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Puffish Crown Colony of Bakunyumoria
Flag of Bakunyumoria
Motto"Beyond the Horizon"
Royal anthem"Swiss Ninja Save the King"
Location of Bakunyumoria
The Map of the island colony.
(and largest city)
Official languages English
Recognised regional languages Penguinian, Cornish, Scottish Gaelic
Species  Adelie penguins, viking penguins, high penguins, puffles
Demonym Bakunyumorian
Membership Crown Colony of Puffle'and
Government Overseas Territory that has representation in Puffish Parliament
Legislature Bakunyumorian Parliament
 -  Upper House House of Lords
 -  Lower House House of Commons
Overseas Colony of the Puffish Crown
 -   estimate 4,000,000 
 -   census 4,342,988 
Currency Puffish Pounds (£)
Doesn't observe DST.
Drives on the Left

Bakunyumoria is a beautiful Puffish Colony that is home to lush farmland, beautiful countryside, and peaceful beach getaways in it's south. It is also famous for it's large population of Pirates, who still to this day sail in Galleons around the island and flood the local taverns of a village or town. Otherwise, the rest of the island is home to very friendly countryfolk with Puffish accents,


The island of Bakunyumoria was discovered in 1654 by Frankterrans, who originally named the land Bakunie, which would translate today as "Bakunia". The first discover of "Bakunie" was Rochambeau D'Izette, who founded the first city of Frolo. Settlement was immediately started, and a large citadelle was built around the whole city to protect it from invaders. Meanwhile, many Frankish farmers moved into the fertile countryside to start successful farms that grew cabbage, artichoke, O-Berries, and carrots. However, because Bakunyumoria was a very large island, it was coveted by most of the Ninja Archipelago and the High Penguin Confederacy. However, everything eventually boiled down to the Puffish and the Castillans in competition for the island, and they fought a small naval war off the coast of modern day Eastshield to see who would advance to the island. The Puffish had a smashing victory, and the Castillans retreated. The Puffish arrived in Bakunyumoria with a surprise. Since the Frankish army was not very well equipped back then, the Puffish easily conquered the island with brutal and bloody force. Luckily, the sole city of Frolo, (known back then as Citadelle) was not burned down, but all the surrounding farms and small farming villages were pillaged and burnt to the ground by Puffish forces.

The commander of the Puffish forces that invaded the island of Bakunie at the time was a young Red colored puffle named General Morris Yule, who finally claimed the island for Puffle'and. General Morris was displeased with the Frankterran way of life on the island, and as a result, he had almost all the population deported back to Frankterre except for the few individuals who gave up their former Frankterran cultures and pledged their allegiance to Puffle'and. General Morris decided to name the land Bakunia of Morris Yule, after himself, but eventually the soldiers began calling the land Bakunyumoria as a joke, and it eventually stuck as the King of Puffle'and since he favored that name rather than the one the self centered General Morris had proposed, but at least General Morris's name is the reason Bakunyumoria's name exists today.

General Morris lived the rest of his life in Bakunyumoria, as he was able to convince many former Puffish Peasants and nobleman alike to immigrate to Bakunyumoria. The city of Frolle was renamed to Frolo, while the new groups of Puffish settlers were allowed to start a series of new villages that some of which would become cities. General Morris eventually became Governour Morris, who also decided to create a new capital for the island since he disliked Frolo. Thus, he gathered funds and money from other noblemen who immigrated, and they created the city of Cantershire in the center of the island, which became the Colonial Capital. Although Cantershire started out first as a small group of mansions, more penguins and puffles who had become more wealthy or who were nobles began to immigrate to the city, adding to it's wealth and charm. As Cantershire grew to be a very sophisticated and elegant city that was separated from the rest of Antarctica, it's seclusion also made it a popular destination for the Puffish elite.

Other cities, like Walvis, Eastmouth, Westmouth, and Dortburgh, became very popular port cities/towns, but it was also where many Pirates began to settle and feel at some, since Bakunyumoria lacked a police force at the time, and the military did not seem to care about the pirates. Still today, Bakunyumoria is filled with Pirates, but most of them do not harm the citizens in any way and only deal with each other. Meanwhile, more Puffish Penguins and Puffles began to tend to more farms and began selling their foods to the rest of the Puffish Empire. The Industrial Revolution in the 1800's introduced the island to trains and railroads, but Factories were limited and mostly banned from the island except those that did not produce smoke. However, modern technology like the telephone also flourished and became popular throughout the island....all except in Cantershire. Strangely enough, Cantershire banned telephone lines as well as automobiles and aircraft to this very day.

In 1913, Khanzem invaded Bakunyumoria, which immediately prompted the Puffish to join the Good Guys into the war. Because of the strong presence of the Naughtzees, the Puffish were too afraid to re-liberate the island, thus a penguin named Teresa Galaxia started a very strong Bakunyumorian Resistance movement that eventually drove the Naughtzees out of the island. Mrs. Galaxia became distraught and angry with the Puffish, and she claimed herself Empress of the island of Bakunyumoria, declaring the island to be independent. As a result, for three generations, Bakunyumoria stayed as an independent but forgotten nation. Everything changed during the reign of Olde Antarctica, about two years after Empress Celestia and Emperor Lunar ascended the throne. In 1987, the Puffish re-invaded the island since the Antarctic was at war once more. This time, the Puffish were successful, and everyone was more than happy to be part of the nation once more. Nevertheless, Celestia and Lunar maintained their status as heads of the island's colonial government. To this day, Bakunyumoria is a popular farming and tourist society that are still home to pirates that sail around the island.


The Flag of Bakunyumoria, shown above, was made in 1689 by the successor to Govenour Morris, a Penguin named Joseph Salts, whose mother was one of the original Frankterran inhabitants of Bakunie. He made the flag mainly a dark red to symbolize the bloodshed that had occurred when the Puffish conquered the island, the small Puffish Flag in the top left corner represents that the island is a loyal Puffish Colony and that it was heavily influenced by the invading Puffish Soldiers and Colonists. The circle of Stars represents the small provinces of the islands, and the Yellow fleur-de-li is a silent reminder of the Frankterran heritage and settlers who originally discovered the island. Below is the flag used while Bakunymoria was independent.



The Bakunyumorian Culture is reminiscent of the Puffish culture. All citizens are of mostly Puffish and very little Frankterran heritage since they do not get immigrants. Thus, the thriving Puffish culture in Bakunyumoria still exists today.


Modern Bakunyumoria's landscape produces the same food that the Puffish colonists brought over many centuries ago. Common products are wheat, apples, carrots, O-Berries, cabbage, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, turnips, and lettuce. Fish are prominent around the island especially in the northern part of the island, where there are many fishermen that catch a variety of Fluffy, Mullet, Cod, Sea Bass, and Silver Fish, as well as shrimp and squid. Cream Soda is also prominent in the island, and it is home to countless Taverns and Pubs. Famous dishes include Sunday Roast, Fish and Chips, and the Shepherd's Pie.


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