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National Land of UnitedTerra Territories
Flag of UTR
Motto"Bring it on!"
Anthem"March Through the Fog"
Royal anthem"Our Nation, Stand"
National Crest
UnitedTerra National Symbol.PNG
Location of UTR
The land of UnitedTerra - consisting of major states Flipscone, Seadirom, Olde Snoxon, Carcery, Titanstan, Escobard, Escoholis, Sub-Terrain, BattleTerra, Lotusfort, Brisking and ParraBASE. Labelled independent countries & states include Scoodlepeep, Terra Federation & TerraMount. Labelled cities include New Club Penguin, Satellite City and Neo Domino City. Labelled islands include Zero Reverse and Robotpirateisland.
(Note: not drawn to scale)
CapitalNew Club Penguin
Largest largest city New Club Penguin
Official languages English, Terrisian
Species  Penguins, puffles, crabs, squid & lots of other Antarctic creatures.
Demonym Terrain
Membership UAN flag.PNG UAN
Sato.png SATO
Zeta Connections flag.PNG Zeta Connections
Government Democratic
 -  President Lofty
 -  Grand Controller Mayor Crepsley
Legislature UnitedTerra Parliament
Recreation Reorganized after the fall of PreTerra 
 -  2001 Formation 
 -  2002 First city; New Club Penguin 
 -  2009 First chick-inhabited republic, Scoodlepeep 
 -  See Timeline of Activity for in-depth list of events. 
 -  2004 estimate 364,151,196 
 -  2008 census 1,224,661,941 
 -  2015 census 1,850,393,870 
Currency Dauroes (DAÚ:)
Daylight Savings
Drives on the Right
Calling code +990
Footnotes There are states that declare themselves Free Republics that are not governed by the UnitedTerra Parliament
Footnotes Scoodlepeep FTW! -Baby N.

The National Land of UnitedTerra Territories, commonly known as UnitedTerra (UTR) is an actively-developed country part of Antarctica inhabited by over 1.5 billion living penguins and creatures. It was founded in 2001 by Ninjinian, who governed the country alongside the UnitedTerra Parliament. Lofty Crepsley serves as president of UnitedTerra. The country's land was originally PreTerra, the ancient, historical republic, but the country collapsed due to its poor structure and governing - and a lack of resources. UnitedTerra is visually recognisable for its round, circular shape, located to the South-East of the United States of Antarctica. It does not share land with any other nation that is not controlled or at least affiliated with the Parliament. Republic islands are located around the mainland. The capital and most populated city of the UTR is New Club Penguin, commonly known as the advanced version of Club Penguin. UnitedTerra is widely popular for their government, music, television and gaming. The influential culture of the country is observed by many tourists and the media of other lands, which is why UnitedTerra is home to the most amount of emigrated penguins. Most inhabitants speak English and the official, less-commonly spoken language Terrisian. The country's main identifications and symbols include the bandana and Cookie Crown.

UnitedTerra has a number of states & cities. Major cities of UnitedTerra include; New Club Penguin, Neo Domino City, Satellite City, Blockpolitan and Arinafield. Some of the parliament-controlled states include Flipscone, Seadirom, Carcery, Sub-Terrain, Lotusfort and ParraBASE - known for it's mountain ranges and aerodynamic services. The country is also well-known for the first ever republic governed and completely inhabited by chicks, Scoodlepeep, led by the brother of the president, Baby N.

It possess the biggest automobile industry of the continent, famously known for their export of mobeels and turbo-bikes. Their abundant quantity of natural resources, crucial contributions to the economy, military and diplomatic relations make it the second most powerful country in Antarctica, succeeded only by fellow ally USA. UnitedTerra's resources and manufacturing makes it a very popular country to trade with. Its possession of phosphate rock and and tritium are examples of the extremely rare resources that can be found on Terrain soil. However, the UTR's export of tritium has raised some concern in other countries due to its potentially dangerous effects if exposed to water.


The UnitedTerra was discovered and developed in 2001 after the collapse of PreTerra. The remaining inhabiting penguins were in jeopardy of being moved to the United States of Antarctica. Ninjinian brought in penguins to help rebuild the collapsed country in early 2001, and by the end of the year, he had gotten lots of workers and some parts of the country were finished. The place started off with a population of a few hundred-thousand penguins whom lived in small igloos with provided items, which were all temporary.

Then, the UnitedTerra began constructing their first official running city, New Club Penguin by 2002. In 2003, Neo Domino City was made. It wasn't that small, and had stadiums for turbo-racing. Half of the population of New Club Penguin (which was 400 penguins at the time). By 2005, the amount of penguins in the UTR increased massively, with hundreds of thousands of penguins travelling from Club Penguin and other parts of the USA. In the two years after that, more cities and states were made. Zero Reverse was found as an island off UnitedTerra, near to New Club Penguin. It looked damaged and couldn't be completely rebuilt, so the country now use it as a place to drive turbo-bikes safely and as a war-ground. Throughout the years, Carcery came across and so did Teedal. In the year 2050, the Two Slapping Penguins will be buried in this country.

Coat of Arms.




File:Presentday BattleTerra.png
What it looks like now

BattleTerra, also known as BattleLand, is an archipelago that is off the coast of UnitedTerra. The land also inhabits about 60% of all successful battle-penguins, and usually hosts the battles there. The land is very dangerous and full of rough terrain with extreme weather and temperatures. Each Island is unique, and has several Battlerinas, or places where super penguins go fight to show off their powers.

