Battle of Culldrome

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Culldrome Civil War
Part of The Epic Adelie Story
A collage of major events in the war.
Top Left: The newly founded Confederate army lands on the beaches of Menap Island.
Top Right: Culldrome submarines engaging a Confederate fleet, south of the Treshurr Isles.
Middle Left: The Confederacy invading Daire Isle as part of Operation Star.
Middle Right: CSRA scientists testing Porcyal based weapons.
Bottom Left: The Confederacy mounting its final attack on Culldrome City.
Bottom Right: The mushroom cloud of a Porcyal bomb near Culldrome City.
Date January 7, 2014 - January 13, 2014
(6 days)
Location Culldrome Isles, Daire Isle
Result The Confederacy surrenders after their entire military is destroyed.
Casus belli Amid rising political tensions, the CIC is formed and launches into a war with the rest of Culldrome.
Daire Isle taken over by the Confederacy. Confederacy takes over Menap Island, Culldrome Yow and most of the Treshurr Isles from the Culldrome Isles.
Culldromeislesflag.png Culldrome Isles
AxlePowers.png The Axle Powers (provided aid, did not fight)
Cicflag.png Confederacy of Independent Culldrome Daireisle3.png Daire Isle
Culldromeislesflag.png Steven Snowen
Culldromeislesflag.png General Roberts
Cicflag.png Chairman Dux
Cicflag.png Gravity
Daireisle3.png Queen Miranda III
A very large military force. Many experienced soldiers, Porcyals. Industrialised and dedicated military.
Many soldiers and vehicles. Nearly all of the military destroyed. Entire military wiped out.
Battle of Culldrome
Start January 7, 2014
End January 13, 2014
Prerequisites Nightmare of Culldrome
Level 777
Location Culldrome Isles
Rewards Saving the Culldrome Isles from the wrath of the CIC
Nightmare of Culldrome, Winter's Tide Shadow of Culldrome

Archipelago of the Culldrome Isles
Outline of the Culldrome Isles
Ninja Occupation
Porcyal War
Nightmare of Culldrome
Battle of Culldrome
Shadow of Culldrome
States, Islands and Territories
Skulldrome Isles
Treshurr Islands
Menap Island
Snelten Island
Culldrome Yow
Toxic Island
Daire Isle
Civ Island
Notable Locations
Culldrome City
Golden City
Bluetower Castle
Mt. Charlamander
See Also
Culldrome Military
The Axle Powers
Confederacy of Independent Culldrome

The Battle of Culldrome, or the Culldrome Civil War was a large civil war in the Culldrome Isles and is the next chapter in The Epic Adelie Story. It revolves around the Adelie Brothers as the Confederacy of Independent Culldrome secedes from the rest of Culldrome and the two fall into a civil war.


May 23 2013, 6:57 PM, Culldrome City, Culldrome Isles

It was a lovely afternoon in the bustling capital city of Culldrome. The sun was low in the sky, shining a glowing orange. The sky was clear, with only a few wisps of fluffy clouds floating in the light, crisp breeze. Snow had freshly fallen the day before, blanketing the city in a small layer of ice. It was a perfect early-winter afternoon; everybody was happy and relaxed.

All except for one.

Supreme Leader Steven Snowen paced up and down in his office, panicking and mumbling to himself. He was due to deliver a speech to the nation in a few minutes and he had not practiced his script a lot...or for that matter, at all.

Steven: "Okay, okay...concentrate Steve...concentrate...breathe in...breathe out...bah, this never works."

Steven marched over to his desk and picked up a piece of paper - his script. He quickly began to scan through it, reading what he could. Suddenly, the door behind him burst open.

Steven: "AHH!"

Steven dropped the paper onto the floor as his assistant waddled in.

Assistant: "I'm sorry, sir. Are you ready?"

Steven: "Nope."

Assistant: "Well too bad, you've got to get out there and deliver your speech, sir!"

Steven: "Well...let's do this..."

Steven waddled out of his office and outside, onto a small stage on the front steps of the Culldrome Capitol. He stepped up to the podium and clutched his script as he stared into the light of dozens of cameras, all trained onto his face and hungry for his national (and international) address.

Steven: "Okay've got this..."

Steven looked up and began to speak.

Steven: "Today...our nation celebrates a victory...a victory against the tyrannical regime of the Yow Kingdom."

The crowd of news-crews in front of Steven erupted in cheer.

Steven: "It is safe to say that The Great Yowien War is finally over. Earlier this morning, the final enemy forces have withdrawn their troops and their leaders have been captured."

The crowd once again erupted in cheers.

Steven: "With this victory has come many losses on both sides and we remember our fallen troops who have taken the ultimate sacrifice for our country...however, their efforts have not been in vain. As an era of evil closes, a door to the future opens. Just this morning, I've met with the leaders of our allies through this war. We have all agreed to the partitioning of Yow, with Culldrome gaining its own chunk of territory."

Again, the crowd cheered at Steven. Several penguins wheeled out a whiteboard, with a map clipped on showing the proposed partitions of Yow.

Steven: "With that, I am proud to announce the introduction of our slice into our nation of the Culldrome Isles...the Overseas Territory of Culldrome Yow."

The crowds cheered yet again as a penguin brought out the flag of Culldrome Yow. The penguin began to wave the flag about as the crowd began to chant.

Crowd: "Culldrome! Culldrome! Culldrome!"

Steven held up his flipper to silence everyone as he continued speaking.

Steven: "As I speak, hundreds of thousands of penguins are on their way right now to Culldrome Yow, seeking to rebuild it and restore it to become the crowning jewel of our nation. For the Good of All!"

Steven raised his arms up as the crowd continued cheering. Camera flashes began to shine onto Steven as he stepped back from the podium. He began to walk off stage as he was mobbed by the crowd, pointing their microphones towards him and asking questions. Steven just brushed them aside as he went back to his office and slammed the door. Steven waddled to his chair and sat down on it, breathing a sigh of relief.

Steven: "Well...that's that taken care of..."

Steven pulled out a bottle of expensive Frankterran Cream Soda and poured some into a little glass cup. He put his feet up on the desk as he toasted the air.

Steven: "Here's to the future..."

December 31 2013, 11:50 PM, Culldrome City, Culldrome Isles

Steven was at the Culldrome City New Year's Eve party. He was holding a fancy glass of Cola Wine and was mingling around with the other distinguished guests at the party. The night was a night of celebration for him, having formed The Axle Powers just the day before. Steven was in a happy mood and sipped his drink. A penguin wearing a suit and a big bushy beard bumped into him as he was drinking, making him choke and cough.

Steven: "Ooof!"

???: "Sorry."

The penguin turned around and saw that he had bumped into the Supreme Leader.

???: "Sorry, sir! Absolutely sorry!"

The penguin turned around again and tried to frantically make his way away from Steven, but Steven saw who the penguin was.

Steven: "Blizzard? Blizzard Dux is that you?"

Blizzard turned around and smiled at Steven.

Blizzard: "Sir! Yes, hello! Sorry about that..."

Steven: "Don't worry about it. Bad things happen to all of us."

Blizzard: "Mhm. There are no wiser words than those."

The two rivals awkwardly stood there amidst the crowd of penguins. Steven began to take another sip when Blizzard interrupted.

Blizzard: "Hey, sir. Mind if we...uh...go for a chat..."

Steven: "Sure. Come on."

The two made their way to the dockside, away from the main party. Steven leaned on the metal railings and gazed into the shimmering lights of the city, reflecting onto the Mossy River in front of them.

Steven: "So what is it?"

Blizzard: "I just wanted to wish you luck with the upcoming election."

Steven: "Err...thanks for too."

Steven rose his glass up high and toasted the air.

Steven: "May the best penguin win. For the good of all..."

Steven finished his Cola Wine as Blizzard stared at him and replied.

Blizzard: "Mhm. For the good of all. That's what everyone wants, isn't it."

Steven: "What do you mean?"

Blizzard: "We all want to make decisions and lead this country for the greater good. For our citizens and our future."

Steven: "Of course. We're a democracy after all."

Blizzard: "Well then we'll just have to see what our citizens think of us. This election could go either way...50-50."

Steven: "Yeah, indeed."

Blizzard: "Well, no matter who wins, we'll be sure to do what we can...for us...for our country..."

The two murmured in agreement. In reality, Steven was worried about losing his position and hoped to take a slim victory over Blizzard. Steven's assistant waddled up to the two of them.

Assistant: "Sir, it's time."

Steven: "Well I best better get going. See you around Blizzard, and good luck."

Blizzard waved as Steven was ushered up to a small podium. The podium had a little stand on it with a red button, covered by a clear, plastic case. Steven was greeted by two other penguins, both television presenters. Steven shook hands with the two as the crowd stopped partying, looking up at the podium and cheered.

Presenter 1: "Well, sir, it's that time of year again. How do you feel."

The Presenter pointed her microphone towards Steven as he stared into a TV camera.

Steven: "Well another year has come and gone. Culldrome has achieved a lot and has come far as a nation. I wish you all the best in your endeavors in the new year."

The crowd cheered as the other Presenter spoke.

Presenter 2: "Wise and excellent words from our Supreme Leader Steven Snowen there. Now, sir, if we shall begin the countdown..."

A giant projector shone onto the side of a skyscraper, showing the countdown to the new year. Steven waddled up to the button, flipped the plastic cover off and steadied his flipper on the red button. The crowd in front of him began to cheer as the countdown started.




A penguin in a black robe approached the podium.


The penguin got ready to strike.


The penguin leaped up onto the stage and grabbed Steven by the neck. The two presenters backed off as the crowd continued to count down.


Steven continued to hold his flipper over the button. The penguin began to shout.



Several CSIA agents made their way onto the podium and began to fight the penguin off.




The CSIA agents managed to pull the penguin off Steven. However, with his last ounce of energy, he kicked Steven.


Steven tripped over, pushed the button and fell off the podium.

Zero! Happy New Year!

The crowds erupted into a cheer as Steven continued his tumble. He couldn't regain his balance and crashed wildly onto the dockside fence. Not able to hold his weight, the fence broke off as Steven plunged into the ice cold water of the Mossy River. The crowds did not notice their leader fall into the river and instead concentrated on the beautiful array of fireworks launching about the city. A choir began to sing Auld Lang Syne. Fireworks exploded in the Culldrom night sky. Steven was floating about in the river as several CSIA agents made their way to him.

Steven: "!"

A CSIA boat neared him as he was pulled out of the river. Steven exchanged a glance with Blizzard, who was back on the dock. Blizzard, embarrassed, waddled off into the crowds. Steven was clothed in towels as the boat made its way to his house, the Supreme House.

It was an excellent start to the year, with many great things to follow.

Chapter 1: Swords and Towers[edit]

January 6, 6:40 AM, Bluetower Castle, Culldrome Isles

It was an early summer morning at Bluetower Castle. The sun was just about to rise and the morning air was still cool. A breeze blew through the castle, rustling about the leaves of the tall trees in the surrounding forest. The castle was slowly starting to stir, waking up from their sleep. Bluetower was well known for its excellent cuisine and breakfast was no exception. All of the cooks were already busy at work, getting the castle's breakfast ready.

That was except for one.

Careflower was out in the orchard, picking some apples placing them into small woven baskets. There, with her, was Chub 777; the two were now in a relationship. The couple talked as they continued to pick apples in the early morning sun.

Chub 777: "What a beautiful start to the day."

Careflower: "Yeah I agree. It sure it lovely out here."

Chub: "Nice, peaceful and quiet, too. It's the perfect place to relax."

Chub picked an apple from the tree in front of him and gazed up at the sky. There few very few clouds, although far in the horizon, Chub could see many dark clouds amassing.

Chub: "Look's like there's some storm clouds on the horizon."

Chub pointed to the dark clouds in the sky. Careflower stopped picking apples and looked out.

