que was bitterly humiliated by Tails singing on the TV. It was considered the 3rd best joke after the two popular jokes of 2009, and didn't get the popularity as Penghis Khan gets Penguinsky Rolled or Tapestrea Gets Cadence Rolled, grossing only 25 million views.

The event[edit]

Aye-Que was showing his latest evil invention to some S.H.A.R.K. members and was in the point of becoming their greatest hero.

Aye-Que - "AND NOW, THIS BUTTON WILL SPLAT OUT BRAIN SOAP! Should I demonstrate on a puny puffle?"

Suddenly, the television turned on and a yellow penguin in a black hoodie and construction hat came on.

"♪In my creepy tench coat, blue denim shirt and, Hipster shades♪" sang an unmistake able voice, it was Tails6000 doing his own version of the Penghis Khan gets Pengvinsky Rolled song.

"ZOMG HOW DID YOU GET ON TV?!?" screamed Aye-Que when the members of S.H.A.R.K were staring at the screen.

"Now let's cut to, my shadow" sang Tails as he kept dancing.

"ARGHHHH GO AWAY YOU MEDDLER!!!!" Aye-Que repeated, this time angered when Xeng Guin began moving his feet in a beat.

"Lets dance under this unscripted tunnel, theres a blind girl dancing freely gotta take this to banquet hall, karaoke all alone Frank Sinatra's Microphone. Giant windows make this place churchy" sang Tails as he angered him even more, this time some of the other members were moving their feet too.

"Then some reason Metal explorer found him dancing and tryed to ambush him but somehow he countered the attack by dodging and making him fall on Aye-Que." This angered Aye-Que to the point of not able to speak, when everybody in the room, excluding Wikipenguino X, Bernie892 and Aye-Que, were moving their feet in a pattern.

"Grrr how does he even fight while dancing? asked Metal Explorer angered and Aye-Que got squashed." made Aye-Que run out of the room, angered to talk to leader of the group.


"We will see if that is true, Aye-Que!" said Wikipenguino X

As they walked in, all of the penguins were boogieing to Tails6000's beat. They were backflipping, breakdancing and other dances that would suit them.

"Reflecting light from big puddles, good thing there isn't homeless people sleeping" sang Tails as he still sang his song.

"Stop!!!!! You are all dismissed!" Wikipenguino X shouted. "Aye-Que, you are free to leave your new invention here. You can come back again. Good day, Aye-Que."

He got the remote and switched off the television. What he didn't know, was that an innocent CCTV camera caught all. The penguin at the CCTV dept. uploaded it on PengTube and got famous.


Aye-Que was angered for 3 days, he was publicly humiliated, it was the third best joke after 2009 and the video grossed 25 million views.


Many penguins who saw the video thought it was one of the best videos in the world. Here is a few receptions from them.

— Random Penguin who loves the video

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