The Battering Rams

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The Battering Rams
The Battering Rams logo, worn on the shoulder of all pilots and crew.
Vital statistics
Name The Battering Rams
Native name Fuidrimh Caoirigh
ACAO code N/A
Callsign BRAMS
Founded July 2008
Commenced operations September 2008
Ceased operations Not yet
Hubs Ovis Air Base, South Pole City
Secondary hubs None
Focus cities None
Frequent flyer program None
Airline lounge None
Airline alliance SheepLines
Subsidiaries The Battering Rams are a subsidiary of SheepLines
Fleet 63
Destinations Charter
Company slogan Ovis Superne
Parent company Sheep Airlines Ltd.
Headquarters 47 Emerald Avenue, South Pole City

The Battering Rams are the military branch of SheepLines and Sheepman's air force. They work closely with the PSF and are basically a mini, speciallised, privatley owned Air Force. Their aircraft are mainly used for troop transort, troop air support, parachute missions and sometimes dogfights. They have a small, airfield near South Pole City called Ovis Air Base.


At the time SheepLines was taken over by Sheepman, the PSF had a problem. They couldn't get enough air support, as they shared the USA air force with many other armies and militias. So Sheepman decided to start a small, dedicated airforce, commited to helping the PSF. They were the Spec Ops of the air. Using funds that he had earned from his new airline, he bought 3 UH-60s, 2 MH-53s and a C-130 (see list below for current fleet). Over time, as SheepLines got bigger, the profit just kept coming. Sheepman built The Battering Rams into the big airforce they are today.


  • Snowkorsky UH-60 "White Eagle" (20) -Used for dropping and extracting troops, also provides some air support
  • Snowkorsky MH-53 "Grumpy Purple Leprechaun" (10) - Much air support and troop transport
  • Iceheed C-130 "Winston" (3)) - Parachute missions and supply drops
  • Snowing CH-49 "Air Warrior" (10) - Troop transort
  • TerraFighter Cyclone (5) - Fighter jet
  • Snowing Harrier (5) - Fighter jet
  • P-23 'Virus' (5) -Fighter jet
  • F-14 Malepuffle (5) -Fighter jet

Gallery of Aircraft[edit]

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