Careflower: "Well you know what they say...make the most of the good times."

Chub: "Yeah."

The two continued their apple picking for some time. Eventually their baskets got full and they made their way to the castle kitchens. Both holding each others hands, they waddled in the big empty hallways of the castle. Careflower tripped on a rug, but Chub managed to catch her in time. Her basket of apples spilled out on the floor all over the carpet.

Careflower: "Sorry about that."

Chub: "Nah, nah. It's all okay."

Chub picked up the apples and placed them up back in the basket.

Chub: "Come on, it's nearly time for breakfast."

The two began to quickly make their way to the kitchens. Before getting a few steps forward, however, someone cleared their throat behind them. The two looked behind to see Buhc 777, Chub's younger brother.

Buhc 777: " morning..."

Chub: "To you too, Buhc. Follow us, we're on our way down for breakfast."

Buhc: "Ah excellent. I was getting hungry."

The trio once again made their way down to the kitchen. Chub and Careflower gave their freshly picked apples to the cooks. Bluetower cooks work wonders, able to turn the apples into some special dish. Chub and Buhc made their way out of the kitchen as Careflower joined the other cooks.

Chub: "Wonderful morning, isn't it?"

Buhc: "Yeah, indeed."

The two Adelie Brothers had stayed over in Culldrome for the holiday season, having been there for a month. In that time, they traveled around Culldrome, getting to know the place. Eventually, they also gained Culldrome citizenship, as well as buying a house in the city. Their stay at Bluetower only began a few days ago; the two had constantly visited the castle many times in 2013, mostly for Chub to get to know Careflower. Today-


Buhc: "What the heck was that?"

Chub: "That's the bell. Come on it's breakfast!"

Breakfast went without a hitch and an hour later, everything was packed up. The castledwellers had gone off to do their own thing; most of them had went off to the nearby farms. Chub and Buhc however remained in the castle's great hall, lying down on the chairs and staring at the ceiling.

Chub: "That's a tall ceiling."

Buhc: "Yup. I wonder how they clean it..."

Careflower: "With great difficulty."

Careflower, having finished her kitchen duties, waddled over to the two brothers. She was now free to do whatever she liked for the day, unlike most other cooks, who were now busy preparing lunch.

Chub: "Hey. How are you?"

Careflower: "Fine. You?"

Chub: "Bored."

Buhc: "Same. We've practically done everything we can in this castle."

Careflower: "You could try and go down in the catacombs. Look for adventure there."

Chub: "Nah. What's that we could do."

Someone at the hall entrance cleared their throat; the noise echoed through the empty hall. Chub, Buhc and Careflower looked up and saw that it was Abbottess Tortimort, leader of the castle.

Tortimort: "Sorry to interrupt..."

Careflower: "That's alright, Abbottess. What would you like?"

Tortimort: "There's something I want to show you. Come with me."

Wondering what the Abbottess was on about, the trio followed him.

The trio followed the Abbottess to his personal living quarters. Located high up in the castle's main tower, the Abbottess living quarters look over the whole castle and far off onto the horizon.

Tortimort: "Sit."

The three sat down onto three small wooden stools. Chub looked around the room. It was made out of stone, much like the rest of the castle. A large rug was laid out on the floor. On the sides of the walls were tall bookcases, filled with so many books that some were spilling out onto the floor. Papers and books were scattered everywhere.

Tortimort: "Sorry about the mess. I haven't been bothered to clean."

Tortimort headed over for a small wooden chest at the foot of his bed. Lifting it open with a loud creak, dust poured out of the old chest.

Buhc: "What's in there."

Tortimort: "This..."

Tortimort lifted out a gigantic purple sword out of the chest. With all of his strength, Tortimort handed the sword over to Chub, Buhc and Careflower.

Careflower: "It's a sword."

Tortimort: "Not just any sword...that's the sword of the legendary Mark the Warrior...who is your ancestor I believe."

Chub: "Yeah, I know."

Tortimort: "You can try out that sword if you wanted to."

Chub lifted the heavy sword up with all of his might. He swung it about, nearly hitting Tortimort, and landed it on the floor.

Tortimort: "Well...look's like you'd need more practice with that."

Chub: "Yeah. I'm not really used to swords...these one's anyway..."

Tortimort: "Now if you're wondering, this purple blade is forged entirely out of Porcyals."

Chub's, Buhc's and Careflower's eyes grew wide.

Careflower: "Really?!"

Tortimort nodded.

Tortimort: "That isn't just any normal sword. This thing is extremely powerful and takes lots of skill to use."

Buhc: "So what's the point of this sword...?"

Tortimort: "Well, allow me to tell you a little tale."

The Abbottess sat down in his red armchair and began to tell the trio a story.

Tortimort: "Once upon a time, long, long ago lived Mark the Warrior. I'm sure that you all know this now."

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Tortimort: "Now, towards the end of Mark's life, he settled down and had a family. Now, he had two sons, their names now lost in the mists of time. Today they are simply known as the Twin Heroes, or individually the Hero of Reality and the Hero of Ideas."

Chub: "Interesting. So they're our ancestors?"

Tortimort: "Yours and Buhc's, yes. Now it it's said that the two brothers argued and fought with each other. One of them arguing about reality and fact and the other about his ideas and beliefs. In a way to unite the two, Mark forged a sword for the two of them to use, hoping that the two would get along."

Buhc: "Wow. So what next?"

Tortimort: "It didn't work. In the end, the two split the sword into half. The Hero of Reality then moved off to Antarctica."

Careflower: "What does this have anything to do with us being here?"

Tortimort: "Now remember that Mark had his own legendary sword?"

Everyone nodded and looked down to the sword.

Tortimort: "Well it is said that if the three swords are all brought together, the wielder would gain massive power; able to bring entire nations down."

Buhc: "Is it true?"

Tortimort: "Well its a legend, but given the information and what not...I believe it's true."

Everyone sat there in silence, which Chub soon broke.

Chub: "Well I don't care. This is a good enough excuse for an adventure. I'm in."

Buhc: "Heck, why not? I'm in too."

Careflower: "Mhm. Going on an adventure would surely be a change of pace."

Tortimort: "Excellent. If you would like to, I can get a small pack of equipment for you three."

Chub: "Yes, thanks."

Tortimort waddled out of the room as he made preparations.

Careflower: "Well, where do we go?"

Chub: "I'm not sure. We could explore the nearby Mossroam forest first. That's always a good place to look."

Buhc: "Well are we going to be taking that sword with us?"

Chub looked at at the sword. He had brought more powerful weapons than these, but he had a thought that using the sword of his legendary ancestor would be a nice touch.

Buhc: "So is that a yes?"

Chub: "Yeah. I'll bring it."

A few minutes later, the packs were all ready and the trio were ready to go off. They were waddling out to the front gatehouse when suddenly-

???: "Hey, wait for us!"

The three turned around and saw a red and a green Puffle; Daniel Highwater and Duncan Mistrol.

Chub: "Oh hey! We almost forgot about you, two."

The two puffles, owned by Chub and Buhc, had also gotten citizenship in Culldrome. They had accompanied them for the last few days at the castle.

Dan: "Hey. We heard about your little adventure thing."

Duncan: "Yeah, we were wo-"

Buhc: "Yeah, you two can come. Have you gotten some supplies yet."

The two puffles nodded as they showed them a large bag of supplies out of their hammerspace.

Careflower: "Well what are we waiting for then? Come on!"

The group made their way out of Bluetower Castle and onto the dusty dirt road in front of it. They headed east, bound for the central parts of the Mossroam Forest, as well as the large Culldrom cities. Little did they know of the storm brewing ahead of them.

Chapter 2: Deadly Debate[edit]

January 6, 6:25 PM, Pirate City, Treshurr Isles

Steven Snowen was, again, getting ready for another speech. But not just any speech. He was about to do a formal debate with Blizzard Dux on live television. It would be the last debate until the elections, coming up in a few weeks. Steven was tucked away in a backstage room, getting ready for the final debate.

Steven: "Okay...okay...I've got this."

Steven's assistant was also there, helping him to practice.

Assistant: "Okay, what is your opinion on global warming."

Steven: "It's bad and we need to stop it."

Assistant: "How?"

Steven: "Green energy sources, plant trees, protect environment..."

Assistant: "Okay...what about transportation."

Steven: "It's important to Culldrome and the rest of the world."

Assistant: "The economy?"

Steven: "Also important. We need to work on growing it."

Assistant: "The military?"

Steven: "Same thing."

Assistant: "Come on you need a better answer than that. It's probably going to be one of the hot topi-"

Suddenly, a backstage manager waddled into the room.

Manager: "Sir, it's time."

Steven: "Okay. I've got this. You would've thought that I'd be used to this stuff already."

Steven waddled out onto the stage, where he was greeted by a large crowd of penguins; a mix of all kinds of supporters. TV cameras, phone cameras, normal cameras, all sorts of cameras were also there, trained towards his face. Steven waved towards the crowd, followed by cheering. He waddled up to one of the two podiums on the stage. Steven stared in front of him and saw a large TV screen at the back, showing a live feed of the TV cameras.

His rival, Blizzard Dux, was also there. He waved towards the crowd, who also cheered him on. He too waddled up to his own podium. Once the cheering died down, the TV host came out from backstage and started the live show.

Host: "Hello and good evening everyone. Today we have the honor of having our Supreme Leader Steven Snowen here with us."

The crowd cheered and Steven waved a flipper up at the audience.

Host: "We are also joined by his competitor, Blizzard Dux."

Blizzard also waved, and was cheered on. He glared back at Steven, who just did nothing but stare.

Host: "Now, tonight is a special occasion. This is the final debate before we all head off to the polls in a week's time. Tonight is just like the other debates; the audience shall ask the two their opinions on how this country should be run and the two would debate our topics. However, though, tonight will be a little different."

Steven: "I wasn't told about this..."

Host: "Tonight, the audience will also be able to vote their opinions on the issues. On their armrests are a small remote control. Please raise them up so we can see."

The audience raised up a remote control with two, large buttons on them.

Host: "Now, as the two debate, the audience can either vote for or against them. The results will be viewable live on your television screens."

Steven, now breaking a sweat, looked over to the screen at the back of the room. He saw a small graph with a line through the middle. If the line went up, the audience would be favoring him. If the line went down, they would be favoring Blizzard.

Host: "Now, I wish the two of you good luck. Now let us get this evening going. YOU SIR! What is your question?"

The Host pointed towards a penguin in the audience who had their hand raised up.

Penguin: "Sir, what is your opinion on military and territorial expansion?"

Host: "Good question, one that's been burning to be answered. Mister Snowen?"

Steven: "Ah, should focus on expanding their horizons. We must seek to expand our country and to build our military strength to counter the evil and vile forces of communism."

The audience clapped as Steven gazed up at the screen at the back. The audience was in favor for him.

Host: "Please hold all applause until the end. Now, Mister Dux, what is your opinion?"

Blizzard: "Well I too believe that military and territorial expansion is...good. However we need to make the most of it. Our military might needs to rise up to great heights! We must double, triple, quadruple our current military size! With that power, we would be able to take over the rest of Antarctica and the puny little 'Axle Rangers' stuff that you brought us into."

Blizzard glared at Steven. Steven only watched the screen and saw his approval rating drop massively.

Blizzard: "With our military, we would be able to crush all empires, present and future. We would be able to expand our horizons, as you so poetically said. We can expand them as far as we would ever want to! Our power would be unmatched and we would reign supreme!"

The crowd began to cheer loudly. Everything was getting out of control.

Host: "Now please, hold your applause!"

Steven: "What the heck is he doing? And why are they even supporting him?"

Blizzard: "With our power we shall be able to conquer all. Our economy, transportation, our environment, the sciences...we would excel in all. We shall be able to build our mighty empire...a confederacy of nations...independent nations...!"

The crowd continued cheering.

