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Baron von Broseef
The Baron!
Born Broseef
January 13, 1968 (1968-01-13) (age 51)
Nürnberg, South Alemania
Residence Bro Town, Shops Island
Nationality Shopper
Other names The Baron, Broseef
Ethnicity Alemanian
Citizenship Shopper
Years active 1989 - present
Home town Nürnberg, Alemania
Title General (Officially)
Baron (Unofficially)
Relatives General Broseph (cousin)
Military service
Allegiance ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Service/branch Army
Years of service 2013 - present
Rank Grand General
Unit 48th Legion
Battles/wars Great Snowzerland War VI
Fall of Nexon
The Plague War
Frosian War
Liberation of Planet 1984
Awards Iron "X"
Were you looking for General Broseph, Bro, or User:TheBroMaster?

Baron von Broseef, also affectionately nicknamed The Baron or just Broseef, is a popular figure of Alemanian descent in the Shopper army. He is the Grand General of the SIA Armed Forces, and commander of the 48th Legion, one of Shops' most prized regiments. He is on the same hierarchical level as Malor Vakovlev, yet below LMGT, commander of the SIA. He is also one of the army's oldest commanders. He greatly resembles both his younger cousin, General Broseph, and General Lorn. He tends to be much more sensible and level-headed than Broseph and Lorn.


Broseef was born in Nürnberg, Alemania, on January 13th 1968. His father was General Broseph's uncle; Broseph's parents moved from Alemania in the early 1970's, before he was born. Broseef was born and raised in Alemania. Broseef had a calm and peaceful upbringing. He had good grades in school, and later went to university to master in politics and minor in law enforcement. From there he went on to become a police officer.

As a member of the force, Broseef quickly proved his worth. He rose the ranks, to soon become a sergeant, and then eventually chief of the Nürnberg police force. Crime and corruption rates were reduced under his rule. By this time he was about twenty years old. But, then it all changed.

The STINC War started in 1989, and so, just like his cousin, Broseef was drafted into service to fight for his country. Because of his previous role as a police officer, he was made a "commander of occupying forces", controlling officers in occupied territory. After the war, he decided to stay with the military, and so he lived the next twenty years peacefully at his home, occasionally being called up for duty.

But then, in 2010, it all changed. The Snoss invaded and occupied Alemania. Just as the Snoss forces were rushing through the country, Broseef evacuated himself and his family. They were exiled to Club Penguin Island, which itself was later occupied. But this time, they stayed to ride out the storm. In Club Penguin, Broseef lost all his military privileges, as Club Penguin refused to host military personnel. He couldn't settle in the German Servers because they were officially a Snoss territory, so instead he had to stay on the English servers and learn English from scratch.

In early 2013, it started to become apparent to many, including Broseef, that Club Penguin was beginning to enter a sharp decline. Things started to fall apart behind the scenes, only to be covered up by redesign after redesign. CP's economy was starting to falter, so much to the extent that the USA once had to bail them out. In fear that he would lose all his money and assets, he revoked his Membership and moved once again although he was alone this time. Now, he moved to Shops Island, a country whose economy was quickly on the upswing. On Shops Island, Broseef lived comfortably for a few months and found a good job as a German-English translator.

As the Great Snowzerland War VI broke out, Broseef didn't want to get involved, and neither did the government. But, eventually, as Shops was drawn into the war by Zhou, Broseef was drafted into military service. Citing his rank as a military-man in the STINC War, Broseef was given the position of sergeant. He first saw battle in the northern part of Shops Island, fighting off invading Zhouese forces. He was later stationed in Malesia, which made him skilled at jungle combat. After this war, he decided to stay with the military, as he saw it as a steady income. He later went on to fight in the Plague War, as well.

At the outbreak of the Frosian War, Broseef was sent directly to the Frosian Islands to fend off invading Puffalian forces. There, he took command of the infamous 48th Legion, considered the military's second best regiment (after General Broseph's 9001st Legion). He stayed in the jungle to fight off the Puffalian forces for most of the war. He led his troops very effectively and still managed to snag little victories in the war's darkest hours. He was finally pulled from duty in the Frosian Islands, and was sent off to assist in the massive invasion of Freezeland. There, he led a battalion of troops onto the shore. He had an easy landing, and pushed his division farther than most commanders in the following invasion. He was sent en-route to liberate Polaris City with General Broseph's forces.

In Polaris City, Broseef met General Broseph for the first time. Only then did it appear that they were actually cousins. This brought them closer together, and as Broseef's star was rising, he started a friendly rivalry with General Broseph that continues to this day.


Broseef first saw action with the Shoppers in the Great Snowzerland War VI, where he fought in Eastern Shops against the Zhouese, and then in Malesia. After the war, he was rewarded for his efforts and became a general. His battalion didn't serve in the Plague War. During the Frosian War, Broseef's 48th Legion saw action in the jungles of the Frosian Islands. Broseef's major break was during the Liberation of Planet 1984, where he was one of the head invasion commanders. He personally oversaw the invasion of North and South Orwellia, and then the invasion of Verpomia and Ouestland. He successfully commanded the Shopper forces through the war. As a result of Broseph's reckless behavior, Baron von Broseef became the Grand General of the SIA Armed Forces during the war on Planet 1984.



  • His birthplace, Nürnberg, Alemania, is a parody of where User:TheBroMaster once lived for three months.
  • He was offered the chance to command the 33rd Tank Division but turned it down.

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