BA1 Snowball Sniper Rifle

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BA1 Snowball Sniper Rifle
BA1 Snowball Sniper Rifle in Antarctic camo.
Type Weapon
Effects When shot, shot penguin/target will be hit with a painful blast of snow
Source Guymed
Location FW Army stores, Guymed's Snow Guns store
Cost to buy 1000 coins
Cost to sell 750 coins

The BA1 Snowball Sniper Rifle is a bolt action, shell contained/cooled, large bore Snow Sniper. It fires compressed snow at a target, the result which is a bruise. The weapon is non lethal.

Description and Background[edit]

The BA1 was designed by Guymed. It drew its inspiration from the average Snowball Gun. Guymed had the wonderful idea to create a sniper version, so he did. Guymed pitched in the idea to Antarctic Inc., which they gladly accepted. The BA1 takes the shape of a full rifle, with an extra long barrel for increased range, a handle for better grip, and a detachable scope. Penguins who are hit are hit with pain, so much pain that it is actually specially designed to stun them, like the Snow Ball Gun, without utilizing Ditto. There may be a large bruise at the area of impact. It usually goes away within a few weeks with no permanent damage done.

In 2008, Antarctic Inc. handed over all BA1 Snowball Snipe Rifle production to the weaponry giant TEWT. As a result, upgrades were created for the sniper rifle, including a larger scope, longer barrel, larger magazine and a support. TEWT also added the ability to collapse and fold up the gun. This proved useful for all users, as it provided easier storage.



This is the process on the manufacturing of the shells, magazines and firing mechanism:

  1. Snow is packed into small shells, then cased inside a larger, heat supportive shell.
  2. 15 shells are made, then placed into a spring loading magazine.
  3. The bolt on the BA1 is opened, then the magazine is placed in the port.
  4. The bolt is closed, and the gun is ready.
  5. A shot is fired, then the bolt is opened, then closed.
  6. Continuously fire until the magazine is empty, then repeat process 3, removing the current magazine first.

The magazine and shells have an internal cooler. This is so that the initial firing and the immense heat produces by friction doesn't melt the snow inside the shell. Due to the cooler, there is also a spring-loaded mechanism that releases the snow from inside the shell. As the shell pulls away the snow (drawn out by centrifugal forces) impacts the target. This makes being fire at close range very painful, as the outer shell is still intact and attached. This mechanism also makes the shells very expensive.

A cheaper alternative is to use ablative heat shields in front of the shell. As the shell reaches its top speed, the heat created by the friction melts the shield off, creating a temporary barrier against the heat. Never the less, most users still use the internally cooled shell.


The BA1 can be fitted with external accessories to enhance firepower, accuracy, etc.

  • Longer barrel - Longer range
  • Larger scope - greater accuracy
  • Larger magazine - larger amount of shells
  • Double sided magazine - quicker reload times
  • Collapsible, retractable, stand - greater stability and accuracy
  • Arm rest - greater accuracy
  • Silencer Barrel - quieter shots
  • Laser sights - greater accuracy
  • Rocket Shells - upgraded shells with fins and rocket engines; only to be used for extra-long range targets


  • BA1 Snowball Sniper Rifle -- The standard, original and simple version.
  • BA2 Snowball Sniper Rifle -- A variant developed by the USA. It can carry thirty shells instead of fifty extra and the impact is more deadly.
  • Wolfhunter Sniper Rifle -- A variant developed by Johnathan Wolfhunter under Wolfhunter Panzergrenadiers. It is semi automatic, has the same number of bullets as the BA2 and is also more reliable.
  • BA3000 Fully Automatic Sniper Rifle -- A heavily modified version of the original made by Lian Lapooh that is fully automatic, carries 5 times as many snowballs as the BA2 and can fire spam bombs.
  • BA1 Inert Demonstration Unit --- A variant used by the USA during parades, color guard, exhibition drill, where it is known by the moniker of BA1 Drilling Rifle. and, with clear stock, a mock-up to function as a teaching aid for the usage of a BA1 rifle. It is a BA1, but its components removed to not be able to fire. Like the regular one, you can fix a bayonet, but you can also spin it and toss it in the air without worry of the rifle firing.


In addition to several rifle variants, camouflage kits can be purchased at weapon stores. They are usually within the 50-200 coin range. These kits can be used to paint camouflage on the rifle. There are a wide range of camouflage kits for the BA1.

  • "Classic" Camouflage
  • Antarctic/Arctic Camouflage
  • Jungle Camouflage
  • Desert Camouflage
  • Underwater Camouflage
  • Dark Camouflage

In addition to this, special paint kits are available to paint the rifle in other colors. They are usually sold in packets/kits of 5, or 10 colors.

  • Colors of the Rainbow Kit (includes 8 colors)
  • Special Forces Scheme
  • Vintage Scheme (used by the BA1 Drilling Rifle)
  • Transparent Stock (also used by the BA1 Inert Demonstration Unit)
  • Dull Colors Kit (10 colors)
  • Warm Colors Kit (5 colors)
  • Cool Colors Kit (5 colors)



  • It is the weapon of choice for Sam Rudi and sometimes uses it.
  • Johnathan Wolfhunter is also another user of it.
  • Lian Lapooh owns a highly modified one that she is very fond of.
  • Austin8310 owns a VERY modified version of one. He chopped off the scope, added weight to the stock, and shortened the barrel. Reasons? "I aim my own gun, the stock looks sad, and that barrel hit somebody in the face when I turned around."

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