Steven: "Oh...don't you even dare..."


Blizzard pulled out a deletion pistol and shot the host. The crowd continued to cheer nonetheless. He pointed the pistol at Steven.


Blizzard tossed a treaty towards Steven's podium.

Blizzard: "Sign it...SIGN IT NOW!"

Steven: "Is this what you wanted? IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED?!"

Steven, with his limited martial arts training, kicked the podium over and wrestled Blizzard. Several CSIA agents came out from backstage and began to help their leader. Blizzard, however, deleted all of the agents and pointed the pistol again at Steven, who raised his flippers up.

Steven: "What do you want...?"

Blizzard: "You to sign this. It officially recognises the secession of the Skulldrome Isles and Culldrome Yow and the formation of the Confederacy of Independent Culldrome, our new empire."

Steven: "Our new empire?"

Blizzard: "Just sign it..."

Steven was tossed a pen and proceeded to sign the treaty on national television.

Steven: "Are you happy now?"

Blizzard ignored Steven and just raised up the treaty. The audience cheered him on. In the midst of the chaos, Steven ran off backstage and regrouped with the remaining CSIA agents.

Agent 1: "Sir, we're glad you're alright!"

Steven: "I know, I know, just get me out of here!"

Agent 2: "Over here sir."

Steven was ushered out the TV studio backdoor, got into his armored car and sped away.

Back in the studio, Blizzard was still going on about his grand plans.

Blizzard: "Now...I officially declare war on the Culldrome Isles. Our first step to our take over will be our enemy's home soil!"

The crowd cheered as Blizzard also exited the stage. He, too got into his car and sped off to the airport, where he flew back to the Skulldrome Isles to facilitate his attack.

January 6, 9:43 PM, The Square, Culldrome City

Steven had flown all the way to Culldrome City and was now at The Square, a top secret military installation located near the Capitol. The Square was the central command center of the Culldrome Military and was so named after the four military divisions, the Army, Air Force, Navy and Special Forces. Normally, The Square would be quiet and empty. However, now it was bustling with activity. Steven eventually made his way inside The Square's large meeting chamber, similar to the one of the UAN.

Steven tapped his microphone to see if it was turned on.

Steven: "Hello? Is this...? Okay. Now, we all know why we're here. We have to stop another civil wa-"

???: "Sir, if I may interrupt, but the new founded Confederacy has already declared war on us."

Steven gazed down to the one who spoke. It was General Roberts, leader of Culldrome's army.

Steven: "Ah...have they now?"

Roberts: "Yes, sir. They're deploying their forces as we speak."

Steven slumped down in his chair, not knowing what to do.

Steven: " we have any idea of where they're going to attack first?"

At that, Sonic Boom, now one of the CSIA's top agents, stood up.

Sonic: "Sir, we're undertaking wiretapping operations as we speak."

Steven: "Excellent. Be sure to set up defenses in all of our cities and military bases. Is our army ready to mobilise."

Roberts: "Always is. We're ready for your word, sir."

Steven: "Well, send your troops to the large military base on Menap Island. There, we can hopefully mount an attack and end this in a day."

Roberts: "Anything else, sir?"

Steven: "We're going to need all of the forces that we can muster. Contact the Axle Powers. Tell them to send in equipment, vehicles, anything!"

Roberts: "Are they going to be fighting alongside us?"

Steven: "I'm afraid not. This is something that Culldrome must end once and for all."

Roberts: "Are yo-"

Steven: "Just get them on the line!"

Roberts picked up a phone on his desk and began to dial away.

Steven: "Now, the Air Force and Navy. Send some of your equipment and troops to Menap Island as well. Also, be ready to form a blockade around Skulldrome if we need to."

The leaders of the Air Force and Navy nodded and saluted.

Steven: "Well, make sure that everything goes well for the night. Any attacks are hereby authorized. Good luck everyone."

Steven got out of his chair and went back to his home. Meanwhile, everybody got ready to command their attacks. A very large screen, covering the entire of a wall, turned on. It showed Culldrome and its troop movements in real time.


The room began to get nosier as everyone went off to do their individual duties. A civil war was upon them again.

January 6, 10:25 PM, Shadow City, Skulldrome Isles

Blizzard Dux had now arrived at the Skulldrome Capitol, an old building where the state's duties and jobs were done. However, with the formation of his own nation, he now had complete control of the military bases in his territory. Blizzard and a squadron of elite soldiers had gathered in front of the capitol.

Blizzard: "Gentlemen...go..."

At once the soldiers stormed the capitol, deleting anyone they came across. Blizzard waddled slowly behind the squadron, who were now advancing forwards. They made their way into the office of Ninja Master Ratto, who represented Skulldrome on the national level. Tonight, he was present in his office, both flippers up.

Ninja Master Ratto: "P-p-please! D-d-don't hurt me! P-put down your w-"

Blizzard ignored him and deleted him on the spot. He went up to where he was and sat down in his chair.

Blizzard: "From now on, this is my capitol. From now on I shall be known as...Chairman Dux..."

The soldiers saluted their Chairman, who was now busy making battle plans. He dialed up a number using the phone on his desk.

Chairman: "Hello? Is this Gravity?"

Gravity: "Yes? Ninja Master Ratto? What do you want with me? HOW DID YOU GET MY NUMBER?!"

Chairman: "Ninja Master Ratto? Oh no. He's gone. I'm the new leader now."

Gravity: "W-what do you mean."

Chairman: "Gravity, you've always wanted your revenge over Culldrome, haven't you?"

Gravity: "Y-yes...why is that?"

Chairman: "Welcome aboard. You're now in charge of my armies. Get to the Capitol now! We need to start an attack on Menap Island."

Gravity: "S-su-sure...who is this, anyway?"

Chairman: "Your new chairman!"

Chairman Dux slammed the phone down as he ordered his soldiers to take down anyone who disapproved of him.

Chapter 3: Sandy Shores[edit]

January 7 2014, 6:00 AM, Fort Porcyal, Menap Island

Dozens of Culldrom ships had begun to make their way to the large military base on Menap Island. Established in 1993 to fight off the ninjas in the Porcyal War, it now had to fulfill its purpose again. The base received a thousand soldiers, a hundred planes and a few naval ships to get ready to fight the newly founded Confederation.

The wake up call sounded, as drowsy soldiers made their way out of their barracks to salute the Culldrome flag as the country's anthem played. While everyone was distracted, a fleet of Confederate ships began to sneak in. Still painted in a normal naval livery, this offered a slight tactical edge. Within moments, the Confederate ships began to shoot the base.


General: "What the heck was that?!"

Lookout: "It's the Confederacy, sir! They're attacking!"

At once, the alarm sounded. The thousands of troops scattered around as they prepared themselves for the enemy. Several bombers began to take off, hoping to sink the ships. Air traffic control was suddenly filled with chaotic chatter.

Pilot 1 (COMM): "Oh my-"

Pilot 2 (COMM): "What is it?"

Pilot 1 (COMM): "It looks like they've send their entire fleet out here!"

Pilot 2 (COMM): "Everyone! Drop your bombs on those ships! We must sink them!"

Pilot 3 (COMM): "Roger that!"

The bombers dropped their bombs onto the ships, hitting most of them. The nearby Culldrom naval ships also began to help, managing to sink 2 Confederate ships. The remaining ships began to concentrate their cannon fire onto the grey, concrete wall surrounding the base.


Shells rained down onto the wall, easily destroying it. Several Confederate landing craft began to make their way onto the sandy shores of Menap Island. Culldrome soldiers did what they could to hold them back. Many artillery shells were fired at them, creating sandy explosions and craters on the beach. The Confederate landing party took cover as their enemy attacked.


CIC Soldier (COMM): "Sir! We're going to need some heavy back up here!"

CIC Commander (COMM): "What do you need?"

CIC Soldier (COMM): "Tanks! Lots of them! We're pinned down on the beach and we can't advance!"

CIC Commander (COMM): "Well you're going to have to wait for a while. We're having problems of our own!"

Back on the Confederate invasion fleet, everyone had turned their attention to the bombers above them. They had managed to sink two more ships. The CIC forces, however, have shot down only one bomber.

CIC Commander 1 (COMM): "We're going to need back up! Call in the air force!"

CIC Commander 2 (COMM): "They're on their way! Just hang out there for a little while longer!"

The CIC ships did what they could to defend themselves. They managed to shoot down several more bombers. It was becoming a stalemate for both sides.

Back on the island, a swarm of Culldrome forces made their way down onto the beach. There were soldiers, accompanied by tanks and defended by artillery.

Soldier: "ATTACK!"

The tanks and soldiers went onto the beach, shooting all around, keeping the Confederate forces at bay, literally. The Confederate forces hid behind the sandy dunes on the beach, which were hopelessly being blown to pieces by the tanks and artillery shells. The Confederate soldiers could do nothing.


The tanks pressed forward towards the edge of the coast. The soldiers followed behind, taking out anyone that came in their way. There were only a few remaining Confederate soldiers still on the beach. That was until backup came.

Soldier: "What's that noise?"

Suddenly, a swarm of jet fighter/bombers flew in from the east, from Skulldrome. The jets broke up into two groups: one engaged the bombers and the other group helped with the ground invasion. WIth backup, the Confederacy managed to take out more bombers. They also managed to drop down several bombs on the beach.


The bombs blew up the Culldrome tanks and soldiers, but also some of their own Confederate soldiers. With the defenses down, a new wave of landing craft landed onto the beach. Hundreds of Confederate soldiers got back onto the beach. Managing to retake their gain, several tanks formed a 'C' shape, facing towards the base. This acted as a makeshift Confederate outpost, which helped even more soldiers land onto the beaches. The soldiers advanced forward and made their way into the base. Covered by the fighter jet backup, the Confederate forces pushed their way onto land.


Both sides seemed to have an infinite number of troops available. Confederate backup as well as the large Menap Island military base was the recipe for a brutal battle. The naval ships on both sides were still locked in a stalemate, only managing to waste ammunition. The air forces also dueled each other out in the skies as the soldiers and ground forces brutally fought it out.

Soldier: "GO! GO! GO!"

All of the available tanks and soldiers made their way to the beach to stop the Confederate forces. However, the makeshift Confederate outpost proved difficult to penetrate. More soldiers and, eventually, Confederate tanks continued to land onto the beach. The enemy slowly, very slowly managed to push forward.

In the air, fighter jets on both side were engaged in a dogfight. Explosions lit up the sky as planes were shot down. The numbers of bombers were dwindling down. The Confederacy only had a large battlecruiser and a small frigate remaining, both smoking with fires and in very bad shape. Culldrome, however, had three battleships and two frigates, with many more on the way.


Pilot 1 (COMM): "WHAT WAS THAT?"

Pilot 2 (COMM): "Sir, your wing's been shot!"

A Confederate jet had managed to shoot Culldrome's final bomber.

Pilot 1 (COMM): "I-I-I don't think that I can make it back. I'll have to ditch!"

Pilot 2 (COMM): "BUT-"


The pilot of the bomber aimed his plane towards the Confederate battleship.

CIC Sailor: "Sir, there's a bomber headed straight for us."

CIC Captain: "Well then hit it then, you idiot."

CIC Sailor: "No, sir. It's headed straight for the bridge."

CIC Captain: "THEN HIT IT!"

Furious, the Captain stormed off and grabbed the cannon controls of the nearest sailor.

CIC Sailor: "SIR!"

CIC Captain: "NOO-"

The bomber, filled with a load of bombs crashed into the battleship's bridge with a large explosion.


The explosion blew a large hole in the ship reaching down all the way to the bottom. Within minutes, the Confederate ship sunk, leaving just one crippled frigate. The tide was turning towards the Culldrome forces although the end was still far away, especially with the Confederate soldiers still on the beach.

