Barrick Abanana

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Barrick Abanana
Title Treasurer of the United States of Antarctica
Gender Male
Race Dark Penguin
Health Good
Level High
Status Managing money
Location South Pole City
Birth date August 5, 1981 (1981-08-05) (age 38)
Occupation Former Treasurer
Friends Spike Hike, Polo Field, Billybob, Megg
Enemies Swiss Ninja, Darktan, Nightmare, James Mccane, Donal Tenorio

Thanks, Abanana!
— Barrick Abanana, the cause of and solution to all of your problems!

Barrick Abanana is the former Treasurer of the United States of Antarctica, having held the position from 2009 to 2017. He is known for being a decent treasurer, but is seen as weak and left-leaning. Since the end of his run as treasurer, he has often been known as the "coolest" treasurer the US has had.


Barrick Abanana was born on King George's Island, making him the USA's first treasurer to be born off of the mainland or Club Penguin. He was quite reckless as a youngster; he was known for having wild parties, and there are even some allegations of him consuming Doom Weed when he was younger. His first role in government office was as the treasurer for King George's Island's local government. In this position, he controlled the island's economy, and sent it into a slow decline due to his lax management style and unwillingness to take decisive action on issues. After he served two terms as treasurer, he became the representative of KGI in the South Pole Council. His term in the South Pole Council took place during a time of political turbulence in the USA. President Pearface had been impeached due to his lack of activity as president. The people demanded more action to be taken on the part of politicians. Abanana took this to the extreme. He became a prominent symbol of the left wing and became seen as a symbol of change and fiscal responsibility. He originally tried to contest Billybob for the role of president, but lost in the primaries. So, he settled for running as the Treasurer of the USA, a job which he'd had much of a background with. He was successful, and won in the 2008 Treasurer Elections against his opponent James Mccane. At the same time, a great economic crisis was unfolding in the USA. The Antarctic economy had tanked as a result of many bank foreclosures. When he became treasurer, he vowed to fix the USA's economic situation. He introduced stimulus packages with the help of president Billybob, which eventually did recover the economy. After solving the crisis, he turned to putting together his own goals. Abanana wanted to fix the USA's welfare system, which at the time almost didn't exist. Abanana created a welfare system, which many younger penguins abused, eventually turning the thing into a money drain.

After Megg became President of the USA, Barrick was to be sworn in for a third term as Treasurer. However, Megg's former opponent Donal Tenorio triggered the same constitutional amendment that had originally let Barrick become Treasurer in 2008, and sparked another Treasurer Election. A lack of left-wing voters showing up to vote, likely from their disappointment from the previous Presidential election, gave Donal a clear victory over Barrick in the election. Currently, Barrick is enjoying retirement, but is consistently annoyed by news of Donal's latest actions as Treasurer, often trying to cancel or rollback things Barrick did while he was in office. Barrick is also considered the "coolest" Treasurer of the USA to date.


Abanana is a staunchly left-wing politician, who made it his specific goal to overhaul the Antarctic welfare system. He believes that giving hand-outs to those who are too lazy to get a job will somehow permanently lift people out of poverty. Abanana's overhaul of the welfare system eventually caused many people to cheat the system, and to use it to make money without doing any actual work. This has cost the USA billions of Fish. Nevertheless, Abanana still stands by the system, saying that it ought to work eventually.

He is also a major figure in the social sphere of Antarctica. He is progressive-minded and left-wing leaning just like president Spike Hike and vice-president Polo Field. He has advocated for the rights of all penguins everywhere, as well as saying that he wishes to save the environment, which has made him a popular liberal figure. His ideas are some of the most radical and progressive on the USA's political scene.


Barrick Abanana is one of the nicest penguins in the USA's government, tied with Polo Field. He is very social, and he actively gets involved in the community. He is known for having a poor sense of humor, but still being great to hang around with. He is very involved with social media, having his own Chitter and Beakbook accounts which he personally posts from frequently.

Abanana is also known for his lackluster speaking. When there is a script written and tele-prompted for him, of course he can pull off an exciting and charismatic speech. However, when he is at press conferences or public events and there is no pre-planned speech, he is known for stuttering and tripping over his words.


Barrick is a tall, handsome brown Dark Penguin. He dresses as most Lynnfactuan Dark Penguins would, often seen wearing a snazzy suit, black cape, black wristband, holding a wooden staff, and occasionally wearing a top hat. He noticeably omits typical Dark Penguin garb such as a scarf and mask.


  • He is an obvious parody of Barack Obama
  • When he was younger, he had an afro.
  • He absolutely loves bananas.

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