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A picture, taken by some members of S.H.E.E.P.
Key details
Type Uninhabited, except for them
Location Near the Antarctic Peninsula
Inhabitants The Shprogshel

Baa is the native land of Shprogshel. Baa is located near the Antarctic Peninsula, 100 miles west of Dorkugal. It is one of the USA's "Uncharted Places", and has been the recent focus of environmental protection agencies due to S.H.E.E.P.'s activity there.

The area is completely uninhabited, and Shprogshels roam wild.


Baa received its name from the first penguin to set foot on the island. It was also the last word that penguin ever heard. It is unknown how the Shprogshels evolved on the island.


The Shprogshel Hater's Enigmatic Eradication Program, also known as SHEEP, is a group that wants to eradicate the Shprogshel from Baa.

A group of penguins started up a Shprogshel Hater's Club, where they ate pie and discussed how to eradicate these animals from Baa. Eventually they came up with a plan, which they called "Operation: Sheep". With the help of a jetpack, a leaf blower and a pack of playing cards, they managed to distract the creatures long enough to build a Shprogshel-proof building on Baa. This was Phase 1.

Phase 2 consisted of creating a formula that would make the Shprogshel's teeth fall out. This was done with these ingredients:

  5. A DONKEY KONG GAME (DK.Get it?)

All this was liquefied and injected into pie. The pie was thrown outside and the nearest Sprogshel ate it up. Immediately, it's teeth fell out. A brave volunteer went outside and picked it up. It tried to eat him, but since it had no teeth it tried to gum him to death. O_O. The Sprogshel was harmless. It was released back outside.

Phase 3 consisted of finding a way to duplicate the formula so the Shprogshels of Baa! could be harmless forever. Unfortunately, an easy way to reproduce the product wasn't found.

Environmental Protection

Though Operation: Sheep was a success at first, a few months after the first Shprogshels teeth fell out, S.H.E.E.P. was put in the spotlight by news outlets across Antarctica. Their "Shprogshel Pie" had led to dozens of Shprogshels dying from starvation on the island due to their lack of teeth. While S.H.E.E.P. didn't mind this, many environmental protection agencies, including the Environmental Protection League took notice and heavily criticized the group and demanded the protection of Shprogshel on the island.


There are not many places here. There was once a company called "Merunt Baa" set up by penguins, but the building was destroyed by the violent Shprogshels, down to the last square meter of solid wood. The Shprogshel-proof building built by S.H.E.E.P. is still standing, and is currently occupied by an Antarctic environmental protection agency.

Transportation Controversy

The train line, Antarctic Express, does not come here despite going to other bad places like 90-150, Hackzon Valley, and so forth.

However, the penguin which came there explained to the press about the issue:

"I know that all of you folks want to have an explanation for this critical issue of running lines to Baa. Well, you see, the Antarctic Express probably would not like to enter the area if the creatures there would eat them, unlike 90-150, where there are no known violent species. You should ask them as a matter of fact."

The press then turned to the company, and the answer:

"Well, we would certainly not like the sheep to eat the penguins one by one like it says in the reports and thus we can't build a station. Even so, the station would be probably quite expensive, and the creatures would eat the train tracks.

The media were dumbfounded by their statement.


A penguin trying to fight some Shprogshel in Baa.


  • Some ducks who wanted to get rid of the Shprogshels living on Duck Island 2 caught some of them, put them in a cage, came to Baa with a plane that had the cage in it, and released the Shprogshels. However, they got eaten after some Shprogshels sneaked back on the plane.
  • Three penguins successfully made a shop, "Merunt Baa", but were eaten by the sheep. Their shop was also destroyed.
  • The discoverer of Baa was also eaten by the sheep.
  • Fans of sheep who came to Baa to see the sheep were also eaten by the sheep.
  • Creatures who came to shepard the sheep were eaten by the sheep.


Other than penguin-eating Sheep? Unknown. If you wish to know so badly, go to Baa yourself!

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