Chapter 4: Joseph of Mossroam[edit]

January 7 2014, 8:24 AM, Mossroam Forest, Culldrome Isles

Chub, Buhc, Careflower, Dan and Duncan were now deep in the forest of Mossroam. Trees were everywhere. Large tree trunks poked out of the ground all around the place. The thick canopy of leaves blocked out the sunlight and warmth from above. Although the forest was not like a jungle, with vines stretching between trees and the hot and humid conditions, the group felt like they were in one.

The group had just woken up from their sleep and were now heading east through the forest. They still had no destination in mind, but their instincts told them to continue their adventure.

Duncan: "Phew. How much longer? Are we there yet?"

Careflower: "Well, I don't know. We haven't seen anything else other than trees for the last few hours."

Dan: "Do we at least know where we are? Or are we just lost?"

Chub: "I don't think so. My phone's not getting any reception. This forest canopy is pretty big."

Dan: "So we're lost?"

Buhc: "Ehh...possibly..."

Everyone sighed as they continued trudging along through the forest. Minutes dragged on to what seemed like hours. The group nevertheless continued their journey. Then randomly, out of nowhere they began to hear other penguins.

Careflower: "What's that?"

Chub: "Shhh!"

Chub pointed towards some bushes, where the group all hid in. Dan and Duncan, who were perched on Chub's and Buhc's shoulders, scouted out in front of them.

Buhc: "What do you see?"

Duncan: "Two penguins talking to each other. They seem peaceful enough."

Buhc: "What else?"

Duncan looked around and saw smoke rising up; a campfire possibly. He squinted some more and saw several more penguins in the distance, gathered around the fire.

Duncan: "I think there's a camp nearby."

Buhc: "A camp?"

Chub: "Why don't we pay a visit?"

Careflower: "What do you mean."

Chub: "I don't know. Maybe they have supplies. Or better still, information about these swords."

Duncan: "Uhh...are you sure?"

Dan: "Yeah, whatever. Come on!"

Dan hopped off of Chub's shoulder and onto the ground. However, he hit Buhc, who caused Duncan to lose his balance. He fell in the bushes as Dan got trapped in the bush.

Dan: "Stupid bush..."

The rustling in the bushes alerted the two penguins nearby.

Penguin 1: "What was that?"

Penguin 2: "Over there! In the bushes!"

The two penguins rushed over towards the bush where the group were all hiding. Chub put his flippers up in surrender.

Chub: "Stop! Stop! We come in peace!"

Everyone got out of the bush as the two penguins took out swords and pointed them at the group.

Penguin 1: "Who are you? What are you doing here?"

Everyone introduced themselves and told their situation to the two penguins, who did not believe their story.

Penguin 2: "How about we take them back to the camp."

Penguin 1: "Hmm...well I'm sure Joseph Andreev could talk to them. Okay."

Penguin 2: "Okay, guys. Get up! Follow us and don't try to do anything stupid."

The group got up and reluctantly followed the penguins towards their camp. One penguin was leading at the front, while the other one followed behind. Chub and Buhc whispered to each other.

Chub: "I wonder who this Joseph fellow is."

Buhc: "I don't know, but he sounds dodgy."

Penguin 1: "Be quiet. Just keep following and everything will be fine."

The group soon arrived at the camp. It was quite large and not like a camp at all. It was a small village, with a campfire in the middle of it all as the village's centre. There were many wooden houses around the fire with a grass roof. It was a traditional Culldrome village, isolated from the large cities. The group were ushered over towards the fire, as the penguins called out for Joseph.

Penguin 1: "JOSEPH! GET OUT HERE! WE HAVE...visitors..."

The other penguins who were out of their houses looked towards the two penguins and the group that they had found. Everyone looked puzzled as to why the two penguins had to shout out their arrival. Soon enough, Joseph came out and met with the group.

Joseph: "Yes? What was I called out here for?"

Joseph, who was covered in a layer of dust, grime and dirt, spoke with a deep voice and a Ruscan accent.

Penguin 1: "We've spotted this group not far from here, hiding in the bushes. They said something about the swords of the Twin Heroes. Do you know anything about that."

Joseph stood still and gazed off into the sky in deep thought.

Penguin 2: "Joseph?"

Joseph: "Huh. Oh, err...I don't know. Possibly. But why did you call me out here in the first place? Come, follow me, travelers. We shall have a coffee at my house as we talk."

Joseph went off as the group followed behind.

Penguin 1: "B-b-but- aren't you going to do anything?!"

Joseph: "Why should I care? I don't even life here."

Penguin 1: "Bu-"

Joseph (sarcastically): "Do you want me to break your neck?"

The two penguins swallowed and then waddled away. Joseph laughed loudly as he went off to his house.

January 7 2014, 10:29 AM, Mossroam Forest, Culldrome Isles

The group made their way into Joseph's house, which looked identical to all of the other houses in the village. It was made out of wood, which large logs forming the framework of the house. The roof was made up of grass and so was the rug on the timber floor. Around the rug were several chairs, which Joseph had pointed to.

Joseph: "Sit! Please! Make yourselves comfortable."

Everyone sat down as Joseph went over to a small kitchen in the corner, where he began to prepare coffee.

Joseph: "So, sorry about that. Those two were probably just mucking around. We're a small and isolated community out here, so they thought you were all intruders."

Careflower: "We don't have such intentions."

Joseph: "Mhm. I hope so. Anyway, my name is Joseph. This is my holiday home, out here. I used to live in the exact same village before I moved out. Now, I live far away on Menap Island working away in the mines over there with these friends of mine..."

Joseph showed off to everybody by flexing his muscles. Buhc tried to outdo him, but Chub manged to stop him before he even tried.

Chub: ", to business."

Joseph: "Ah yes, of course."

Joseph brought out a tray of coffee to the group before sitting down in his own chair.

Joseph: "These swords...they' you say...magical?"

Buhc: "Well, yeah. You could call it that."

Joseph: "I believe I've head or them before. It's widely known around Culldrome. In fact this thing interested me before, when I was young. I had done a lot of research and I think I may know where one of these swords lie."

Dan: "Really? How did you find out?"

Joseph: "Research, my friend. When I was young, I used to be a tree logger."

Chub: "Before you took-"

Joseph: "I was regarded as the strongest logger in all of Mossroam. Many even regarded me as legendary, which was how I got interested in this 'legend' thing."

Duncan: "Wow. Interesting."

Joseph: "Yes. I then began to pour over books and scour the rest of Culldrome for answers. I now believe that I have the answer."

Joseph pulled out a red, old, dusty book from a bookshelf and dropped it on a table next to him, blowing out a cloud of dust. He opened up the book and began to look through it.

Joseph: "Hmm...let's see...ah! Here it is."

Joseph picked up the entire table and book with a single flipper and placed it on the rug, in front of everyone to see.

Joseph: "Here is where I think one of the sword are...Fort Knashram."

Chub: "Fort Knashram? Where Mark the Warrior fought?"

Joseph: "Yes. Where else would it be hidden? It has significant meaning for the Twin Heroes."

Buhc: "Well, paying it a visit sure wouldn't hurt. Let's go!"

Joseph: "I would like to come with you on your journey. After all, you're going to need these musc-"

Chub: "Yeah! Sure! We'd be happy for you to come along with us."

Careflower: "Yeah. Visiting Fort Knashram should just be a breeze!"

Joseph waddled over to a rack on the wall of his house, where he grabbed a large battle axe.

Joseph: "Ha! A breeze? For me, then yes, with that Confederate invasion going on...

Everyone: "WHAT?!?"

January 7 2014, 5:49 PM, Fort Porcyal, Menap Island

The Battle of Menap Island was going horrible for the Culldrome forces. Most of their forces had been destroyed, with only a dozen or so soldiers locked up in the fort's air traffic control tower and a few barely functioning tanks. To make matters worse, more Confederate back up had arrived, sinking all of Culldrome's ships that were docked at the base. Culldrome reinforcements had arrived earlier in the afternoon, but failed to remedy the situation.

Up in the control tower, a soldier with a sniper was trying to shoot any enemy that he could find as the sun set on day one of the Culldrome Civil War.

Sniper: "Darn. This is too hard. They're running all around the place!"

Soldier 1: "I'd rather you just act as a look out. You're just wasting your ammunition."

Soldier 2: "Yeah. Can you check out our final squadron of tanks."

The sniper looked around for the Culldrome tanks near the aircraft hangar, which was where they were last spotted. Instead of seeing them, he just saw the smouldering remains of the tanks.

Sniper: "Sir, the tanks are down."

Soldier 2: "What?! What do you mean?"

Sniper: "Destroyed, sir. Completely oblitera-"


The Sniper was shot by a Confederate sniper on the ground.

Soldier 3: "Darn. Now what?"

Soldier 4: "I'm not poking my head up there."

Soldier 5: "I think we should just surrender. They've no doubt found our location now."

Soldier 6: "Well I think we should fight...until the bitter end."

The soldiers all went quiet as they all heard footsteps and the voices of Confederate soldiers running up the stairs.

Confederate Soldier: "そこの部屋に!"

Soldier 1: "Get ready guys...this is our finest hour..."

The Confederate Soldier kicked open the door as the few remaining Culldrome soldiers shot their way through the darkness of the stairwell.

Soldiers: "FOR THE GOOD OF ALL!"

Within moments, the sounds of gunfire ceased as Fort Porcyal and the rest of Menap Island fell into Confederate control.

Chapter 5: The Treshurr Chest[edit]

January 9 2014, 3:42 AM, Treshurr Isles, Culldrome Isles

Throughout the night and the next day, Confederate soldiers marched their way from Fort Porcyal, on the southern tip of Menap Island, all the way to the north. They eliminated anyone who refused to become part of the Confederacy, while everyone else became employed as slaves, mining away for the Confederacy. Culldrome was not able to send in help, as it now focused on securing the Treshurr Isles, the next obvious target of the Confederacy. The Treshurr Isles acted as a large hub for sea trade in Culldrome. Capturing it would have devastating effects on Culldrome's economy. Defending its largest city, Pirate City, was a blockade of Culldrome naval ships. However, the Confederate forces focused their attack on the southern island of the chain, Southsland.

Now, in the dead of the night, a fleet of Confederate ships guarded hundreds of landing craft as they prepared to create an outpost on Southsland.

Captain: "How much longer until we reach land?"

Sailor: "Uhh...just a couple more minutes, captain! Within the hour we'll have that outpost functioning."

Captain: "Mhm...I hope so..."

The operation seemed easy enough in the quiet night seas. Everything was nice and smooth until-


Captain: "WHAT WAS THAT?!"

The ship rocked violently to the side. Everyone standing fell over onto the floor. Alarms started to blare all around the bridge.

Sailor: "SIR! WE'VE BEEN HIT!"


Sailor: "We're taking on water, sir! It must've been a submarine!"

Captain: "ARGH! Get our attack helicopters out! I want them to get those submarines!"

Sailor: "But, sir! What about the landing-"

Captain: "Tell them to make haste!"

Sailor: "Yes, sir!"

At the same time, another fleet of Confederate ships were also preparing to land on the coast, also hoping to form an outpost. This time, however, they were approaching Netherwart, the northern most island in the Treshurr Isles. It, too, seemed peaceful and calm, until they began to get hit.

Captain: "WHAT HAPPENED?!"

Sailor 1: "We've been hit! We're sinking!"

Sailor 2: "Sir! The landing fleet to the south has also been hit."

Captain: "What? Impossible! It seems that we've underestimated the Culldrom."

Sailor 1: "What should we do, Captain?"

Captain: "Continue on with the landing!"

Sailor 3: "What about the Culldrome?"

Captain: "Find them! I want them destroyed! Just defend the landing craft! GO!"

Sailor 3: "Yes, sir."