BattleTerra started to be inhabited by penguins in 5,000,000 years ago, and to endure the harsh conditions they battled for their amusement. cities soon started to be constructed in 1457 AD, and by 1464 AD, BattleTerra was created. The Terra then was spotted by other battle-penguins, and started to come over to the land.Soon in 1504 BCE, the population had increased immensely, so the inhabitants had to expand the deserted land, and a small portion turned into Battle Fields, where normal-penguins would stay, away from the destruction-causing battle-penguins. Eventually more and more battle penguins came to the islands, and they had to expand. Artificial Islands were constructed, and eventually places where normal penguins could visit without being in danger were put into place.

Currently BattleTerra makes most of its money from tourists, and a lot of it from merchandise of the fighters. There is a strong black market in BattleTerra which usually involves selling illegal items that give superpowers such as Doom Weed.

BattleTerra is considered a territory of UnitedTerra. However UnitedTerra laws usually don't have much of an influence since it is very dangerous to go to BattleTerra.

Land of UnitedTerra[edit]

Terrain cities[edit]

The capital city, known as "the advanced version of Club Penguin". Ninjinian lives here.

A city known for its technology and extravagant upper-class living - a massive tourist attraction for leisure and gaming.

The poorest city of UTR; most lower-class creatures live here. It's not as bad as The Slums though.

  • Pendulum Coast

One of the many port cities of Olde Snoxon, but the most major one.

  • Blockpolitan

A city in Escobard full of estates and Terrain grime wannabes.

  • Arinafield

Not as agricultural as the name suggests. The least-populated city of the UTR.


The largest, most populated state of the country – home of the capital city.

  • Brisking

A smaller yet popular state due to its neighbouring with the capital.

The home of Neo Domino City and the best Terrain technology you can find.

A rural state which is fully controlled by Grand Controller, Mayor Crepsley.

  • Lotusfort

Aquatic name, tough state. Neighbouring the Federation, it inherits similar characteristics.

A state that is completely covered in harsh terrain and has many Battlerinas where powerful penguins have gladiatorial fights in.

  • Sub-Terrain

The narrowest state in the country. Renown for its agriculture and production of natural Terrain goods.

  • Titanstan

Home of UnitedTerra history. Visit here if you want to take a trip to the museum.

  • ParraBASE

Known for its mountain range and bounty of natural resources.

  • Escobard

A manufacturer hub; the cogs of many businesses turn in this state.

  • Escoholis

A quiet yet culturally-orientated place, very nice for a walk through the forest.

  • Olde Snoxon

Don't let the name fool you, it is well known for its port cities such as Pendulum Coast.

  • Robotpirateisland

The legendary, ancient island known for its countless ruins and monuments of PreTerra... And its robots and pirates (and robot pirates).

Definitely not the most safest place in UnitedTerra, riddled by the TaliBEAN and Str00dels.

Republics & free states[edit]

The only country governed and inhabited by chicks. President & leader is Ninjinian's baby brother, Baby N.

A heroic, Free Republic, full of mountains, and home to the Terra Mountain Penguins.

A major Free State ran by Iron Toto, which cooperates with TerraMount to defend UnitedTerra.

Miscellaneous lands[edit]

  • Underworld
  • RadEmporium (they are everywhere!)
  • Zero Reverse — The vacant land used for experimental testing and wars. Residency is banned on the island.
  • LeeLee Islands - a series of islands that border between UnitedTerra and an unknown island in the southern region, yet to be discovered. It is also known as the Lili Islands.

Timeline of Activity[edit]

List of significant events of UnitedTerra occurring since formation
Year Event
2001: The UTR is discovered by Ninjinian; temporary homes made.
2002: Declared an official country. The capital city, New Club Penguin, is created.
2003: String of states and cities are formed — Flipscone, Brisking, Sub-Terrain, Neo Domino City.
Education Reform Act passed; start of the first Town academies.
2004: Population grows massively across the UTR.
Development of vehicle industry; mobeels and turbo bikes. First major industry of the country.
2005: First trade agreement with USA — mobeels and turbo bikes purchased.
The Terrain Spy Union is formed to serve as national security.
Natural resources struck at ParraBASE — foreign nations pour in for coal, iron, oil and gold exports.
2006: Over 400 million penguins are declared as official citizens of the UnitedTerra.
2007: Zero Reverse Island is classified as an uninhabitable land for wars.
2008: A jail camp was made and a place for poorer penguins called The Slums.
2009: The first completely chick-inhabited republic, Scoodlepeep, is formed.
TerraMount joins as the first Free State.
Swiss Ninja's Army invades Southwest Slumolia. — TerraMount sends a recon force to Slumolia.
The War in Slumolia begins. (July–present)
The United Terrain Office for Outer Space Activities (UTOOSA) is formed as the country's space agency.
Razorbeak Island is declared a state.
The Giant Swiss-Terrain Cookie War begins and lasts a week. (August–September)
2012: The War in Robotpirateisland begins; ends three years later.
2013: Vehicle export deals are renewed – multiple countries purchase newly-developed mobeels.
2014: The national UnitedTerra football team finish third-place in the 2014 UGFA World Cup.
2015: Formation of The Zeta Connections; political alliances formed after a few years of 'inactivity'.
2016: 2016 UnitedTerra presidential election; UnitedTerra elect a new president after 12 years.
2017: The Epic Zenthexian-Terrain War begins.


The official languages of UnitedTerra are English and Terrisian. They can both be spoken and written. English is the more popular tongue of the two and is spoken all across the country. Terrisian is spoken in the more traditional states such as Carcery. Both languages are taught in school, but English is the main language focused in the education system. It is vital for chicks to be taught how to read and write Terrisian as a secondary language. All political documents are documented in Terrisian first and then translated into English. Parliament meetings are mainly spoken in English. Most games, television programmes and musical materials use English. This is mainly so that foreign penguins can still watch Terrain television and get involved into the lifestyle and culture. Scoodlepeep are known for their merging of Terrisian and English so that adult penguins cannot understand what they are saying.

