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Random Event Time!
Title none
Gender male
Race Type of Penguin
Faction Himself
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Sending people into Random Events
Location The Entire Universe (possibly others...)
Occupation Random Events
Interests Random Events,PIZZA!
Friends None
Enemies Director Benny
Archetype Unknown

Bartholomew is a conspiracy theory of a penguin who supposedly controls more power than The Director Himself. He has the ability to teleport anywhere in the universe in order to teleport other penguins into Random Events. Random Events are short minigames in Parallel universes to Club Penguin often which in odd tasks the player must complete in order to escape the the place.Upon completion of the Random Event:A player is rewarded an item of some value and teleported back to where they were before being sucked into the event. It is theorized that Bartholomew has the ability to teleport to any place in the universe seeing as he often abducts Director Benny from his often (which some figure it must be "For teh lulz").


He can be seen in any place what so ever with in the CPFW wiki universe (or possibly others) abducting random penguins and sending them into his Random Events. He often takes special care to abduct Director Benny seeing as it annoys him so much.


Taken from Conspiracy Theories for Conspiring Creatures:

Is there a powerful being abducting you into dangerous random events?!
Conspiracy Theory Number 32:Is there a being possibly with more power than Director Benny?

Explorer wouldn't know!

is there possibly an unknown force out there this very second with powers and abilities far succeeding the director himself?

It is all ready well know despite the BoF's attempt to cover it up the existence of a creature with the power to teleport anywhere with in the boundaries of this universe known as Bartholomew but possibly could their be more to his strange powers?

He has abducted Director Benny out of his own office several times before despite his attempts to block his teleportation so could this be evidence that there is a creature with power exceeding those of the director?

Decide for yourself, fellow reader.


Quotes he uses right before teleporting a penguin into a Random Event

  • "Care for a quick game?"
  • "I once was a poor man,but then I found a Beta Hat..."
  • "Three puffles siting on tree,which one leaves first?"
  • "In the end,only the three-legged survived"

End of quotes used before abduction of a penguin

Director Benny: YOU @#[email protected]^[email protected]*&!!! I NEVER APPROVED OF YOUR RANDOM ABDUCTION OF PENGUINS!

Bartholomew: Your point would be....?

Director Benny: YOU @#%$(%@+*# AND YOUR #%$%*&[email protected]$ RANDOM EVENTS!!!

Bartholomew: Say,care for a quick game Director?


Director Benny gets teleported into a Random Event