The fleet of ships blindly shot the Culldrome ships in the darkness of the night. With a few cannon shots, the ships were easily destroyed. Little did the Confederate ships know, that the 'ships' were actually just icebergs, broken off from the icy cliffs of Netherwart. The island's coastline was a known danger to the local pirates of the Treshurr Isles, but the Confederacy did not know it. Ships continued to get hit as they tried their best to destroy the icebergs.

Back in the south, however, the Confederacy was actually being attacked. Several attack helicopters had been deployed and were searching for the Culldrome submarine fleet.

Pilot 1 (COMM): "Anyone found anything yet?"

Pilot 2 (COMM): "No, sir. We can't see anything in the darkness."

Pilot 1 (COMM): "I'll try contacting our ships. CNS-Devastation, do you read me?"

Sailor (COMM): "Yes, sir. We read you loud and clear. How's it going?"

Pilot 1 (COMM): "We can't find anything. What have you got on sonar?"

Sailor (COMM): "We can't find the submarines. They must be using some stealth technology or something."

Pilot 1 (COMM): "What? Is that even possible?"

Sailor (COMM): "I'm not su-" *static*

Pilot (COMM): "Darn, they've taken down the Devastation."


Sailor: "They've hit us, sir. We're going down."

Captain: "Just...just make sure the landing craft make it to the shore. That's our number one priority."

Sailor: "Yes, sir. The first landing craft have already made it to the shore. We'll have that outpost up in no time!"

On the beach, a few landing craft had already arrived. The Confederate soldiers scurried about, frantically trying to get their outpost set up.


Soon, several more landing craft made it, unloading dozens of soldiers and even tanks. The General looked off into the distance to see the Confederate ships, smoking as they gradually sunk. A few landing craft also did not make it, as was evident by the metal wreckage washing up on the shore. However, the outpost was finally built, providing a safe haven and was the first step in conquering the Treshurr Isles. Many other soldiers were sent out to scout the surroundings in the night darkness as the general went into the small outpost to begin planning.

The outpost was only a small, grey bunker with a radio antenna on top of it. The outside was made up of metal plating, similar to the ones used on tanks, offering a slight defensive advantage. Inside the bunker it was small. A light bulb dangerously dangled from a cable on the roof, showering down dim light onto a wooden table in the middle of the room. There were several other soldiers, who squeezed into the bunker, pressing their backs onto several guns held onto the walls.

General: "Well...we all know why we're here."

Everyone in the cramped bunker murmured a 'yes'.

General: "Has anyone received word of the landing party up north?"

The radio operator put his hand up and began to speak.

Operator: "Sir, the landing party also met some resistance, but also managed to secure an outpost."

General: "Excellent. Now, I want a small squadron of soldiers and tanks ready by 0500 hours. I'll be leading them west to the small town of Bandjor, a few kilometers down the coast. There, we'll ambush the town, taking it over and claiming this whole island."

Everyone in the bunker cheered. The general, not pleased, continued with his plans.

General: "By then, the landing party up north should've taken care of Buccaneer's Landing. Within two days, we'd have taken over most of the Treshurr Isles, followed by a massive battle up in Pirate City. Within a few days, the whole island chain would be under Confedrate control.

Everyone cheered again as the general shouted.

General: "NOW SHUT UP AND GO!"

January 9 2014, 5:55 AM, Treshurr Isles, Culldrome Isles

Northeast of the Treshurr Isles was a small, diesel powered boat, swimming along in the water. The boat, even though it was small, it was still roomy. The boat was similar looking to the Hydro Hopper boat back in Club Penguin, although the front part had a roof and the entire ship was much longer.

At the front, Chub, Dan and Joseph piloted the boat, Buhc and Duncan were looking off to the side, gazing at the wide blue ocean. Careflower was at the back, alone and also gazing out. Chub noticed and left Dan and Joseph to pilot the boat. Chub waddled over to Careflower and talked to her.

Chub: "Hey. How's it going?"

Careflower: "Hey. Beautiful sunset, isn't it?"

Chub: "Yeah, as beautiful as you."

The two laughed for a bit before going into an awkward silence, which Chub broke.

Chub: "You've been quiet. What's up?"

Careflower: "I don't know. It's just with all this war stuff going on."

Chub: "Yeah. I've heard that the Confederacy has already taken over parts of the Treshurr Isles. We should be careful."

Careflower: "Yes, we should. But, just...why?"

Chub: "Well we could run into some Confederate soldiers. You never know."

Careflower: "No not that. Why are we even at war?"

Chub: "To protect ourselves, our country."

Careflower: "For what? Just some purple crystals?"

Chub: "Powerful crystals. They can be very dangerous in the wrong flippers."

The two continued to look off into the afternoon sunset when Chub thought of an idea.

Chub: "Hey, do you know how if we bring together the three ledengary swords of Mark the Warrior and the Twin Heroes, the wielder gets unspeakable powers?"

Careflower: "Yeah."

Chub: "Well, I guess if we finish our quest, we should try to end this war...for the good of all..."

Careflower: "Yes...yes we should...for the good of restore peace. I just don't want any more bloodshed. Culldrome needs to be a peaceful nation. For the good of-"


Everyone tripped over onto the floor as the engine revved up. Chub got up and helped Careflower, before turning around and dashing towards the front of the ship.

Chub: "What the heck just happened?"

Joseph: "The enemy. They're attacking."

Chub: "What?!"

Dan: "I got this! I'll try and out run them. Can someone give me the course for the nearest island?"

Chub took out his icePhone and began to open his GPS application up.


The ship rocked violently as Chub lost his grip. His phone slid out of his flipper and fell into the great ocean.

Chub: "NO! NOT AGAIN!"

Buhc waddled over to the front and pushed his brother out of the way.

Buhc: "This is becoming a running gag now. Let me handle it."

Buhc and Dan tried their best to navigate southwest, towards the Treshurr Isles, as fast as they could. Chub and Careflower cuddled each other at the back of the boat as a Confederate frigate neared the boat.

Duncan: "How much further?"

Buhc: "Not a lot to go. I can see the coast from here."

Dan continued to steer the boat wildly, trying to avoid the shells of the frigate. Their goal was in sight and was getting closer by the second. Their boat turned from an old, slow piece of junk to a speedboat.

On board the frigate, the chase continued. The captain was furious with the gunners on the ship, which had all managed to miss the small boat.

Captain: "Why do you all suck at aiming? SOMEONE PLEASE AIM CORRECTLY!"

Gunner 1: "Sir, the ship is too small and too maneuverable. Even the computer systems can't shoot it down."

Captain: "You've got to be kidding me. I will not let that ship get away. They could be spies from Culldrome or soldiers or assassins or something!"

Gunner 2: "Sir, we're trying our be-"

Captain: "NO YOU'RE NOT!"

The captain went off to a small cupboard and pulled out an ice bullet sniper rifle out of it. He went up to the top of the bridge and waddled out onto the small balcony outside. The captain looked down the sniper's scope and aimed at the ship.


Joseph: "What was that?"

Dan: "Don't tell me that's the engine..."

Duncan went up towards the back and investigated. Smoke was coming out of the back where the engine was, which was now making all sorts on sounds.

Duncan: "Uh...I think that's the engine..."

Dan: "Darn."

Duncan's jester hat was shot through with a sniper rifle. Panicking, Duncan hid behind the engine.

Buhc: "Come on. We're nearly th-"


The engine exploded in a giant explosion, sending debris of the ship everywhere. Everyone on board fell into the ocean and did their best to cling onto floating pieces of the ship. The Confederate frigate, thinking their mission was over, went off into the distance.

Chapter 6: Fort Knashram[edit]

January 9 2014, 6:50 PM, Treshurr Isles, Culldrome Isles

Chub and some debris had washed up onto the beach on the Treshurr Isles. We woke up from unconsciousness and looked around. The sun had set and moonlight shone on from above. He saw a lot of the boat's debris on the beach and saw that everyone had managed to make their way to the beach. Chub got up using what little strength he had and propped himself up with a wooden plank from the boat. Chub continued to look around and saw the beach extending in front of him. A small rocky cliff extended upwards at the end of the beach, with a large forest on the top of the cliffs.

Chub got about to making a small campfire as everyone else began to slowly stir and wake up. Soon everyone had gathered around the campfire and were warming themselves up.

Chub: "Well, where are we?"

Buhc: "Northern Pearlya in the Treshurr Isles. Where did you say the sword was"

Joseph: "Fort Knashram. It should be somewhere on this island."

Buhc: "Yes. It's a day's waddle south of here."

Dan: "I suggest that we rest here for tonight. Early tomorrow morning, we set out south, get that sword and get out of here."

Joseph: "Okay. I'll take first watch. You all sleep."

Everyone began to sleep as Joseph stayed awake as a lookout.

January 10 2014, 3:57 AM, Treshurr Isles, Culldrome Isles

Everyone groggily woke up and began to make preparations for their journey south. Careflower and Duncan went out to gather whatever food and other important supplies that they could find. Much of their original supplies sank with the boat, although some smaller and lighter packages made their way to the shore. Soon everyone was kitted out and started to head south towards Fort Knashram in the early morning hours.

The journey was quite uneventful. Buhc guided everyone south with his phone and periodically gave everyone updates of the war going on around them. After a few hours and some resting, the group made it to Fort Knashram. They all sat down on a hill to the north, overlooking the castle. Everyone took a quick rest and had breakfast as the sun rose and they planned their next move.

Chub: "Well, where exactly is it?"

Joseph: "I'm not sure. Possibly buried deep in the catacombs. The sword here was buried in the late 1940s, I believe. So, compared to everything else, it's recent."

Careflower: "Good, so we'll look for some newly dug hole or something."

Joseph: "Precisely."

After their short rest, the group headed down the hill and onto the flat, sandy beach where the fortress lay. Everyone stared up high and looked at the ruins of the old castle. It was in practically the same state that it was in over a hundred years ago. The dark stone that made up the castle walls were crumbling, with some bricks even on the beach and the surrounding areas. The roofs of the towers had gone away, with only the jagged edges of the ruins still remaining. Large portions of the castle lay on the beach, still somewhat intact after falling off of the main building.

Everyone split up and looked around for the entrance. Soon, Joseph found it and everyone regrouped. The entrance was a large, stone archway which was crumbling. The wooden door that used to be in its place had long gone, possibly destroyed by a battering ram.

Chub: "This place looks horrible."

Buhc: "Well of course it does. It's been abandoned for over a hundred years!"

Careflower: "Shall we go in?"

Everyone nodded and went inside the derelict castle. Despite the fact that there was no roof, the interior was dark and had an ominous atmosphere.

Dan: "What exactly are we looking for?"

Joseph: "Find something...recent...I don't know."

Chub: "Okay, guys. Everyone split up. We can get this done quicker."

Everyone split up again. Chub was looking around for some recent activity, but all that he could find was more ruins. Bricks, wooden planks and the occasional broken piece of furniture littered the place.

Chub: "Everything seems untouched. 'Pristine' condition, as it were..."

Chub soon came across a dark stairwell leading down into what seemed like a basement.


Buhc: "Head down! I'll follow you!"

Chub stepped down onto the creaky timer stairwell. It was dark, so he waited for Buhc to come down for him to shine his phone like a flashlight. The basement was full of cobwebs and dust. They ended up in a narrow, stone hallway, with crates, boxes and barrels everywhere. The hallway led down into several more rooms. Everything had been untouched for more than a hundred years.

Chub: "Really? Untouched?"

Chub bent down and wiped his flipper on the floor. There was a bit of dust, but not a lot compared to the nearby barrels.

Buhc: "What's that?"

Chub: "I don't know. Let's follow this thing."

The two continued on into the dark depths of the hallway. At the end, the hallway lead to several smaller rooms, filled with barrels and crates.

Buhc: "What's in this?"

Chub: "I dunno. Supplies? Take some, they could be useful."

