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B4nn3d with his deletion bomb he stole
Title B4nn3d
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin.
Faction Never able to be banned.
Health 100%. Really.
Level Infinity, he claims. He's actually only Level 1, for not being able to notice his flaw.
Status Alive and not banned.
Location Club Penguin Island
Occupation 'Hacker'
Interests Hacking,making moderators slightly annoyed
Friends Xary,Xoorp
Enemies The Club Penguin Moderators
Archetype 'Evil', actually Neutral

B4nn3d is an 'evil' penguin who claims he can never be banned. This statement is true somehow, however, most moderators claim he 'is not an actual threat to Club Penguin'. He thinks he can't be banned because the moderators are stupid, though. He says that if he's ever banned, "that would really suck".


Not much is known about B4nn3d. From birth records, B4nn3d was born in 1999. He found out about moderators in 2002 and first got involved with hacking in 2007 after learning how to code from his parents. He proclaimed to the Club Penguin Times he can't ever get banned in 2008, and this has continued to this day. He is, by right, unable to get banned, probably because the moderators don't want to ban him anyway. After half a decade of hiding, B4nn3d comes out to say that "the mods are dum lol" in exact quotes and this has given him so much attention that the moderators gave him a warning! He reportedly broke down in fear for the next month.


B4nn3d is usually involved in hacking activities, although he never hacks anything that anyone actually cares about. For example, he hacked government records about cheese consumption in South Pole City, and increased all the figures in the document by 6.3%. No one is quite sure why.

There was a case in 2018 where he thought that the island would collapse if the Club Penguin Stock Trade Building doors were shut down. He had started an entire operation to shut down the door with him being noticed going in and out of the building suspiciously. Then when he was done, he brought a truck in front of the building and made the door not able to open. How he got the truck and make it go that far without anyone stopping him is a mystery. Once after, he drove his truck away and the Stock Trade Building got someone to make the door work again.

B4nn3d thinks he's not able to be banned. He has very high self-esteem and usually boasts about not being able to get banned.


As there is a very small group of people who interact with B4nn3d, his personality isn't that well known of. He seems to be quite aggressive, cocky and self-absorbed. The truck case in 2018 had him drop a painting of Herbert that he presumably painted, possibly showing his admiration of the polar bear.


  • "STEVEN!!"
  • "I will hack uhh... oh yea THE CHEESE FACTORY!"
  • "Say goodbye to your fan as I force it to spin really fast!"
  • "Club Penguin WILL fall to my hands, just watch."
  • "Why are you guys laughing at me? Don't you know I'm serious business?"


  • Somebody once tried to tie him to a rocket to take him to Ban Island, but it sadly failed.
  • Ban bombs won't work on him.
  • He always holds a ban hammer, although he never uses it.
  • Within 2012 during Operation Blackout he has attempted to aid Herbert against the EPF but the only thing he managed to do is shut a computer off seconds after it turned on. This slowed the EPF down by seconds and he got kicked out of the building.
  • His right foot isn't light purple due to any of his knowledge of computers. He claims it was but in reality he just tried jump scaring Billybob in the colour poll and just landed his foot in a paint bucket.
  • Somehow he has some quite expensive clothes that he switches into when "hacking." Nobody knows how he gained them.

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