Emalfs were originated from UnitedTerra and are notoriously known for frequently using them. Soon enough, foreign penguins adopted the use of emalfs and started creating their own emalf phrases. The Most Emalf-Infested City in the country is Blockpolitan, mostly down to the amount of grime wannabes attempting to rap.


The official currency for the UTR is the Dauroe (DAU:). The plural is dauroes. Five dauroes are worth a lot to the citizens of UnitedTerra. At the moment, dauroes can only be converted into the Club Penguin Coin. Other conversion rates have not been developed or considered. Penguins typically get paid their salary at the end of each month. The minimum legal salary is DAU: 90, though upper-class jobs such as being a Terrain Spy Union or Penguin Police Troop agent are worth approximately DAU: 1,000 per month. The highest paid citizen job is being an agent. Salaries can extend up to 60,000 dauroes a year. The country are not in debt as of 2013. The National Bank of UnitedTerra is responsible for the printing of dauroes. Banks such as Terralyns are also responsible for the Terrain dauroe.

In 2009, the UnitedTerra Parliament decided that it was unfair for dauroes not being able to be converted into another currency, so they set up a scheme that converted dauroes into Club Penguin Coins. 1 dauroe is worth 5 coins. If someone wanted to trade 2 dauroes they would receive 10 coins. Each time 5 coins are added from 1-9 dauroes. From 10-19 dauroes six coins are added each time instead of five. Then when it is 20-29 dauroes, it adds 6 coins from the previous amount of coins they get - the same applies for 30-39 dauroes, seven coins are added from the previous amount - 40-49 coins, eight coins are added from the previous amount.

  • 1 dauroe is 5 coins
  • 2 dauroes are 10 coins
  • 3 dauroes are 15 coins
  • 4 dauroes are 20 coins
  • 5 dauroes are 25 coins
  • 6 dauroes are 30 coins
  • 7 dauroes are 35 coins
  • 8 dauroes are 40 coins
  • 9 dauroes are 45 coins

  • 10 dauroes are 51 coins
  • 11 dauroes are 57 coins

Because of it's value, the dauree is used in parts of Satellite City and Carcery. It is worth less than a dauroe and is less expensive.


Transporting around the UTR is not always that easy. Everyone usually use mobeels, although in Scoodlepeep, they use skee-mobeels. Mobeels is a type of car in UnitedTerra, which many penguins use for long journeys but overall many penguins just like to walk to places. There are also many more ways of transporting around UnitedTerra, depending on how many miles you need to travel. Transporting can usually be easy, but can also not be easy. Wealthy penguins find transporting easy but more penguins living in Satellite City hardly have any ways of transporting.


Mobeels are the type of cars in the UTR. They are electronic, and are a different form of car rather than just a usual one. About 1/3 of everyone in the UTR use them. Like most cars, there are different types of cars, different models & features. They are not entirely used by the population, just portions because there are other ways of transporting rather than just taking a mobeel. By using mobeels, it has a great chance of affecting penguins health, because it is not healthy. This is why less penguins in UnitedTerra use them so that it doesn't affect their health, though some (like the 1/3), but very frequently. Just in case it is an emergency or need to go a very far distance. Mobeels are not considered to be over-used in UnitedTerra. This is because not much other countries, states or cities outside UnitedTerra actually use the terrain cars.


Waddling, also known as walking, is the most popular type of transport in the UTR. It is a very good & efficient method of transport in the UTR because it is healthy and prevents Fat. All Chatham Islands Penguin and Magellanic Penguin waddle straight instead of tipping left to right when they waddle. 69% of all penguins in the UnitedTerra use this type of transport, and is a tip in Ninjinian's health videos on PengTube.


Turbo-bikes (also known as turbo bikes, without the hyphen) is a recent type of transportation that was introduced in 2004. They are a type of scooter, but more advanced. Normal scooters are more popular than turbo-bikes because they are less dangerous. There are two types of scooters - one with a seat and one without. They are known as the Terra-Scooter, and there is only one manufacturer for them. The most popular scooters have two seats and a small boot for small items. The more expensive ones can have two or three seats, and have a re-attachable roof. The average Terra-Scooter goes up to 200 MPH, and the advanced ones go to 300 MPH. There are also smaller versions of Terra-Scooters for chicks in Scoodlepeep.

The standard turbo-bikes usually go up to 250 MPH, and can be used in any parts of UnitedTerra. The limit the standard turbo-bikes are allowed to go up to in small areas is 15 MPH and in bigger areas, 25 MPH. The advanced turbo-bikes are only allowed in Neo Domino City, Satellite City and Zero Reverse. They we first introduced in the game Speed World, and only professionals can ride them internationally. To become a professional you must pass the test and you will be licensed to drive an advanced turbo-bike.

International and Regional Airlines[edit]

There is an national airline/flag carrier in the UTR, which is UTA. AirTerra is the secondary flag carrier. Both are the lead airlines and international airlines. NCPAir have plans to become an international airlines but it's unlikely to come into effect until mid 2011-early 2012. TerraExpress is currently the lead regional airline but NCPAir isn't that far. There are two cargo airlines, AirTerra Cargo, which is the largest cargo airline and UTA Cargo. NCPAir have plans for a cargo airline but it may only come into effect in late 2012-early 2013. Many airlines from the USA provide services to airports in the country and to all major cities to the country.

