Royal Monarch of Bar Crab

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Royal Monarch of Bar Crab
Bar Crab City
Flag of Bar Crab City
'Motto: 'Crabs are awesome!
'Anthem: 'Hymn of the Crustaceans
Location of Bar Crab City
Map of Bar Crab.
CapitalSea Shellville
Largest Capitol Sea ShellvilleSea Shellville
Official languages English, Crab Click
Recognised regional languages English, Crab Click
Common English, Crab Click
Demonym Bar Crabin
Government Monarch
 -  King Mr.Blue
 -  King Ish2
 -  Upper House King
 -  Lower House Mayor
 -  Bar Crab Day October 1st, 1666 
 -  1955 estimate 500,000 
Currency Crab Coin ()
Drives on the Right
Calling code 807
Footnotes The Royal Monarch of Bar Crab is placed in the Barbearer Islands, but is its own country.

The Royal Monarch of Bar Crab is a country inside another territory, the Barbare Islands. It is 60% underwater, and 40% on Billings. It is only inhabited by crabs, and it well known for its casinos and pizza parlors. But, its economy has gotten in danger of collapsing, and causing the whole country to go into panic mode. It was the only sovereign nation that remained independent following the Great Yowien War.


Bar Crab City was discovered by intelligent crabs in 1666 AD, when they swam there looking for new land to inhabit. They came upon a large sea wall, that they had to climb to get to Bar Crab City. At the top they found large coral reefs, and massive sea shells. They decided to live there for the rest of their lives, which they did. There were many earth quakes, but they didn't really bother the crabs. The crabs started to repopulate the area, and the population started to rise extremely quickly. Bar Crab had to grow, and crabs started to populate places closer to shore. Soon Bar Crab had 5 cities: Sea Shellville, Coral Town, Blue City, Yonder, and Bright Ocean Town. More and more crabs were born, sending the population to 2 million crabs. The population was held at 2 million all the way till 2003, when the Barbearer Islands were inhabited. Pollution started to fill the sea, and wildlife started to die. The crabs weren't affected by the pollution directly, but fish started to die and crabs died of hunger. Mr.Blue spoke with Emperor Coldless about the pollution, and Emperor Coldless agreed to stop the pollution. After that the waters became clean again and the crabs started to thrive again. The crabs held a strong stance of neutrality during the Great Yowien War, which spared them from allied invasion and occupation. A few months after the war had ended, Bar Crab was admitted into the UAN.


Many Bar Crabins are from large countries like Castilla, and Frankterre. This created an awkward culture of Spanish and French.


An average home.

Many Bar Crabins live in massive ancient sea shells, though many have decided to live in caves. Bar Crabins like to paint their sea shells with bright colors like: Orange, Green, Blue, and Pink.


There is a large amount of Bar Crabin customs. But here are just a few of them:

  • When a crab meets a new crab they shake claws, then click their claws.
  • When a crab meets a friend they shake claws, then click their claws two times.
  • When a crab meets an elder or royal they slightly bow, and click their claws five times.


Bar Crabins eat fish, and sometimes like to add spices and sweets to them. Most Bar Crabins add a sweet flavor to them like: sugar, lemon, and salt.


Bar Crabins don't usually listen to music, as it is very hard to make music underwater. But above land they enjoy listening to tropical music with large base solos, and drums.


  • Bar Crab Day
    • Established on October 1st, 1666. It celebrates the birthday of the country, and is the 2nd most popular holiday next to Christmas.
  • Day Of Good
    • Established on June 4th, 1906. It celebrates goodness, and niceness. On that day everyone tries to be their most nice.
  • Fair Day
    • Established on August 7th, 1789. It's a one day fair on Billings where there are ride, carnival games, prizes, and food booths. It is a common holiday.


The waters of Bar Crab City are really warm, but in the middle of winter it is quiet cold.


There are five cities in Bar Crab City, and several unnamed settlements. The five cities are:

  • Sea Shellville- The capitol of Bar Crab City. It is very large and has some shops, and business. It has many banks and is home of the government castle.
  • Coral Town- It is known for its large coral reefs wildlife. Many fish live there, and some have claim to have spotted whales. Which is not true because the sea level is to shallow there.
  • Blue City- The water there is really blue, and has many underwater plants. It is well known for its caves and bakeries. Many crabs live there because it has many jobs.
  • Yonder- It gets its name because it is so far away from the other cities. It is right next to the underwater cliff, where the sea floor drops 100ft. It has many libraries and schools.
  • Bright Ocean Town- It has also has bright blue ocean seas, and is well known for its entertainment. There are TV studios and some theme parks.


The Bar Crabin government is fully a monarch, but past leaders have allowed citizens to speak their words. Though rebelling is illegal. Over time the government has began to let the citizens be more free, but the tax has surprisingly gone up more. Some think the government will become a republic soon, because their leaders seem to giving more freedom.


There government has two branches: The King, and The Council.

