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Not to be confused with the character, Basil.

Basel Coat of Arms.png
The Coat of Arms was greatly influenced by the ToS.
Country Snowzerland
Monuments Der Basler Muenster (ToS HQ)
Headquarters Basler Town Hall
Neighbourhoods Old Town, Buisness District
Mayor Friedrich Gormanhausen
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles
General information
Native name Basel
Foreign name Bâle
Demonym Basler
Founded 2009
– Founder Swiss Ninja (duh!)

Basel is a famous industrial Snoss city that is home to the headquarters of the ToS and Snossville Hotels. It is the second largest city (behind Zurich) on Snowzerland Island.


The city of Basel has one of the most strangest and most important histories of all of the cities on Snowzerland Island. Basel started out as a peaceful little village on the Limmat River when the original UCSN cities where founded in 2009. Like all the other cities, Basel had Cobblestone Streets and Timber Framed Houses. Basel Village steadily grew into a small city, but never was to any significance. It wasn't until it was considered that Basel will be home to many Industrial Centers that it would become an important key to the nation. Basel was first home to several famous Snoss Chocolate Companies, and in 2010, the schism of the Governance formed the ToS, where they formed their HQ. Snossville Hotels did the same, and Basel has flourished ever since.

Coat of Arms[edit]

The Coat of Arms of Basel, which is a black Priest hat, is a symbol of Basel's importance to the ToS that it is it's Headquarters. The White background represents purity.

Places of Interest[edit]

The Industrial City of Basel still has a lot to see.

Der Basler Munster[edit]

The most famous place in all of Basel, the Munster of Basel is the Headquarters for the Telenacleship of Snowzerland. Formerly a Governance Telenacle, the Basler Munster had to be majorly expanded to maintain the ToS. It includes a Munsterplatz, or Telenacle Plaza. The Basler Munster is most famous for it's diamond checkered roof.

Basler Town Hall[edit]

The town hall of Basel is a very busy place, and it even has it's own mini telenacle in it. It is a very picturesque building.

Limmat River[edit]

The Limmat River starts out at Lake Zurich, but later flows into Basel, where the original old town was built. It as well is a famous attraction.


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