This was how regional airlines were brought to the UTR. They are airlines of the UTR which either fully lease airplanes from USA or other airline companies or use the designated airplanes for regional airlines. They include Kupamacha 220 mo, a self-designed airplane by local UTR citizens. It seats between 70-100 passengers. Three models were released, the Kupamacha 220-100, the Kupamacha 220-200 and the Kupamacha 220-200XF (XF for extra fuel, as it had a larger fuel tank). These airlines could only stop at Ulansnowtar, Fishwow, Polaris, Glassyglow, Pengu Town, Snowville, Club Penguin City/Club Penguin Island (via Aquarius or Newton Town) and South Pole City. Regional airlines flying abroad were supposed to only stop at South Pole City, but due to the flying range of the Kupamacha 220, they need to refuel (with the exception of the Kupamacha 220-200XF, which could actually reach SPC, CP or CPC in one full tank).

There were originally twenty regional airlines (excluding TerraExpress), sixteen of which fell up during the "Kupamacha Crisis of 2010" where Kupamacha went into administration by the FAAA . The lucky six survivors are Miniaire, UTR Mini Airlines, Neo Domino Airways, ChickAir, Sattelite Airways and PressAir who merged into NCPAir. They were lucky because they had a fleet where the majority wasn't Kupamacha or they had a fleet large enough to run.

The Kupamacha company had plans develop the Kupamacha 220 - 200 XFR, the cargo version, Kupamacha 220 - 200 XFC the Kupamacha 220E, extended range and seats and the Kupamacha 225, a 120-seater with 5000 nautical miles. Also, Kupamacha will build the Kupamacha 300, a 200-seater wide-bodied airplane with 6000 nm, with the first variant being named the Kupamacha 300-100 Intercontinetal. It's unlikely that they'll be built since reforming Kupamacha is a tough job for the FAAA and even if they're built it is unlikely that they'll be bought.


UnitedTerra has very advanced ships and submarines which people often take to go to BattleTerra and Robotpirateisland, as well as off the coast of other states.


Read more at Education in UnitedTerra

Before the "Education Reform Act" was passed, most schools had a fee, meaning that very few penguins could afford school fees. Very special schools called "young schools" were made for the poor. Grammar school education was free but you had to pass a test. Until the concept of Academies, Comprehensive schools, State schools and Independent schools were made, many schools relied on funds from people. It's divided into Primary, Secondary, Sixth Form, and University. The UnitedTerra Parliament pay for most penguins education - but for some types of schools, the families pay.

Leisure & culture[edit]

There are many different activities that penguins in the UTR do. Many of these are traditional and originate from UnitedTerra itself. Penguins take part in leisure activities as a source of entertainment and fun. Many other countries have taken upon some aspects of Terrain leisure as they increasingly became popular. The city most known for its leisure services is Neo Domino City, who specialise in providing the best source of leisure to it's citizens. UnitedTerra are well known for incorporating leisure into their culture.


The most popular sport in UnitedTerra is boxing. It was first introduced by Ninjinian while he was teaching Baby N. to protect himself from useless bullies. The sport soon crossed all over UnitedTerra. Into Satellite City, Neo Domino City & Scoodlepeep. It has turned out to be the most popular sport in UnitedTerra, and over 200 penguins play it. Boxing matches appear on television, usually live from Neo Domino City, broadcasting across the entire UTR & USA. One version of Boxing is Kickboxing. Kickboxing is the same as Boxing but they're different types of Kickboxing, such as TerraBoxing or Full Contact Karate. In some variants, there are belts. Other sports are played there too. Such as "Football" (to Antarctican's, "Soccer"), which play in the Zero Reverse ground & Neo Domino City. Basketball has a stadium in the capital, New Club Penguin. "Cricket" is populated around Scoodlepeep, and "Rugby" is across the entire UTR. But those are not traditional sports of UnitedTerra, just common ones. Many (mostly in other countries) do not accept "skateboarding" or "terraboarding" as a sport, but in the UTR they do. Skateboarding is one traditional sport (the others are "Boxing", "Turbo-racing" & "Dirtbiking") and is very popular. Mostly for teenagers, who enjoy terrainboarding a lot. Terrainboarding is not the same as skateboarding, just a bit similar. It is a different type of skateboarding. Penguins use another board, which is curved and fully designed, and race on rough grounds. Mainly use lots of freestyle which are not the average skateboarding tricks anyone sees.

The third most traditional sport is "Dirtbiking". Which is a different form of "Turbo-racing". It consists of a different bike riding on dirt or hard mud. They are extremely grippy & have a different type of tyre. They are thin but not normal bike thin. Turbo-bikes usually have fat tyres, which are completely different. It is a multi-player sport, and penguins can race on dirt around a built-track. The only stadiums known for Dirtbiking are 4 small courses joined into 1 stadium in Neo Domino City (and possibly Razorbeak Island). Some courses are extremely dangerous, and there is only 1 known professional track which is to exist. Mainly young adults Dirtbike, but no less than teenagers.

Gladiatorial battles at the Battlerinas are very common on BattleTerra. Many Penguins go visit BattleTerra to watch these battles, or go their to train and Battle themselves. While the popularity fighting is mostly confined to BattleTerra, it has been gaining influence in the rest of UnitedTerra, and many UTR citizens take pride in the Bettlerinas.

In 2007, the UnitedTerra was awarded a team in the Major Hockey League. The team was surprisingly awarded to Scoodlepeep, and was named the Scoodlepeep Roarers. The team started play in October 2009.

UnitedTerra have consistently participated in the UGFA World Cup, qualifying for every tournament since its inception. The nation came third place in the 2014 UGFA World Cup after defeating Emperorlands 3–0 in the third-place play off match.