The King

The king rules the entire country without votes. Each king is a decedent of another king, only allowing one family to rule the country. The king can make any chances, without having to have votes. He can do whatever he wants, and by law the citizens must allow him to.

The Council

The council is used to suggest ideas to the king. They usually study how the land is going, then report things to the king. This allows the king to see how his kingdom is doing from his citizens view. Surprisingly the council could veto the royal family out, and put in a new family. But the council has not done it yet, as the military is fully controlled by the king.


Education is a big deal to the Bar Crabins. The crabs want their off spring to be great at school and be wise.

Mandatory Subjects[edit]

  • Science
  • Math
  • History
  • English Literature and Writing
  • Physical Education

Elective Subjects[edit]

  • AV Club
  • Computer Lab
  • Art
  • Dance
  • Music


Bar Crabin Army.png

The Bar Crabin military is quite high in numbers and weapons. Most of the weapons are Deletion Missile and Laser Guns, though many crabs use bazookas. Because of the crabs small size they can't hold very large weapons, and must use small and weaker weapons. This makes many soldiers vulnerable to enemies, but crabs can also attack the enemy with claws.


  • Soldiers- 7,423
  • Weapons- 8,521


See The Crab Wars.

Air Force[edit]

The Bar Crabin military does not own an air force, due to the fact of their failing economy and no need for an air force.


There isn't really a Bar Crabin navy. Though some crabs have built small boats to sail around quicker.


Bar Crab City's economy is weak at best, and is endangered of collapsing soon. The nation relies on loans from other governments to stay afloat, especially after the war. Bar Crab City does not have any trade routes, so they make money by taxing citizens on almost everything. Bar Crabins are taxed 1% on anything over 60※. And many things in Bar Crab City are not for sale under 60※.


Taxes are very large in Bar Crab City. Crabs are forced to pay a 1% tax on everything they buy. Meaning that 1% of the original price is added to the cost of the item. The taxes are the only thing that keeps the economy going.


The Bar Crabin currency code is the ※. The coin is actually made of rock, that is ground into a circle. Then the rock is painted red, and the ※ is painted onto it as yellow. The Bar Crabin coin is worth one fish at the end.


Bar Crabin Green Party[edit]

The Bar Crabin Green Party, or BCGP is a party that supports environment protection programs. It includes protecting wildlife and plants. The party wants the government to be fully supportive of helping the planet. It is the smallest party in the entire government, but has the most supporters.

Bar Crabin Republic Party[edit]

The Bar Crabin Republic Party, or BCRP is a party that wants the government to be a free republic. Almost all citizens support the party, but the government hates it. The government has tried to force it to shut down, but have always run into problems.

Relations With Other Nations[edit]

  • Old Yow Kingdom - Very Good. King Alexander supported the crabs during the Barbearic Crab War, and the two countries both disliked the Barbearer Islands.
  • USA - Bad. Once very strong, the two countries held a strong alliance with each other, and the USA had given Ish2 some advice for his country. Then, however, the Crabs decided to ally with Herbert during Operation Blackout in revenge, making the USA cut all ties with the Bar Crsb City.
  • Snowzerland - Fair. Snowzerland really ignores the crabs, not caring about them all. So actions between the two countries are quite uncommon.
  • Castilla - Poor. Once good, crabs that have inhabited Bar Crab City are from Castilla, and the two countries both liked each other. However, the crabs lost their appreciation for the Castillans after Yow was invaded and split up. Castillans do not recognize their sovereignty.
  • Shops Island - Good. Following the aftermath of the Great Yowien War, Shopper troops placed themselves in Bar Crab to protect the last sovereign country in the Yowien Sea. The troops soon pulled out, and Shops has been providing aid ever since to cope with the damages from the war. Rumor has it that Shops is planning on annexing Bar Crab eventually.
  • Frankterre - Poor. Frankterre claims sovereignty over Bar Crab City, and often has warships surrounding the country. Rumor has it that they want to team up with Castilla to turn the area into a fishing zone.

Black Marketing[edit]

The Bar Crabin black market is not close to being as large at Yow Kingdom's. But many things are transported through. Common items are: guns, gold, bombs, TV's, swords, cars, etc. But the black market uses the Club Penguin Gold Coin as their currency, which is in fact illegal. Many black markets have been shut down by the government, but somehow they always seem to come back.

Anthem, Motto, and Flag[edit]


Crabs are awesome!

The motto was written by the founders of Bar Crab City. It has been used by many crabs, and became the official motto in 1806.


Hymn of the Crustaceans

Bar Crab's anthem was written and formally introduced in 2014, as to replace the old anthem "Crabs, oh we are crabs. And crabs are awesome, oh so awesome.", which was unpopular among the local populace to say the least.


Bar Crabin flag.png

The flag was created by one of the founders of Bar Crab City. It has tried to be changed before, but every attempt to do so has failed.


  • Bar Crab City has been involved in five wars since 2011.
  • Bar Crab City is currently ruled by Ish2.
  • Some have considered the crabs dumb for calling their country a city.

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