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The Overseas Frankterran Département of Barbare
Îles Barbare
Motto"We look to the motherland for guidance and prosperity."
(and )
Official languages French, French patois
Recognised regional languages Hokjok English Creole
Species  Penguins, Puffles
Demonym Barbare
Government Overseas Department with a Colonial Governor and Legislature
Legislature Colonial Legislature of Barbare
Overseas Department of Frankterre
 -  The Old Barbearer Islands fall; the Frankterrans claim the lands as their own 2013 
Currency Club Penguin Gold Coin (GC)
Drives on the Right
Were you looking for the Old Barbearer Islands?

The Barbare Islands are a Frankterran Overseas Départment located in the Yowien Sea. Formerly independent under a cruel dictator, the Frankterrans conquered the islands in The Great Yowien War in 2013. The islands are mainly agricultural based but also focus on tourism and the extraction of oil on its coasts.


See Old Barbearer Islands for information on the islands' early history.

With the help of the Snoss, Shoppers and Castillans, Frankterre invaded the islands and laid waste to its robot armies in the Great Yowien War. The takeover did not hurt any citizens, but some places had been damaged. Coldess, after surrendering, was exiled to Slumolia. Meanwhile, the Frankterrans immediately established a military rule transitional government since the development of a permanent government was hindered by the invasion of the June Islands. During the military rule, large groups of local citizens loyal to Coldess and/or their Barbearic national identity, took to the streets in protest of the invasion. Though at first the government ignored them, the situation became worse when the protesters became violent and started Resistance Armies. The armies soon became factioned with anarchism and took part in the raids and arson of whole cities, towns, and villages. Eventually, after the June Islands had surrendered and the Great Yowien War came to a close, the Frankterran military dispatched large groups of soldiers to quell the instability. Nevertheless, the insurgents continued to be hostile and used bombs and tear gas against the Frankterran military. After several weeks of fighting and military crackdowns, the Resistance Armies surrendered. Their leaders were executed by Deletion firing squad while the rest were sent to prisons for five years in Frankterran Guina in Latin Antarctica. The insurgent warring had caused immense devastation across the islands that had destroyed many buildings on the islands.

The Frankterran Government, in distress, asked for financial support and food aid from the USA and Shops Island for helping to rebuild the islands. The Frankterrans granted inhabitans to flee the islands if they wished; about 20% of the population left and settled elsewhere. Meanwhile, Frankterre rebuilt the cities, towns, and villages in Frankterran architecture and renamed the places into French. Hokjoks from F Island and Yow immigrated to the islands as a form of cheap labor during the reconstruction. About a few months later, the islands were back on track, and factories from mainland Frankterre and elsewhere began to hire locals. In the countryside, large amounts of Cream Soda root, grapes, wheat, and onions were being cultivated en masse in local fields. Today, the Barbare Islands are a successful community and mainly pose as an overseas trading post for Frankterre's economy and as a military base.


Since many of the Non-Frankterran inhabitants of the Old Barbearer Islands had either left or had been killed in the nationalist Insurgencies, Frankterran culture domunate's highly, though some influence by Hokjock immigrants and expats from Puffle'and have made some influences as well.


The cuisine of the islands have been influenced by Frankish and Hokjock cuisines as well as the local produce. Breakfasts are usually light and include eating bread, cheese, jam, and assorted fruits such as strawberries, bananas, mangoes, and papaya. Coffee and Tea are popular on the islands and are drunk at any time of the day. Lunches may include sandwiches or larger dishes that include local fish and herbs with potatos or pasta. Soups made of onion and local herbs are also specialties. Dinners can be similar to lunch and is also just as big. Lunch and Dinner are usually never rushed on the islands, since locals use their time to enjoy their food, drink Cream Soda, and chat with friend and family. Exotic foods that are also enjoyed on the island include Chutney and Curry.


The Barbare Islands are organized as a department as part of the overseas collectivity of Mer Yowiêne Frankterräis(Frankish Yowien Sea), which also contains the department of Junêa and the Department of Glaçou. The president of the Barbare Islands is Jean-Baptiste Chumeanteu. It has 3 arrondissements thereby entitiling it to 3 deputies and 1 senator.(because all department get one.)

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