Music is incredibly popular in UnitedTerra in terms of both creation and consumption. According to a public survey, 8 out of 10 citizens of UnitedTerra listen to music on a regular basis. Because of this, the country is very famous for their musical influence over Antarctica. Their influence is largely due to genres such as hip hop, Terrain grime, rap and R&B. Dozens of international artists originated from UnitedTerra, such as DJ Crow, Nebulent, Nyninyne and Omar Grest, including high-profiled producers such as DJ Crab and TrillBron. Terrain music dates back to the later 90s, and Terrain grime as early as 2001. Many grime artists are unsigned and haven't charted much, but are still very well known. This is expressed through WaddleTube comments, on which artists post their videos. Other Antarctican music have always connected with Terrain music, such as Cadence and Nebulent. Many artists migrated from UnitedTerra to Club Penguin to pursue a music career (more specifically the Night Club), such as DJ Crow, who has gone on to become one of the most successful artists in Antarctica.


Games is the next most popular leisure activity in the UTR. There are many game arcades in Neo Domino City, Scoodlepeep & New Club Penguin. There are many games to play, such as the imported Card-Jitsu X and video games. The most popular video game is Speed World, an award-winning Turbo-Bike game. Arcades are the mains source of playing games, but they are also available on the computer (but only computer games, video games are only available in arcades & on the Vii & Snowtendo DS.


Television, better well known as TV, is the most laziest activity to do in UTR. Luckily, most penguins in the UTR are always staying healthy, and the average time one igloo has their TV set on is 3 hours. The Governance had difficulty wiring the island because of its renaming and realigning, and as such charged higher rates than in other nations. Instead, they had to build high frequency broadcasting stations which broadcast TV programs over the ocean to the island. This extremely expensive rate (in comparison to elsewhere), caused penguins to not watch nearly as much TV. They still view a bit, but only for special & occasional entertainment, such as when the news is on and award shows, if that. Thanks to this, UnitedTerra has the lowest number of fat penguins anywhere.

The source to all the voltage for television's are located in "Tops Tower Telenacle" (of Tops Tower) and "Zero Reverse Telenacle", found in Zero Reverse, which hold all the electricity in the country together and powers everything, especially televisions, which take up a lot of electricity next to using the computer. "Tech-Time" is held every Thursday.

Internet services[edit]

Like every Antarctic nation, all internet bandwidth originates from the sole ISP master, the Governance. Various companies loan and use these in different packages. Unlike the television, Internet charges are very low here because there were already phone lines in UnitedTerra. Penguins can go online for relatively little in comparison to neighboring islands. Connection is not a problem in New Club Penguin, because it has Tops Tower, where all the electricity comes from (via the Governance) and is sent to almost every igloo. But cities & states that do not have much electricity sources, such as Satellite City, there are sometimes minor errors in the connection. This might be due to various reasons. Not much websites that are for outside countries can be used in UnitedTerra (such as Antarctican websites), but can get redirected from the Antarctican URL to the Terrain URL. But websites like Beakbook, are half-Antarctican & half-terrain, so have a joint URL so it can be accessed from any country (in the penguin borders) so that penguins do not have to worry about buying redirect-URLs. Like any other internet services, UnitedTerra do not have their own original internet features. It is the same for other countries as well. But some things are different, just not much.


The military of UnitedTerra are known as the UnitedTerra Forces (UF). They are classified as the second-best military by the United Antarctic Organisation. As of 2015 there are 9.2 million troops in the UF, making it the second-largest military. UF have always been advanced in terms of troops and artillery as a result of research performed by experts in the Terrain Spy Union since late 2005. UnitedTerra Forces were formed as soon as the country began redevelopment since the conclusion of PreTerra as a result of protecting the border during construction. The UF began with approximately 25,000 conscripted soldiers and proliferated on a monthly basis due to the lack of threat upon UTR. As of 2005 there were 200,000 regular soldiers serving the nation. Research being conducted by spy association organisation Terrain Spy Union was shared with the Forces in order to redevelop weaponry and produce more advanced artillery - meaning that UF produce their own artillery and do not have to import any military resources from other nations. The most recent major war that the UF were engaged in was the 2009 Giant Swiss-Terrain Cookie War as a result of Southwest Slumolia being conquered.

A regular Terrain soldier in uniform.

The Forces are subdivided into a land force, navy and Air Force. Because UTR is a circle of land surrounded by sea, the navy remain active throughout most of the calendar year on the lookout. They frequently have to engage in minor battles due to pirates trespassing and travelling criminals aiming to sneak across into UnitedTerra. UF do not tend to participate or begin any conflict with other Antarctican armies and serve the main purpose of defending the nation. Due to the Forces not engaging in major wars yet having such an abundance of resources and troops they aid struggling countries in return for industrial favours, although UnitedTerra do not desperately need them.

The UF do not operate by themselves; they frequently work in conjunction with the Terrain Spy Union for critical operations involving most-wanted criminals. As a result, UF and TSU have to unite out on the battlefield while UF fight and TSU provide intel and instructions. Other allies of the army include the Penguin Police Troop, the armies of republics TerraMount and Terra Federation; the TerraMount Army and TF Enforcer Corps. The strongest alliance out of the two is with the Enforcer Corps as they possess the second strongest military in the territories. The entire country alone is highly military-oriented so it is common sense for the UTR to cooperate with the Enforcer Corps for yearly missions. The Police Troops protect the UnitedTerra and the entire Antarctica from any intruders and were heavily involved in the Swiss-Terrain Cookie War as they aided the Enforcer Corps. Unlike the republic armies, the PPT are state-owned and are considered an unofficial subdivision of the Terrain military.

Experimental missions and major inner-country conflicts are conducted on the deserted Terrain island Zero Reverse to the South-West coast of the mainland. The island is totally uninhibited and so the UnitedTerra Forces are granted total permission and rights to use the land when safe.

Recently, the Square Islands distributed Scorpio to the UTR. Though the UF acknowledges its usefulness in combat, some personnel are concerned that the existence of Infinity means that the UTR will be dragged into unnecessary wars.

