Barkjon Pass

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Barkjon Pass
Snow cleared revealing the pavement made for Barkjon Pass, that preceded the laying of railroad tracks for the Itinerod.
Key details
Type Moutain pass
Level Past Anvil Peak
Location Itinerod Circuit
Inhabitants N/A

The Barkjon Pass is a very narrow, flat point that serves as a mountain pass connecting the lowest (and most easily navigable) part of Anvil Peak to a short plateau off said peak that heads into Itinerod City. Without it, transversing this particularly mountainous area of Antarctica would have been far more difficult, dangerous, and expensive to do.


Barkjon Pass is named after the legendary Saint Barkjon, the beloved but shy explorer, cartographer, adventurer, and CPW ruler. He discovered it in early 2009 as he was hiking through the treacherous mountains. He rested here before carrying on and ending up in Itinerod City. Railroad tracks were laid here to connect the City with the rest of the Itinerod route.


Barkjon Pass is very high up, but it is still the lowest point and the flattest point from Anvil Peak to Itinerod City. As seen in the Infobox's picture, the Pass is straight, narrow, and flat. Asphalt was laid before the railroad tracks were created to connect the routes. Extending from that particular viewpoint would be the direct pathway to Itinerod City.


  • There's one rest stop on the rode.
  • The snow usually piles up 7 feet high, so the road has to be plowed two times a day.

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