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The Royal Kingdom of Batavia
Flag of Batavia
Motto"Wij zijn Batavieren, die de strijd van de zee wonnen." (We are Batavians who won the battle from the sea.)
Location of Batavia
The Map of Batavia. Click to enlarge.
CapitalSchipol, seat of Government in The Phigue
Largest Penguindam
Official languages Dutch, Frisian
Recognised regional languages English, French, German
Species  High Penguins, Puffles
Demonym Batavians
Membership Free Republic Union
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 -  King Alex Willam
 -  2009 estimate 17,000,000 
Currency Club Penguin Gold Coin (GC)
Drives on the Right

The Kingdom of Batavia is an Imperialist island nation in the Ninja Archipelago near Snowzerland. It is a well known place that was made by the natives themselves. The nation is completely below sea level and exists thanks to dams, dikes, and windmills, all common sights in the country.


The Island of Batavia was originally much smaller than it was today. At the time before colonization, Batavia was a very small island with other small islands around it. The First penguins to set foot on Batavia were the Batavi High Penguins, a local tribe from modern Day Freezeland in 507 AD. They learned that the water that surrounded these islands were shallow, and decided to pump the water out. It took them 100 Years to do so, by building Dikes, Windmills, and Canals to drain out the water. They were able to connect all the small islands to make one big one, now known as the island of Batavia. Although there were still occasional floods that attacked the Low Lands, the Dikes kept out most of the threats. When they finally did so, they decided to create their own towns. They were ruled by the Kingdom of Arda, until 733, when Batavia joined the High Penguin Confederacy. They stayed part of the Confederacy until 1508, when the HPC began to tax the country harshly. The taxes that were paid to the King, where the taxes - instead of helping the government - were used on building projects. This enraged the Batavians, so a revolt was held in the city of Schipol, led by Prince Will of Orange. This ended up into the Eighty Days War, where the Northern Provinces of Batavia became independent while the southern Provinces stayed with the HPC because they were loyal to them. (one year later, the south finally joined the north) and the Kingdom of Batavia was formed. Since then, Batavia had tried to conquer new lands for their small territory. Batavia stayed neutral during the war of Khanzem and the Colonial Antarctica War. In 2010, Swiss Ninja went "shopping" for islands. He saw Batavia, and wanted to take it. However, the Queen of Batavia and her ministers did not like the idea. Unfortunately, SN won the deal after key anti-Swiss Ninja Batavian politicians went missing, and in fear for her life, the Queen finally had to give into Swiss Ninja's "proposal". The Queen still was the ruler of Batavia, but the Queen must take orders from Kaiser Swiss Ninja. It is confirmed that there are 17,000,000 High Penguins living there currently. In 2011, the country voted that Snoss rule was unnecessary, so Batavia peacefully split from Snowzerland, in exchange for Snowzerland regaining Alemania. In late April 2013, Queen Hooliana, like her mother, decided to step down and give the throne to her son, King Alex-Willem I and his wife from Parhentina, Queen Malvina.

Geography and Climate[edit]

The Batavian countryside.

Clovis and Piper in Batavia.

Like it said in its history, Batavia was created from the sea, and most of the island is below sea level. It has cool summers and cold winters, and gets lots of rain and snow. Batavia has a lot of tundra grass and some (but very little) natural trees (there are plenty of penguin planted trees) because it's an artificially made island. Batavia's highest point is a 300 meter tall hill known as Mount Caarlsburg. Terninia's rainy weather has also influnced Batavia, and get's 90% of it's rain from it.



Batavian cuisine consists mainly of fish and potatoes. Batavians are known for eating fresh herring, French fries, mashed potatoes, apple sauce, pea soup, and carrots. Well known cultural delicacies include "kroketten", "frikandels", rookworst (smoked sausage), and vlaai (a type of cake/pie). Batavians prefer also to drink coffee during the morning and tea in the afternoon. Other preferred drinks are milk and carbonated water. For desserts, Batavians like eating colored marshmallows, cake, or cookies. Their most famous candy is salty black liquorice, known in Dutch as drop; it is beloved by the Batavians but is not very appealing to most foreigners. Likewise, the zwart wit pastilles (a sweet and salty candy) are also a very Batavian candy that also does not appeal to some foreigners. Batavian cuisine has also been influenced by the lands that it conquered, most notably Hindonesie, whose own special cuisine has permeated Batavia's. Hindonesie's various delicious rice dishes have made their way into a special Batavian buffet known as the Rijsttafel. Batavians also like food from the Antarctic mainland and nearby AU nations such as Frankterre, Alemania, and Castilla, as it is reflected in their diverse palate.


A picture of a Batavian soldier.

Batavia has a very powerful army and navy that has existed since it's founding in the 1600's. Like Snowzerland and Castilla, Batavia has also done some conquering as well. Batavian Soldiers and Navy officers wear 1800's style uniforms as shown above. A popular Batavian weapon is the bayonetted snow rifle since it is a gun and can also be used as a type of spear in close combat. Batavia has only a couple of bases on the motherland, one or two on Tremour Island, and many in their colony of Hindonesie.

Overseas Territories[edit]

Flag Territory Capital Location Map
West side of Tremour Island Tremourstadje Sub Antarctic Islands
Mccoon Island Mccoonstad Sub Antarctic Islands
<center>Hindonesie Flag.png Hindonesie New Batavia Asiapelago
Sooriname Flag.png
Sooriname Paribo Latin Antarctica
Fort Oranje, Eastshield Fort Oranje Antarctic Mainland

Relationships with Other Nations[edit]

  • Osterreach - Poor. Shares a Bitter rivalry since Osterreach invaded Batavia at one time.
  • Castilla - Excellent. In the past, Castilla and Batavia were bitter enemies. However, in the recent years, Castilla has been a popular vacation spot for the Batavians (and vice-versa). Greater friendship emerged in 2013 when Queen Malvina, a penguin from Parhentina, rose to power. Due to the royal connection, relations have improved and are strengthening greatly.
  • Holyswissia - Bad. Batavia has a gruge on Holyswissia for invading them during the days of Khanzem.
  • Snowzerland - Poor. Batavia has separated from Snoss control and have a dislike for each other, though they still have foreign relations.


  • Batavia is a parody of the Netherlands. The name of Batavia comes form the Germanic tribe of the "Batavi" who where the first settlers of the Netherlands.
  • Batavia has the largest population density in all of the Ninja Archipelago.
  • Batavia was formerly a Snoss territory until it seceded.
  • Doom Weed is legal here but its sale is restricted to specific licensed stores called "Coffee Shops". Otherwise one must grow the Doom Weed at home.
    • Doom Weed can not be eaten in Public Spaces and can only be enjoyed at specialized "Coffee Shops" or inside a private residence.
      • Breaking this law will result in a 500 coin fine.

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