Wars involving UnitedTerra[edit]

While UnitedTerra aren't the most active country in conflict, they have been involved in a few key high-scale wars, all of which ended in their favour, including a few ongoing wars. Some of these wars are continental and some are exclusive to Terrain involvement. There are also numerous wars that UnitedTerra are indirectly part of as a result of their affiliation with the Terra Federation Enforcer Corps. UnitedTerra are known for not starting wars and frequently defending other nations. The current ongoing wars include the Antarctic War on Terrorism, ongoing since 2014. This is one of the few wars that UnitedTerra is fighting that involves a large number of other Antarctic nations. One of the other key ongoing wars is the War in Slumolia, since 2009 when the TaliBEAN came to fruition and have become stronger ever since. UnitedTerra fight the terrorists alone for the past five years and will continue to do so until all terrorist groups are exterminated. In a couple of battles they have been assisted by the likes of the United Provinces, notably in 2015.

2009 was a busy year for the UnitedTerra Forces; it began with the Great Darktonian Pie War from March to April. The Third Day Covenant agreement was created at the same time, stating that the forces of UTR, Freezeland, TerraMount and Kanta Penguin Union (Skydale, South Island and North Island) would only join the Pie War on the third day of the war. Allying with Shroomsky's Army, it was a success and the Darktonian Army went into hiding. Four months later the Giant Swiss-Terrain Cookie War began when Swiss Ninja took over Southwest Slumolia. It was then regained and was a disaster for the Swiss Empire.

The War in Robotpirateisland was a war against the rebellious Robotpirate inhabitants of Robotpirateisland in the north-east region of UnitedTerra. It began in 2012 and ended in late 2015. An island known for its rich resources and ancient ruins of PreTerra, the pirates (unaffiliated with Slumolian pirates) took over the island unlawfully and began usurping it of its sacred artefacts and natural resources. As a result the UF Navy was deployed and numerous battles took place over the years. It was a very difficult battle to face and was fought very strategically. After years of battle and careful weakening of the Robotpirates, the island was seized by UnitedTerra and declared part of the nation. Despite this it was not officially in a habitable condition and many different Robotpirate factions emerged which eventually caused the Robotpirate Civil War of 2015-16.

Despite the War in Robotpirateisland and War in Slumolia, many nations considered UnitedTerra as very inactive in conflict. This is possibly due to them not being involved in wars of key Antarctican nations, e.g. Frosian War and Shadow of Culldrome. However the Epic Zenthexian-Terrain War of 2015 proved to show that UnitedTerra was deep in war activity and made other nations pay attention to all their ongoing conflicts. The war took place after Imperial Emperor of Zenthexia targeted Magonia, a newly-formed country part of UnitedTerra with a subsidiary government. UnitedTerra Forces thus became involved in this event to stop Zenthexia and defend Magonia. It is often known as the first war to use non-lethal weapons since the 2009 Great Darktonian Pie War. This time UnitedTerra weren't going to fight a war alone. Now that The Zeta Connections had been formed, Munijoch supported UnitedTerra in the war against Zenthexia, creating non-lethal PULSE weaponry and getting in on the actual action too. The war lasted from August to December and ended in defeat for Zenthexia.

Conflict Combatant 1 Combatant 2 Result
Antarctic War on Terrorism
Part of the War on Terror

Location: Antarctica

UnitedTerra flag.PNG UnitedTerra
USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
MAI.png Margate
Amataria Flag.png Amataria
Terra Federation flag.PNG Terra Federation
Munijochempire.png Munijoch
NewUnitedProvincesFlag.png United Provinces
Flag of Castilla.png Castilla
FrancterreFlag.png Frankterre
UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and
Culldromeislesflag.png Culldrome Isles
Flag of the Seal Islands.svg Seal Islands
Asaina flag.png Zhou
SouthJoseonFlag.png South Joseon
AcadiaFlag.png Acadia
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
BowTielandFlag.png Bow Tieland
Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalis
LittlePenland.png Little Penland Surrendered
NNM symbol.jpeg Nexonan Militants Surrendered
PuffaliaFlagNew.png Puffalian Liberation Movement

SlumoliaFlag.png TaliBEAN

  • Defeat of the TaliBEAN government in The Slums.
  • Destruction of key TaliBEAN camps.
  • UnitedTerra Forces continue to capture Slumolia.
  • Return of more than 2.7 million penguin refugees.
War in Slumolia
Part of the War on Terror

Location: Slumolia, The Slums

UnitedTerra flag.PNG UnitedTerra SlumoliaFlag.png Slumolia

SlumoliaFlag.png TaliBEAN

  • Capture of Ben 100022.
  • Constant battle between UF and TaliBEAN for full control of Southwest Slumolia.
  • Antarctic War on Terrorism intensifies War in Slumolia.
  • Defeat of Show'ah Party government.
  • Emergence of al-Halan terrorist group.
  • Various minor insurgent groups form.
  • Ongoing war at sea; UF Navy vs. TaliSEAs.
  • Osama BEAN Larken in hiding throughout war.
  • Operation: Find Osama ongoing since 2010.
  • TaliBEAN breach coasts of UnitedTerra.
War in Robotpirateisland
Part of the War on Terror

Location: Robotpirateisland

UnitedTerra flag.PNG UnitedTerra
Terra Federation flag.PNG Terra Federation
Robotpirateisland flag.PNG Robotpirateisland Victory
  • Robotpirateisland seized by UnitedTerra.
  • Robotpirate Civil War (2015-16)
  • Shifting public support for the new Terrain government of RPI.
  • UF Navy begin ongoing patrolling of Robotpirate seas.
  • Various insurgent groups continue to fight under RPP allegiance.
  • RPI still considered unsafe for emigration.
Great Darktonian Pie War

