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Barcalonousiffia Grandoseaffinitius
Born Barcalonousiffia APC Farkialugizzfa Grandoseaffinitius
March 14, 1984 (1984-03-14) (age 35)
Club Penguin Island
Residence His igloo in Club Penguin Island
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctica
Other names Barc
Ethnicity Adélie Penguin
Citizenship Club Penguinite
Education High school diploma
Occupation Private security agent/Privatized police officer
Years active 1999-Present
Employer The Police Chief
Home town Plaza
Weight 11.9 lb
Known for His long name, just doing his job, never going above and beyond his duty
Title Formerly Officer, now Patroller
Call-sign "Blue Doorknob"

Barcalonousiffia Grandoseaffinitius (if you can't pronounce his name, don't worry, as he doesn't know how to either), more commonly known as Barc for short, is an Adélie Penguin that resides in Club Penguin Island, working as a patroller for a private law enforcement/police company. He played a major role in Explorer: the Ultimate Disaster Story and ultimately became through its events, a hero.


This section will be expanded as Explorer: the Ultimate Disaster Story goes farther, as to complete it now would ruin the tale!

Barcalonousiffia Grandoseaffinitius was born on March 14th, 1984 inside a common penguin's igloo. As a chick he was quite normal, and he wished to become a police officer when he grew up. Barc performed averagely in his studies and after he graduated, he quit school and became a police officer. As he got older he gradually worked his way up to becomming a police officer, but was demoted on November 3rd, 2010 to a patroller because of an incident that occured with the police chief. That was where his life began to get really interesting.


Barcalonousiffia Grandoseaffinitius is pretty much your typical everyman police officer, with the exclusion of his rather long name (which he has trouble pronouncing). He played a major part in Explorer: the Ultimate Disaster Story and became famous as a part of it, but by then he wasn't around to see his widespread fame.


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