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Bambadee, with his famous bracelet.
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Level 100
Status Alive
Birth date September 21, 1996 (1996-09-21) (age 23)
Place of birth Penguin Town, Colonial Antarctica
Archetype Good

Bambadee is a famous penguin that lives on Club Penguin Island that tried to stow away on Rockhopper's ship in 2007, but did not succeed because he was discovered. Later on, Rockhopper recruited him as part of his crew.


Not much was known about Bambadee before March 2007. However, penguins do know that he was born on September 21, 1996, in Penguin Town, Colonial Antarctica. He had a fairly normal life, his father worked around the island while his mother was a stay-at-home mom. He was always fond of the idea of sailing, and when Captain Rockhopper left the island in 2005, he became Bambadee's hero. In his spare time, Bambadee had made a colorful friendship bracelet. However, some local Jerks didn't like it and started following Bambadee and making him paranoid. So, when Rockhopper landed in March 2007 Bambadee stowed away aboard The Migrator, bringing only the bracelet, his Halloween costume, and some fish and his favorite drink, non-sedative Cream Soda. However, Bambadee was quickly discovered, and made a second attempt to not return to Club Penguin Island by disguising himself as a ghost. Rockhopper returned him to the island, and after the Jerks left he was extremely famous, because they wanted to know how to get to Rockhopper Island. He never revealed Rockhopper's secret, and started making friendship bracelets non-stop for everyone to get from the book Rockhopper and the Stowaway. EBUL agreed to pay Bambadee an undisclosed amount per bracelet. A few years later, Rockhopper recruited Bambadee as the third member of his pirate crew part of his crew. One day Bambadee wishes to become the captain of his own ship.


  • He is the only one to ever stow away on Rockhopper's ship.
  • He makes a steady income from EBUL for making his bracelets, about 50 coins a day. They're available every day of the week, meaning Bambadee's weekly salary stacks up to 280 coins. He makes about 14,600 Club Penguin Gold Coins a year, which is about three times the annual salary of an average Club Penguin citizen, not including coins made from playing minigames.

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