Chub's interest was instead captured by an odd stone in front of him. The stone, part of the rest of the wall, was a shade lighter in color. He leaned in to inspect it more closely. Chub blew at the stone, sending dust everywhere. Not distracted, however, he wiped the stone with his flipper, revealing a strange symbol. The symbol resembled three swords, which formed a triangle.

Buhc: "What've you found there, brother?"

Chub: "A stone. Here, help me pull this out."

Buhc stopped rummaging around in the crates and helped Chub to pull out the stone. After much difficulty, Joseph and Duncan found their way into the underground hallway.

Duncan: "What's that?"

Chub: "A weird stone rock thing. We can't pull it ou-"

Joseph: "STAND ASIDE! It's my time to shine."

Joseph pushed Chub and Buhc out of the way. The two landed down hard on the floor and they got up in pain and rubbing their backs. However, Joseph ignored them and continued to pry the stone away with his bare hands.



Joseph successfully managed to pull the stone out and onto the floor with a loud crash. Careflower and Dan also found their way into the hallway by now.

Careflower: "What was that?"

Joseph: "The sound of progress."

Joseph moved the stone away as Chub and Buhc looked into the hole.

Chub: "What's that?"

Buhc reached in and pulled an old box out.

Buhc: "It's a box."

Chub: "Well you don't say."

The two opened the box up and revealed a short, red sword in it. Buhc pulled it out and gave it a few swings.

Buhc: "Heh, not bad."

Chub: "Hey look there's a note in the box."

Chub grabbed the note and read it out as Buhc continued to practice his swings.

Chub: "If you thirst for knowledge, just like this hero, then your quest takes you to the cold, peacefulness of Culldrome, where one can hunt for knowledge."

Dan: "What the heck does that mean?"

Chub: "I don't know. Cold peacefulness of Culldrome. Where?"

Careflower: "Can't be Bluetower, it's not cold. It can't even be Hedgewall Castle to the southern mountains."

Duncan: "Joseph, you should know a bit about Culldrome. What do you think?"

Joseph: "It's a good riddle...cold, peacefulness. The southern portion of the Culldrome mainland is cold, but barely peaceful. Howling blizzards wreck havoc over there, which is why nobody lives there."

Dan: "You can't really hunt for knowledge in the mountains, can you?"

Buhc: "Wait a minute..."

Chub: "What?"

Buhc stopped swinging the sword as he plunged into deep thought.

Buhc: "Oh my-"

Chub snapped his fingers in front of Buhc to get his attention.

Buhc: "Oh, right. I don't know if any of you recall the end of the Porcyal War."

Careflower: "What do you mean?"

Buhc: "A large Porcyal weapon managed to clip off a chunk of icy land around about, where you're talking about."

Duncan: "Yes...keep going."

Joseph: " created Snelten Island. It's cold, relatively peaceful and is known for its research and knowledge."

Dan: "Oh wow. Did we just crack the puzzle?"

Chub: "More importantly, did the puzzle just predict the f-"


Careflower: "What was that?"

A faint explosion happened outside as the fortress shook. Another explosion occurred, shaking the fortress even more."

Joseph: "The Confederacy!"

Everyone began to run off outside, with Buhc carrying both the sword and a handful of Cream Soda bottles that he found from the crate earlier.


Everyone made their way out of the fortress to see a fleet of Confederate ships and landing craft making their way onto the beach. The group all hid behind a pile of stone; ruins from the castle. The Confederate soldiers soon began to make their way to them.

CIC Soldier 1: "あそこを見て!石の背後にある!"

CIC Soldier 2: "行く!行く!行く!"

Careflower: "Oh no! I think they've found us!"

Chub and Buhc both got up and took out their swords. The Confederate soldier began to shoot them, but with their extensive EPF training with Keysabers, they managed to deflect the ice bullets.

Chub: "Wow. These swords are awesome!"

Buhc: "SHUT UP!"

The two continued to swing their swords as the Confederate soldiers hid behind the sand dunes, afraid.

Chub: "Dan! Get my air cannon out of your hammerspace! Clear a way and get to safety. Go!"

Dan got out Chub's air cannon that he last used when he rescued Dan and Duncan from pirates. Dan, leading the charge, blasted his way through the formation of Confederate soldiers. Duncan, Careflower and Joseph followed along as Dan shot anyone that came near them with a blast of air, sending them backwards. Meanwhile, Chub and Buhc began to retreat.

Chub: "Come on. We can't handle this for much longer."

Buhc: "Yeah. Good idea."

The two ran over and followed everyone else over the top of a ridge and onto the high ground overlooking the fortress. There they all hid behind another rock. Someone tapped Chub on his back, startling him. Chub turned around and met a Culldrome soldier.

Soldier: "Hey, son. We've got it from here."

Chub looked behind the soldier's back to see hundreds of other Culldrome soldiers, tanks and artillery, making their way forward, defending the beach.

Soldier: "You've done what you can! Now get out! Things are doing to get very dirty!"

Chub: "Wh-"

Soldier: "Just go, sir!"

Chub and the group fled westwards as the Culldrome military began their defensive operation on the beaches of the Treshurr Isles. The soldiers and tanks poured in from the hills of the west as the artillery stayed behind to rain shells down onto the Confederate troops below. The Culldrome forces, however, met stiff resistance with the Confederate naval fleet off the coast.

The beach was soon retaken by Culldrome, who made makeshift defenses out of the sand dunes and the castle ruins. The artillery soon turned their attention to the ships, which were just inside of their range. The ships were bombarded and soon ships began to start sinking. The balances tipped towards the favor of the Culldrome, but soon reinforcements arrived.

Soldier 1: "SIR! WHAT'S THAT NOISE?!"

Soldier 2: "They sound like jets...the only question is who's jets are the-"


The jets turned out to be Confederate, which bombarded the beaches, destroying all of the Culldrome tanks and soldiers. With the enemy gone, the Confederate landing party continued their assault, eventually taking over Fort Knashram and the rest of the island.

Chapter 7: "Diplomacy"[edit]

January 10 2014, 12:04 PM, Culldrome City, Culldrome Isles


Steven Snowen was out on the backyard veranda of his house. He was peacefully sipping a coffee with General Roberts, who was resting after his deployment to Menap Island a few days before. One of Steven's assistants came running out onto the veranda.

Steven: "Yes? What is it?"

Assistants: "The Confederacy has taken all of Pearlya Island in the Treshurr Isles. They should be moving off to take care of the rest of the island chain within two days."

Steven just sat in shock as General Roberts began to talk.

Roberts: "Hmm...Culldrome could easily fall."

Steven: "...No...not it can't...we'll make it impossible to fall..."

Roberts: "What do you mean?"

Steven: "Help me round up a few of our citizens. We'll put them on a ship and head off for some distant land. There we'll create a colony. It could be our new capital should this all goes tumbling down."

Roberts: "But, sir! You don't actually say that that would happen."

Steven: "I'm not sure, but its best to be prepared anyway."

Steven turned to his assistant and gave him orders.

Steven: "You, set up the press room and get ready for a press conference. I want it to be ready in an hour."

Steven finished off his coffee and stood up, telling the General his own orders.

Steven: "As for you, Roberts, I want you to go to Pirate City and oversee our defensive. I do not want that city to fall, understand?"

Roberts: "Yes, sir."

Steven saluted General Roberts and the two parted ways.

January 10 2014, 12:34 PM, Shadow City, Skulldrome Isles

Meanwhile, Chairman Dux was inside a map room in the Skulldrome Capitol. The room was dark, but had very ornate decorations; there were regal rugs and intricate woodwork for the walls. He was with Gravity and several other high ranking military officials. Everyone was crowded around and stared at a map on a table, showing the current CIC territories.

Gravity: "Alright. With our takeover of Pearlya, we split the troops up. One team takes Icefrost Island out while the over takes out Northfort Island. Then, we fly out some supply missions before the two teams attack Pirate City at the same time."

General 1: "Excellent. The Culldrome military won't be able to stand our strength."

Gravity: "As we do that, we takeover Snelten Island as well. Then we all regroup and resupply before taking over their capital. Any questions?"

Chairman Dux, who was sitting down at the back of the room, staring at the table, stood up.

Chairman: "What about Toxic Island? It's practically a fortress. Culldrome could easily deploy their military forces from there. The Confederacy could be wiped out."

Several generals murmured in agreement.

Gravity: "Well...we could strike there first. If we manage to capture it, it would be a gold mine of military equipment. Rockets, spacecraft...pretty much everything."

Chairman: "So what is your plan?"

Gravity: "We...strike Toxic Island next. While we're at it, send some supplies to those in the Treshurr Isles. Anything else?"

No one in the room spoke.

Gravity: "Alright. Look's like we have a plan. DISMISSED!"

Over at the CSIA headquarters, several agents had managed to bug the map room.

Radio: "We *static* -ke Toxic Isl- *static* While we're a- *static* -pplies to those in *static* -r Isles."

All of the agents exchanged looks with each other.

Radio: "DIS- *static* -ED!"

An agent flicked a switch and turned off the bug.

Agent 1: "They're going to strike Toxic Island!"

Agent 2: "We must alert the Supreme Leader!"

Soon, forces on Toxic Island were put on a heavy defensive. The CSRA transported their rocket parts off of the island for safety. They also quickly converted the already built rocket on the launch pad into a large missile. Everybody got ready for the incoming Confederate attack.

January 10 2014, 9:40 PM, Toxic Island, Culldrome Isles

That night, a very large fleet of Confederate ships neared Toxic Island. Accompanying them were hundreds of jet fighters, bombers, attack helicopters and some submarines. They all knew about the power of Toxic Island and were well prepared for it. The Confederate submarines had already arrived at the island and carefully attached explosives to the bottoms of all of the Culldrome ships. Having finished their purpose, the submarines retreated.

Submarine Captain: "Ok, you're go for the attack. I repeat, you are go for the attack."

Ship Captain: "Roger. We're go. You may detonate the charges when ready."

Submarine Captain: "Roger. Alright boys, let's get ready for some action."

The submarine captain pressed a button on a remote.


Several Culldrome ships went down quickly. Alarms started to blare all over the island as everyone got ready for the attack. At the launchpad, the CSRA missile was getting ready for launch.

Scientist 1: "Are you sure that this is going to work?"

Scientist 2: "Well yes since the energy of the-"

Engineer: "Shut up and clear the launchpad! We're launching!"

Everyone cleared the area as an announcers voice came on a loudspeaker.

Announcer: "We are launching in TEN...NINE...EI-"

"We don't have time for this stuff! JUST LAUNCH!"

In mission control, a button was pressed, instantly sending the rocket up high into the sky with the loud thunder of the rocket engines.

Announcer: "We have LIFT-"



The rocket lit up the night sky as it passed over the island and into the clouds. Unlike other normal rocket launches, this rocket only carried half the amount of fuel that it could carry. The rocket's first stage continued to burn, before running out of fuel and separating. The second and final stage was not loaded with fuel and instead turned around and aimed at the Confederacy's fleet. The missile was armed as it prepared to return to Earth.

Meanwhile, the Culldrome military forces were busy, getting ready to set off and defend the island. Hundreds of soldiers would air drop onto the ships as fighter jets engaged the CIC jets and bombers. The Culldrome jets flew into the swarm of enemy aircraft as it cleared a path for the drop-ships.

Pilot 1: "Well. It look's like we have some very strong resistance! I can't hit any of them!"

Pilot 2: "I've already taken down three jets!"

Pilot 3: "Oh yeah? I've already-"


Pilot 4: "Just shut up and fight!"

The Culldrome jets were far outnumbered by the CIC jets. However, the CSRA did have another trick up their sleeve. At once, hundreds of A-Wings flew out from the aircraft hangars on the island and immediately engaged the Confederate swarm of planes.

A-Wing Pilot: "Yes...we've got this!"

