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Daniel Hunter
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Good
Health Very good
Status Alive and well
Location Club Penguin Island
Occupation EPF Agent, former PSA agent, author, movie/play director
Nationality Antartican
Friends Ashley Blake, Barty McUgliface, and Carl

Batman24614 (Mostly referred to as Daniel) is a black-feathered penguin currently living on the island of Club Penguin in the neighborhood of Snowton. He hatched in 1999, and is older than his two siblings, Pete24939 and Penny54305. He has 12 puffles, and three close friends, Barty McUgliface, Carl, and Ashley Blake.


Batman24614 is a black-feathered penguin with blonde hair, which is "The Sun Rays" style. He typically wears sunglasses, and he sometimes wears regular glasses for his vision, specifically the "Black Glasses". And he sometimes wears no glasses at all. He often changes what he wears.


He joined Club Penguin somewhere in 2009. He was rather confused about the area and knew nobody over there. He eventually became a tour guide, and then a PSA agent. Shortly after he became an agent however, the Popcorn Explosion occurred, and he became an EPF agent. Shortly after he was a member of the EPF, he joined the tactical class because he loved adventure, action, and tactical plans. Some time later, he met a rather unpleasant and boastful penguin named Norman Malice. Daniel later became very good at tactical class and joined the more professional tactical group. He started to get into media too, he started writing scripts, then he started to direct plays and movies only to become a director. He currently resides in his home neighborhood in Snowton in a Split Level Igloo.


Right now he is a semi-famous director and writer, who directs and writes plays and movies. He intends to get a bit more famous, hoping to succeed his dreams of becoming "awesome". He's also produced a couple of plays. He is one of the professional tactical agents for the EPF, and has executed some pretty successful battle plans.



  • Batman24614 was this article's creator's Club Penguin username.
  • Norman Malice and Daniel don't get along very well.
  • He likes wisecracking.

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