Babbelonian Empire

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The Great Babbelonian Empire
Babbelonian Empire


500 BC–100 BC




We lead. You follow.
Capital Babbelon
Government Empire
King {{{leader1}}}
Historical era Late Ancient Period
Is a Parody of the Babylonian Empire.

The Babbelonian Empire succeeded the empire of the Land of Lord Guin.


From Sigurd and Bacchus:

Eventually, in 500 BC, the Land of Lord Guin lands of Antarctica lay waste from constant High Penguin, Viking, and Khanz raids and rebellions, and the Babbelonian Empire formed in the Eastern part of Easthshield and conquered the High Penguins for good, enslaving them and finally bringing peace to Antarctica. Meanwhile, the Snowprusians were able to reclaim some land back, but not much. The Khanz got half land back and the Vikings got all of their land back, and both groups continued hating each other but no longer fought. Nevertheless, the Snowprusians and the Babbelonian Empire developed an animosity, and started fighting each other after a feud, until the Snowprusians defeated the Babbelonians in 100 BC, and siezed all of their land except for the occupied area of the Khanz. The Snowprusians ruled the conquered land for about two years before the Penguin Empire began.



  • The Babbelonian Empire was influenced by the Khanz and Snowpriot cultures.

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