Babbelonian Plague

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Babbelonian Plague
Mock-up of the cell, although highly incorrect.
Type Protozoan
Effects Lifelong illness and fatigue.
Source Protozoan
Location Babbelonian Empire, High Penguin Confederacy

The Babbelonian Plague was an ancient and deadly strain of protozoan that first emerged during the Babbelonian Empire, returning just before the High Penguin Confederacy. It's death toll was 300,000 in the first two weeks of its emergence. The plague affected every type of penguin native to Antarctica, but did not affect High Penguins, so it is thought that this absence of resistance enabled them to gain rule of the continent. A vaccine was eventually developed in towards the Mid-HPC era.


Contary to popular belief, the protozoan actually emerged more than a million years ago. In time, the virus grew resistant to the cold weather and managed to attach to penguins.

According to archives, the first recorded outbreak was when a penguin started sneezing uncontrollably. Doctors at the time were unable to diagnose the disease and within days, the protozoan spread to more than seven hundred thousand penguins by the next year. The emperor of the Babbelonian Empire ordered these penguins to be exiled near the sea, but were still able to give birth to chicks. The chicks examined did not carry the disease thankfully, and were still allowed contact with their parents until the specified age. All of the affected penguins eventually died in exile, and according to medical records, the last known penguin died at "approximately the 678th year", equating to 290 B.C.

The Babbelonian Plague would remain unheard of until another outbreak in the High Penguin Confederacy shook the nation to it's core. The stagnant disease managed to affect even the healthiest of penguins. Rumors had it the king of the time acquired the virus but was eventually cured. Doctors looked high and low for a cure and read as much archives as they can. In approximately 1570 AD, doctors found the archives pointing to the Babbelonian Plague, which had many similarities with the source's symptoms. Through thorough examination and mixing, scientists eventually found a cure at 1573 AD. By 1599 AD, all penguins were cured, even as the plague was said to have been "ended" in 1583 AD.

The virus continues to spread on but advanced medicine manages to counter it's threat time and time again. The last remaining protozoan is currently in a laboratory locked deep within a laboratory locked deep within a laboratory locked deep within a laboratory...






  • Despite common belief, this disease actually came before the Babbelonian Empire. It emerged about 1 million years ago.


It can be cured using Soda Root. It must be very finely chopped up.

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