Location: PBJT Valley, South Pole City, Ternville

UnitedTerra flag.PNG UnitedTerra

Third Day Covenant
Shroomsky's Army

Darktan Realm image.PNG Darktan's Army
  • Darktonian Army goes into hiding.
  • Str00del Force receives Province of Pastry (later retaken by DTA).
  • Triskelle regains the Silmarils.
  • Possession of the Elemental Amulets changes.
  • South Pole City and Ternville saved.
Giant Swiss-Terrain Cookie War

Location: Zero Reverse

UnitedTerra flag.PNG UnitedTerra
The Happyface State Flag.png The Happyface State
Terra Federation flag.PNG Terra Federation
Snowzerland Flag.png Swiss Ninja Empire Victory
  • Southwest Slumolia regained for UnitedTerra.
  • All Swiss Ninja troops withdrawn from Slumolian land.
  • Multiple Hobos and Str00dels captured.
  • Post-war violence in Slumolia intensifies War in Slumolia.
Epic Zenthexian-Terrain War

Location: Zenthexia, Magonia, Robotpirateisland

UnitedTerra flag.PNG UnitedTerra
Munijochempire.png Munijoch
Terra Federation flag.PNG Terra Federation
MAI.png Margate
Darktan's Army logo.svg Darktan's Army

Zeta Connections flag.PNG The Zeta Connections

Supported by:
NewUnitedProvincesFlag.png United Provinces

Zenthexia.png Zenthexia
Flag of North Joseon.png North Joseon
Liguria Flag.png Liguria
Dje.PNG Xorai's Army
Imperial Emperor image.png Imperial Forces
UPM.jpg Underground PWN Mafia
Shadow Ninja image.PNG Shadow Ninja Army
  • First war to use non-lethal weapons since 2009 Great Darktonian Pie War; killing from either side would make the newly created Skeletal Army stronger.
  • Zenthexia strike newly-formed Magonia; UF intervene to defend ally.
  • Projects UnitedTerra into notable war spotlight in Antarctica (similar to '09 war activity).
  • Revival of prominence of X-Antibodies.
  • PULSE technology create their first ever non-lethal weapons at request of UnitedTerra.
  • Underground PWN Mafia is exposed and lose their stronghold in UTR. Other crime syndicates fill the vacuum.


The government that UnitedTerra use are the UnitedTerra Parliament. It consists of many different leaders of states, countries, cities & official places in UnitedTerra. The government is known to be "democratic", but not fully. Some decisions are made by the government themselves. The president is Lofty Crepsley, who succeeded Ninjinian as president in the 2016 UnitedTerra presidential election. but does not have the highest rank in the parliament due to other business. The highest ranked in the government are Mayor Crepsley, Administrator Kai & "Judge Konquer", then it is Ninjinian. The main parliament consists of 9 members, but the other government, which is part of the UnitedTerra Parliament, but not included in the 9, are the important figures of other countries which have to be in the parliament to discuss "issues" between themselves. The government is run perfectly, and the citizens of UnitedTerra are satisfied with the parliament. Because they listen to them, and create great ideas themselves.

The government was at first, very small, but as more cities & states were made, the government expanded into the 9 that are in the parliament now. The ones that are high standards of cities & states in the UTR also grew. Usually every week, the parliament hold meetings in their headquarters, Tops Tower, and discuss the country. Sometimes only the 9 are invited to the meetings, but sometimes everyone is invited if the matters are not that secret.

Trade & influence[edit]

UnitedTerra is a very influential country. It is considered one of the most influential countries in Antarctica due to its strong economy, technology, military, cultural aspects and possession of resources. It has been involved in many trade agreements and peacekeeping due to its quantity of rare natural resources. UnitedTerra's development of vehicles such as mobeels and turbo bikes caught the attention of the USA circa. 2005 which instantly set up a trade agreement to purchase quantities of vehicles and take the Terra creations continental. This was the first in a series of deals during the rise of UnitedTerra as a superpower. Other trading included Terrain food products that began to be sold in key states of the USA. This attracted the attention of other nations and now Terrain transportation vehicles are sold across the Antarctic. The demand for more energy-preserving vehicles was solved as a result of these trades.

Terrain land is very rich in natural resources, especially in mountainous areas such as ParraBASE. Such resources include (mainly in order of quantity): Phosphate rock (essential for growing plants / crops / fertiliser), oil, gold, coal, tritium, silver, platinum, iron and natural gas. Trade for such natural resources occurs with the USA, Ed Island and Munijoch. UnitedTerra are one of the only known countries that possess phosphate rock and so it is heavily demanded by a collection of Antarctican nations which includes Puffle'and, Rusca, Snowzerland, and the USA. It is considered UnitedTerra's unique selling point for trade agreements. Another one of UTR's rare resources is naturally occurring tritium, an extremely rare element in Antarctica. Tritium readily forms water when exposed to oxygen, also originating from the ParraBASE mountains. Its mineral concentration is very high which causes it to taste exquisite. Many consider it the best water available in the Antarctic. It was initially sold and branded exclusively in UnitedTerra for many years and was constantly requested to be made available for trade by the USA. Eventually 20,000 gallons of tritium water was permitted to be sold in specific USA states. As a result, tritium water contributes heavily to the Terrain and general Antarctic economy.

Even though it is not common for UnitedTerra to significantly be involved in wars, they are known for coming to the aid of other nations and defending them during conflict. Most times their backing has been enough to protect their allies and preventing destruction, displaying the level of influence they have in war matters. Their military have proven their degree of influence and exert power whenever necessary. A popular example is the ongoing war with the TaliBEANS, an ongoing conflict since 2009. UnitedTerra Forces have crushed their opponents in numerous major battles.