The A-Wings, designed for space combat, made quick work of their enemy. Soon, the Culldrome drop ships landed hundreds of soldiers onto the Confederate battleships. Fights broke out on dozens of the ships, with the Culldrome soldiers managing to take over three battleships.

Commander (COMM): "Guys! Get out of there! We have a missile coming your way. Ignore the other Confederate ships!"

The soldiers painstakingly sailed their newly captured ships out as the missile-converted-rocket from earlier began to re-enter the atmosphere and dive towards the Confederate fleet. A loud boom was heard as the missile passed the speed of sound.

CIC Commadner: "What is that?"

CIC Sailor: "見て!ロケット!"

The rocket dived straight into a large Confederate battleship.


The explosion caused several other ships to topple over and sink. Hundreds of Confederate aircraft and troops were also engulfed by the explosion. A large wave washed up onto Toxic Island and nearly toppled over the recaptured Culldrome ships, which escaped just in time. Everyone cheered as they fended off the Confederacy.

January 11 2014, 4:10 AM, Shadow City, Skulldrome Isles

Chairman: "THEY DID WHAT?!"

Chairman Dux was woken up by his assistant, informing him of the Confederate defeat. Dux was drowsy, but after hearing the news, he was wide awake.

Assistant: "Th-th-they have defeated our invasion fleet at T-Toxic Island."

Chairman: "What do you mean? ALL OF IT?!"

The assistant nodded. In a fit of rage, Chairman Dux screamed out loud and fired his deletion pistol everywhere. The Chairman managed to delete the assistant as well as much of his furniture. Several of his elite, soldier guards rushed into his bedroom.

Guard 1: "Sir! Chairman! Is everything alright?"

Chairman: "Wake up Gravity. I would like to talk to him."

Guard 2: "Yes, sir!"

The guards bowed and exited the room.

Later, Chairman Dux and Gravity were in the map room. It was late at night and the windows were open, letting in some moonlight. A small lamp above the map room's center table dimly lit the rest of the room.

Gravity: "What is it that you want, Chairman?"

The two had become close friends over the war and it made Dux feel weird that Gravity still referred to him as 'Chairman'.

Gravity: "Chairman?"

Chairman: "Uhh...yes...right. Well. I'm afraid to inform you that out invasion force at Toxic Island was destroyed."

Gravity: "A-all of it?"

Chairman: "I'm afraid so. Now I want you to do something for me."

Gravity: "Anything, sir."

Chairman: "I want you to take over Pirate City and Snelten Island at once. I want this war to end."

Gravity: "Certainly, sir."

Chairman: "But before you do that, I want you to initiate Operation Star."

Gravity: "Operation Star?"

Chairman: "Yes..."

The Chairman gave Gravity a folder about the operation. Gravity sat down and read it in the dim light as the Chairman waddled over to a large map of Antarctica on the wall.

Chairman: "If you didn't know, Operation Star is the Confederacy's first stage of imperialistic expansion."

Gravity: "What do you mean?"

Chairman: "For the Confederacy to achieve its goal of conquering Antarctica, we must first take out our smaller competitors."

Gravity: "Ah."

The Chairman handed Gravity another folder.

Gravity: "What's this?"

Chairman: "Your first target, Daire Isle. Tomorrow, I want you to gather some of your troops and send them over there. Then you may begin our final take over of Culldrome."

Gravity: "Yes, sir."

Gravity saluted and went off into the night.

January 11 2014, 11:58 AM, Daire City, Daire Isle

It was a sunny morning in Daire Isle. It was a small, isolated, city-state, located far north of Antarctica. It was also under a strong communist regime and has been for nearly 90 years. Despite its size, Daire Isle was also very industrious and very militaristic. Over the years, they had built up a small military and dream of conquering Antarctica, despite the slim possibility of that ever occurring.

At noon, a large bell in the city square rang. It was now time for the workers of the many factories to rest, as another shift took over. Hundreds crowded the cobblestone streets as the workers made their way home or to work. Everything was just like a perfectly normal day on Daire Isle, until the CIC arrived.


Citizen 1: "What was that?"

Citizen 2: "Explosions!"

Citizen 3: "Look in the sky!"

Having destroyed most of their ships and landing craft, the Confederacy resorted to using aircraft towing military gliders, carrying troops and tanks in them. In one quick maneuver, the gliders sailed down onto Daire Isle, unloading hundreds of troops and dozens of tanks onto the streets.

The citizens were in panic. The Daire military had already begun to mobilize their tanks. Built over 30 years ago for world domination, the tanks would face their first test.

Daire Soldier 1: "Go! Go! Go!"

Daire Soldier 2: "Quick! Take our their tanks!"

However, the Confederacy had already steam rolled through half the city. Having landed in the west, the CIC were making their way to the capital. The Daire tanks did what they could, but most just malfunctioned; tanks either exploded or just fell apart. Daire soldiers, armed with equally sturdy guns, did not stand a chance. Either way, the Confederacy made quick work of the island. Soon, dozens of CIC tanks reached the capitol.

CIC Commander: "Alright men! Fire at will!"


The Confederate tanks shot shells at the capitol, shattering windows and destroying the ornate marble building. Soon, CIC soldiers stormed the building, eventually reaching the throne room.

Queen Miranda III: "What is it that you want? We've got money, our military, anyth-"

The soldiers opened fire, and lowered the Daire Isle flag. The Confederate flag was raised up onto the flag pole of the capitol.

CIC Commander (COMM): "Sir, Daire Isle is now part of the Confederacy."

Gravity (COMM): "Excellent! Excellent! Wonderful! Now, I want you to help everyone to settle down with their new way of life. Do what you must."

CIC Commander (COMM): "Yes, sir!"

Back at Shadow City, Gravity was celebrating with the Chairman about their success with Daire Isle. They were on a balcony of the Skulldrome Capitol, sipping Cream Soda.

Chairman: "I'm proud of you, Gravity. Well done. However, the time has come..."

Gravity, who was busy drinking away, choked and coughed.

Gravity: "*cough*W-what *cough* do you mean?"

Chairman: "We must end this war. I want you to strike Snelten Island and Pirate City. Make quick work of them and then take over Culldrome Island."

Gravity: "I agree. We must act quickly."

Chairman: "Well go on...I want it done now."

Gravity stood up, saluted and ran off. In his eyes, the civil war would soon come to a close and open up an era of a bright and prosperous future.

January 12 2014, 6:12 AM, Pirate City, Treshurr Isles

General Roberts was stationed at a military base in Pirate City. He was joined by a few thousand other soldiers, as well as sailors and pilots. He had just finished his morning routine and was now in a local diner, reading a newspaper and sipping a cup coffee. With him was another fellow general, called General Smith, also with a cup of coffee.

General Smith: "What's in the news?"

Roberts: "Culldrome's founded that new colony."

Smith: "Whereabouts?"

Roberts: "Somewhere far away and remote. The exact coordinates weren't revealed, though."

Smith: "Obviously. What's it called?"

Roberts: "Civ Island. They don't have a flag yet, though. There's about a hundred colonists already living there."

The two continued sipping their coffee. General Roberts read through the newspaper and General Smith looked out at the sunrise through the diner's windows. Suddenly, the windows started to rattle. General Smith looked into his coffee cup and saw ripples of vibrations flowing through his coffee.

Smith: "What's that?! An earthquake?"

Roberts: "'s much worse..."

The two generals left the diner in haste. A lot of the citizens also ran out of buildings as they looked around. Soon a swarm of Confederate aircraft filled the sky. Hundreds upon hundreds of fighter jets, bombers and drop ships came flying in from the east. Robert's walkie-talkie began to beep.

Roberts (COMM): "Yes, what is it?"

Soldier (COMM): "Sir! Get to the barracks, quickly! There's a Confederate platoon coming in from the south and the east. We'll be surrounded!"

Roberts (COMM): "Alright. Get everyone to battle stations."

The two generals rushed off to defend the city as their Confederate enemy barreled down upon them.

Chapter 8: For Science![edit]

January 12 2014, 8:20 AM, Snelshell City, Snelten Island

After fleeing from the war and destruction of the Treshurr Isles, the group of adventurers made their way to Snelten Island. The group docked their boat onto a small pier outside Snelshell City. Chub, Buhc, Careflower, Dan, Duncan and Joseph got out of the boat and went onto the dock. There were several other ships docked to other piers, like ferries and naval battleships.

Joseph: "Well...where should we look?"

Duncan: "You can't really find something 'recently touched'."

Buhc: "Can we rent a helicopter somewhere? I could fly it around."

Chub: "Good idea, but first let's look around town."

The group traveled into town. It was a small but bustling place. RocketSnails, the main inhabitants of the island, crawled around. The group went onto Main Street, which was filled with tall, brick buildings. Snow blanketed the buildings and the street. Very few cars traversed on the icy roads, as the town was small enough to be covered by foot.

Not knowing what they were looking for, the group wandered around the town, eventually ending up on a road leading to the town's outskirts. The city-scape disappeared behind them as they continued onwards. Soon, the temperature started to drop down more and more. The winds started to pick up, blowing icy snow into everyone.

Joseph: "This cold reminds me of the time I visited Rusca."

Dan: "Do we even know where we are going?"

Chub: "I don't know. I think we're lost."

Duncan: "Maybe the next sword is located in the wilderness, though. You never know."

Buhc: "Helicopter? Anyone? Just me?"

Everyone continued on the side of the road for what seemed like hours. Eventually, they came up at the top of a hill. The road passed up the hill and down into a heavily guarded military checkpoint, surrounded by soldiers armed to the teeth.

Chub: "Guys are we supposed to be here?"

A soldier waddled up to the group and firmly barked questions at them.

Soldier: "State your intentions!"

Chub: "It's okay! We're civilians! We're from Culldrome."

Soldier: "This is a civillian-free zone! Only military personnel are allowed inside!"

Buhc: "We don't want to go in. We just wan-"

Soldier: "I'm giving you all to the count of ten to leave the premises! If you refuse to co-operate, you will be arrested! ONE!"

Chub: "Kaythanksbye!"

The group rushed over the hill as the soldier continued counting. However, the group stumbled and fell onto the side of the road as a convoy of military trucks came rolling past. The tanks were covered in a green tarp, covering its contents. Accompanying the convoy were several tanks and armored cars with machine gun turrets on the roof. The soldier continued.

Soldier: "SEVEN!"

Everyone struggled to get up. Chub was the first one to get up, but heard his name being called from someone in the truck.


He looked up and saw Sonic Boom, the CSIA agent whom he worked with in the Nightmare of Culldrome.

Chub: "Sonic?!"

Soldier: "NINE!"

Sonic got out of the truck,waved his arms around and pulled out his CSIA badge.

Sonic: "NO! STOP!"

Soldier: "What do you think you're doing, agent?"

Sonic: "Don't worry. Let them in. I'll accept full responsibility if anything happens."

Soldier: "I hope you know what you're doing, son. Now, get in or get out!"

The gates of the checkpoint opened up, letting the convoy in. Sonic went up to the group, who had now pulled themselves out of the snow. They all introduced each other and Sonic explained the situation.

Sonic: "Quick, get in. This is a top secret military base, so don't you dare do anything funny. The Confederacy is making their way here now and we must shelter everyone. Now go!"

Everyone rushed into the base as a siren sounded. The soldiers at the checkpoint hurried into the base, following the convoy and the group.

January 12 2014, 9:43 AM, Fort Snelten, Snelten Island

Soon, everyone had reached the inner parts of the military base. There were hundreds of tanks and artillery, aimed up at the sky trying to shoot down the Confederate planes flying overhead. The Culldrome navy and air force back on the mainland had already been scrambled to defend the little island. Squads of soldiers were running all over the place, heading out of the base to try and stamp out any Confederate landing parties.

Meanwhile, Sonic and the group made their way into an elevator, hidden behind a map of Culldrome, inside the base. The elevator was very large, dwarfing the group.

Careflower: "Where are we going?"

