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"Bad Guy"
Single by Angie Hills
from the album Superstar
Released August 30 2013
Format Digital download
Recorded 2012
Genre Pop, R&B, Electric, Dance, Dance-pop
Length 3:12
Label Club Penguin Music Records
Writer(s) M. Patzemoorah
Producer Ethan (rapper)
Certification 4x Platinum
Angie Hills chronology
"Chit Chat"
"Bad Guy"

"Bad Guy" is the fourth single to be released and the ninth single in Superstar. It was released on August 30 2013 worldwide as the last single of August. This song features electric echoes, slightly acapella and with a 2007/2009 feeling.


The song was the fourth track to be released. Meaghan wrote the lyrics and gave it to Angie as a surprise. Ethan Dubbs produced it himself and they kept it for her album as another surprise song. This song was inspired when Angie was in high school and found out her ex-boyfriend Brodie is a bad boy as stated by Meaghan. It is also inspired by Angie sarcastically saying to Brodie "You're bad and I like it." Angie stated: "This song is basically about calling a girl's boyfriend a bad guy sarcastically and tries to improve his attitude." One minute of the song was leaked in August 27 as a sneak peek but the source became confidential on the Internet and wasn't spread. The song was uploaded to Angie Hills's official PengTube channel on August 11 2013. It got over 6 thousand views on the same day. She uploaded the music video of Superstar and 24 hours later, it was the tenth video to reach 1 million views.

Angie Hills has performed this song several times. At "'The Superstar Tour"', her outfit was a blue tank top saying "OMG", black sparkly shorts, black striped high heels and her hair with hot pink highlights tied in a side ponytail. The setting was three stairways where Angie was waddling and makes her way to the audience hugging them.

Critical reception[edit]

Charity Black of "Penguins Right Now" gave the song a very positive review:

I've had to say, its another old school song by Angie Hills. I think its so cool to have old school in your songs. She can put old school dance in that song - it's cool, right? I heard about this song, I searched it on Pengtube and loved it. Could this song be a hit? Can Angie Hills gain fame for this song? It was one of the best songs ever. Its not only old school but way cooler.

It's a very good track. I recommend you to buy it. 4/5 stars

Chart performance[edit]

The song charted at number 1 in Club Penguin on September 5 2013 and remained number 1 for five weeks. It was in the Top 40 for 32 weeks, and in the Top 100 for 90 weeks. On the same day, it charted number 1 in the USA and remained number 1 for five weeks. It remained in the Top 40 for 30 weeks. On September 10 2013 it charted number 2 in UnitedTerra and stayed their for two weeks. It also stayed in the Top 40 for more than 30 weeks in all charts.


The song can be listened here, but another artist covered it with different lyrics.

Remember my feelings, remember the night
My strong heart was breaking
My love ran to fight
Those moments I knew I would be someone else
My love waddled made me so closer

Be my bad guy, be my boy
Be my short-time lover
But please be my friend
You can be my bad guy
But please listen
That I never want you in my way again

Won't you be my bad guy, be my boy
Be my short-time lover
But please be my friend
You can be my bad guy
But please listen
That I never want you again
Yes I never want you again

(DJ Crow's part)
You once made this promise
To stick by your side
But after some time I just shoved you aside
I never thought that a woman could be strong
Now you'll show me how to get on

(Back to Angie Hills)


Charts and certifications[edit]


Chart (2013) Peak
South Pole City 1
CP Billboard top 100 1
Antarctican Hot 100 3
UnitedTerra top 40 2
Freezeland Singles of 100 1
US hot top 100 1
Puffle'and Top 100 7
Dorkugal Singles Chart 9


Country Certification
Club Penguin
South Pole City
2x Platinum

Release history[edit]

Region Date Format
South Pole City August 30 2013 Digital download
Club Penguin
USA August 30 2013

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