  • Phosphate rock
  • Tritium water
  • Vehicles — Mobeels and turbo-bikes
  • Food
  • Spy gear
  • Coal / Iron / Oil
  • Natural gas
  • Gold and platinum

From all the goods that UnitedTerra manufacture and their expenditure means that they contribute highly to the economy of Antarctica. This also means that their GDP is $21.836 trillion, second only to their fellow ally USA's GDP. Production of mobeels, turbo bikes, stadiums, football leagues, tritium, tourism, trade, food branches, asset prices, penguin capital, level of infrastructure and development of technology all contribute to economic growth of UnitedTerra. A lot of investment is put into roads, transport and general communication. This thus makes it easier for firms to be competitive in the international markets. Development of technology improves productivity and also adds to UTR's economic growth. The productivity of workers, determined by levels of education, training and motivation, is also very high, as measured by the Terrain Spy Union. All of this totals to a very strong Terrain economy and plays a large role in keeping the economy of Antarctica stable.

International organisations[edit]

UnitedTerra is an official part of the United Antarctic Nations Security Council and was the second ever member to join the organisation on November 9, 2001. It is one of the six nations part of the Security Council. Ninjinian represents the country at UAN meetings. UnitedTerra joined the South Antarctic Treaty Organization in 2013 and invested in warfare costs.

The Zeta Connections[edit]

The Zeta Connections organisation, formed in mid-2015, revived what seemed like a sense of inactivity from UnitedTerra, specifically its involvement and influence in the Antarctican economy. This publicised all its under-the-radar trade agreements and also renewed a few old agreements with the USA, dating back as far as 2004. It created very specific and strong alliances with the likes of Munijoch, Margate and Magonia and reminded other risen nations of the competence of UnitedTerra. Whole UTR already had trade agreements with Munijoch, the organisation cemented their relationship and resulted into more trade; receiving 500 PULSEBombs, 2 MJ-680 crafts and a MJ-Juggernaut fleet that they can claim. In return, Munijoch received funding for their PULSE project.


The most abundant natural resources that UnitedTerra possess include: Phosphate rock, oil, gold, coal, tritium, silver, platinum, iron and natural gas. UnitedTerra Coal Reserves have 137 million tonnes of coal, 467,000 tonnes of iron and 6,784 tonnes of gold. Nearly all of UnitedTerra's resources are homegrown, which is why their trading typically consists of selling rather than receiving any resources themselves. They consider their phosphate rock, located in the mountainous regions of ParraBASE, their most valuable resource. Phosphate rock produces phosphorous which is essential for growing plants, crops and making fertiliser.

International relations[edit]

List of Antarctican nations and their relationship with UnitedTerra
Nation Relationship Description
USA flag.PNG USA Excellent While many could expect the two largest nations to have a sour relationship, it has always been solid since 2004 when they began trading vehicles, food and natural resources. They are UnitedTerra's biggest trading ally but rarely interact during conflict. More recently their trade agreements were renewed.
Scoodlepeep Official Flag N.PNG Scoodlepeep Excellent Scoodlepeep is in the middle of UTR and has many centers for trade and commence.
MAI.png Margate Excellent As founding members of the Zeta Connections, Margate and UTR are trade, diplomatic and military allies.
Munijoch.jpg Munijoch Excellent Before The Zeta Connections, Munijoch and UTR were affiliated loosely through trade of natural resources, however they are now very close diplomatic and military allies.
Magonia flag.PNG Magonia Excellent As founding members of the Zeta Connections, Magonia and UTR are trade, diplomatic and military allies. This is further strengthened by the fact that Magonia is a country inside UTR, trading foreign investment for PULSE technology.
Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island Good The two countries are on trading terms. Ed Island has a friendly relationship with UT and have plans to become close allies in 2015.
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island Good The UTR used to consistently bug Shops about their lack of a proper military, and said that Shops was corrupt with an aristocracy-like government. However, once the military expansion happened and fending off the Snoss, the UTR has come to respect them and export phosphate rock for their farms.
Cheeese.png Caseusopolis Fair UTR and Caseusopolis have a somewhat strained relationship since Caseusopolis is allied with the Underworld, a bane in UTR. There is also disagreements on what is better- cheese or cookies? However, the Caseusopolisian International Airport has been very important for UnitedTerra flights, and with the advent of Cheddar Cookies the debate has ended with taking the best of both worlds.
Underworldflag.png Underworld Poor The Underworld has been a bane in UTR's side, with Demon Penguins and their avatars causing a lot of trouble with organized crime. More recently however Demon Penguins have engaged in the gladiatorial fights of BattleTerra, improving their relationship in that particular state.

Flag, Motto & Anthem[edit]

The flag's background is separated into four different sections - each section represents a certain topic that relates to UnitedTerra. The bandana is the National Symbol of the UTR, and is considered homage to ex-president and founder Ninjinian. "Bring it on!" is the country motto, and then UTR is put at the bottom of the flag in the country's National Colour, orange. Two splashes of brush strokes are visible in the top-left corner and in the bottom-right corner to represent messiness. The uncommon but longer motto is "Bring on the Fun and Glory!", though it was moved on to the second motto. Instead, the new motto is "Bring it on!", which by a ballot, many preferred better. The shorter motto is used more frequently. The shorter motto is used on the country flag.

The country's national anthem is "March Through the Fog". It is a self-pride anthem which boasts the point to never give up and keep on trying. The main lyric of the anthem is "As we march through the fog". The song's instrumental focuses on a very slow, flute-inspired rhythm with many loud drum sound effects. The royal anthem is "Our Nation, Stand" which Ninjinian's own older brother, DJ Crow, produced. It is known to be highly minimalist, which is not common in royal anthems. Ninjinian said that he wanted something very original for the royal anthem. Usually DJ Crow is there to present the anthem, which he and Ninjinian wrote themselves. DJ Crow usually orchestrates anthem performances with the presence of a choir.

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