Sonic: "Underground. We're in short supply of personnel and I want to show you something."

The elevator descended into the dark, icy depths of the military base on Snelten Island. The elevator ride lasted for a good five minutes, before thumping down onto their destination. The doors opened up and Sonic lead the group into a large circular room. The room had two floors. The first floor was filled with scientists sitting and staring at several consoles. The second floor, where the group were on, just consisted of a small metal ledge, with stairs leading down. In front of them, opposite the elevator, was a large screen, displaying dozens of complicated scientific equations, measurements and graphs.

Duncan: "Where are we?"

Sonic: "Welcome to the CSRA's top secret Snelten base!"

Sonic lead the group down the stairs and onto the bottom where he met the lead scientist and leader of the CSRA, Mike Jamison. Mike shook flippers with everyone and introduced himself.

Mike: "Welcome to the CSRA's Snelten facility. This place is top secret, so if any of you leak anything in here, Agent Sonic here is going to be right behind you."

Sonic: "Now, is your operation ready?"

Mike: "Yes it is. Follow me please."

Chub: "What's this operation?"

Sonic: "Do you know about Project 17?"

Chub: "Umm...n-"

Sonic: "Of course you don't. No one does. If you did, I'd have to delete you."

Joseph: "Well what is it?"

Sonic: "It was a project that began in 1997, after the Porcyal War. It aimed to develop Porcyal based WMDs. Long story short, it was very successful and many tests were made. Today, we're testing another Porcyal weapon, which could end this war."

Duncan: "Interesting..."

Careflower: "So what does this have anything to do with anything."

Sonic: "We're doing a final test of the Porcyal bomb's systems before we place it in its final casing. This weapon will also have to be delivered by a pilot-"

Buhc: "ME!"

Sonic: "Yes, I thought you might. You and your brother will be in the cockpit. All of you can tag along if you want to."

Careflower: "Of course."

Joseph: "Sure."

Dan: "I'm in."

Duncan: "Me too."

Everyone made their way to a small room, with a viewing window. In front of the window, inside the room with them, were two scientists, controlling some sort of contraption.

Mike: "Welcome to the pride and joy of the CSRA, the Porcyal Accelerator. It's only a small, prototype version. With proper government funding, we would be able to build a larger one for better research, but this will do."

Scientist 1: "Sir, are we ready?"

Mike: "Go. I want to see our taxpayer's money at work."

Scientist 2: "That's a 'yes', sir?"

Mike: "Of course. Proceed."

Everyone stood back as the two scientists fiddled around with the controls on the board in front of them. A very deep hum issued from the window, vibrating it and the floor of the room.

Scientist 1: "Accelerator at 10% and rising steadily."

Scientist 2: "Everything is at normal levels."

A purple glow began to flow past the window that lay in front of the two scientists. The lights in their observation room flickered on and off.

Scientist 1: "Accelerator at 30%"

The light bulbs burst in a spectacular fashion, spraying everyone with sparks. Everyone flinched as the two scientists continued.

Scientist 1: "Accelerator at 50%"

The glow got darker and darker, illuminating the dark observation room. The room and everyone in it was basked in a dark purple glow. The humming got louder and louder and everyone was speechless.

Scientist 1: "Accelerator at 80%"

Scientist 2: "Sending out Porcyal Number Two."

Scientist 2 pulled a lever on the control board. The humming got louder and louder and the purple glow continued.

Scientist 2: "Porcyal 1 is at 90% and holding. Porcyal 2 is accelerating and is at 30%"

The humming got even louder as the glow got darker and darker. Soon, the window separating the observation room and the Porcyal accelerator started to vibrate loudly.

Careflower: "What's that? Are we okay?"

Scientist 1: "It'll hold."

Scientist 2: "Number 2 at 90% and holding."

Scientist 1: "Ready to fire."

Scientist 2: "Ready to fire."

The two scientists began to frantically work on the control panel. They hurriedly pushed buttons and pulled levers.

Scientist 2: "Okay, let's do this. Firing in THREE...TWO...ONE!"

Scientist 2 pulled down a giant red lever. The humming instantly got louder, more louder than it had ever been. The glowing got very dark before a large bright flash lit up the accelerator and the room.



The two Porcyals, traveling at very high speeds, collided with each other in a very loud explosion. The window shook as it tried to hold in the pressure. A bright flash of purple light lit up the room.

Scientist 2: "Shock waves are subsiding."

Scientist 1: "We're getting scientific readings on our monitors here. I'd say test successful."

Mike: "Excellent. Come on, we need to end this dreadful war."

Everyone, besides the scientists, left the room to get geared up for the final assault.

January 12 2014, 4:26 PM, Shadow City, Skulldrome Isles


Gravity: "I'm sorry, sir. We were defeated at both Pirate City and Snelten Island."

Gravity was speaking to the Chairman at the Skulldrome Capitol. He was furious with his defeat.

Chairman: "I don't even care anymore. We cannot lose anymore of our troops. Our navy was wiped out...and we only have a handful of our armies and air force."

Gravity: "What do you suggest."

Chairman: "Halt everything! We're going to have to temporarily stop Operation Star, as well as our assault."

Gravity: "Are you sure?"

Chairman: "Yes...wait! No. Get your remaining troops ready for battle tomorrow. Tomorrow, we'll be landing on Culldrome Island and taking out their dreadful capital. Once we've done that, the rest of Culldrome shall fall."

Gravity: "A-a-are you sure? Are you completely and absolutely sure?"


The Chairman, going insane, cackled with laughter as Gravity quickly went over to round up the remaining military forces.

Chapter 9: For the Good of All[edit]

January 13 2014, 11:26 AM, Fort Snelten, Snelten Island

Back in the icy expanse of Snelten Island, Chub, Buhc, Dan, Duncan, Careflower and Joseph were getting their final briefing about their attack. The group were inside Fort Snelten, the military base from before. Unusually, the icy blizzards that normally blew through the area had stopped. The sun was high in the sky, now quiet after the loss of the Confederation.

Everyone was gathered in a small room inside the base. Joining the group was Sonic, a general and several soldiers. The meeting was also being streamed back to The Square in the capital. A small screen at the base showed the view from a camera overlooking The Square's main meeting hall. A camera was also mounted on top of the screen, allowing for two-way communications.

General: "Okay, so our boys won't be getting back here for a while. They've all been deployed to the city or to the Treshurr Isles. The battles were brutal, but the Confederacy is slowly retreating. Now, we must strike. Your mission is to fly from here to Shadow City. There you will drop the Porcyal bomb and return to Pirate City, if they haven't been captured."

Sonic: "If they have been captured you are to fly back here or to Culldrome City. It's all going to depend entirely on your fuel."

General: "Yes, we've loaded all of our available fuel onto your bomber, which isn't a lot. If you do run out of fuel, then you'll have to ditch in the ocean and hope for rescue."

Duncan (sarcastically): "Seems like a perfect plan!"

The general, not getting Duncan's sarcasm, continued.

General: "Now, hopefully, with the Confederate capital destroyed, they should surrender. As for any resistance groups, the army will just be sent in to stamp them out. Now, any questions?"

Everyone was silent. Supreme Leader Steven spoke from The Square, with his voice being transmitted to the military base.

Steven: "Well, I wish you all the very best of luck. For the Good of All."

Steven saluted and everyone at the base saluted back. The transmission ended and the group made their way to the bomber.

Meanwhile, a large swarm of Confederate helicopters, drop ships and fighter jets flew towards Culldrome City. The drop ships carried soldiers and tanks to be dropped into battle. The swarm made up the last remnants of the Confederacy's military. The following battle that would ensue had to be won. If the Confederacy lost, then they would be forced to surrender. Surrendering with no army and full of shame and humiliation.

Pilot 1 (COMM): "Okay, does everybody know what they're doing? Yes? No? I'll go over the plan anyway. We fly in, drop the troops on the outskirts of Culldrome City and give them air support as they make their way to the capitol. The troops take over the capitol, Culldrome surrenders, Bob's your uncle and we're done."

Pilot 2 (COMM): "Did everyone get that? No? I don't even care anymore...for the Confederacy! Long live the Confederacy!"

Pilots and troops cheered as the swarm neared their final destination.

At Culldrome International Airport, everything was going fine. The airport was placed under the air force's control as all flights were cancelled due to the civil war. Instead of big jumbo jets and airliners flying about, fighter jets and bombers were stationed there. At the airport's control tower, everything was fine, until the swarm was spotted on radar.

Air Traffic Controller 1: "Hey, hey. What's this?"

The controller shook his friend, who was in front another console and fast asleep.

Air Traffic Controller 2: "Huh-uh? What?"

Air Traffic Controller 1: "Wake up and look at the radar."

Air Traffic Controller 2: "What's wrong? An asteroid is headed this way?"

Controller 2 got up and twisted several dials on his console before the radar screen came up.

Air Traffic Controller 2: "Wha-what the heck?"

Air Traffic Controller 1: "What is it?"

Air Traffic Controller 2: "That's an i-in-invasion force, stupid! Get the jets up!"

The two controllers scrambled to get the air force up and into the skies before the city got obliterated by the impending doom on the horizon. The two controllers looked out of the giant glass building where they were in and at the horizon. Very, very faintly, they could see the Confederate swarm nearing. It looked just like a small storm cloud, but this time, this storm cloud would bring in a heavy hurricane of war.

Back at the Snelten base, everyone was already inside the bomber. Buhc was piloting while Chub sat next to him, co-piloting. With them in the cockpit was Careflower, who was sitting at the back at the only seat available. Meanwhile, Joseph, Dan and Duncan were at the back and inside the planes fuselage. Dan and Duncan were at the very back, operating two gun turrets. Joseph was operating the large turret on the top of the bomber and was also in charge with the Porcyal bomb.

The large bomber, camouflaged in a snowy and icy pattern, sat at the end of a snow runway, ready for take off. The runway was out in the isolation of Snelten Island, carved out between two mountains. The runway went on for a long distance before stopping abruptly at a tall cliff. The military and scientific bases were far away from the runway. A small icy path lead out from the bases to the runway.

To conserve fuel, the bomber was connected to a generator on the runway, providing electricity for important systems. Everyone was getting ready for take-off.

Buhc (COMM): "Buhc, here. Radio check."

Air Traffic Controller (COMM): "ATC, here. We read you loud and clear."

Buhc (COMM): "Roger. Everything's good. Let's start her up."

Chub and Buhc flicked a few switches, starting the bomber's engines up. With a loud whine and rumble, the engines started up one by one. The ground generator was disconnected as Buhc got ready to fly.

Buhc (COMM): "Okay, everything's good. We're ready to roll."

Air Traffic Controller (COMM): "Roger. You are cleared for take off. Head east heading zero-niner-zero."

Buhc (COMM): "Roger. Cleared for take off, heading zero-niner-zero. Let's do this."

Chub and Buhc both pushed the throttle forward. Everyone was pushed back into their seats as the engines whined louder and louder. The plane rumbled and grumbled, the wings squeaked and the landing gear thumped on the icy runway. In no time at all, the bomber lifted up into the skies of Culldrome, bound to end the ongoing war.

Back at Culldrome City, the Culldrome air force was scrambled. Hundreds of fighter jets flew up to intercept the Confederate swarm of planes.

CIC Commander (COMM): "How far are we from the city?"

CIC Navigator (COMM): "Within 30 miles of the city center, sir."

CIC Commander (COMM): "Good. Everyone, set down the troops and the tanks. We'll begin are assault from here. All the fighters, fend off the enemy."

With that command, hundreds of drop ships flew down low and unloaded hoards of soldiers and tanks. Fighters thundered overhead as the Confederacy and Culldrome engaged in a massive dogfight. Tanks were dropped down as soldiers zip-lined downwards.

CIC Commander: "Alright everyone! The show is on! TO THE CITY!"

The commander ushered the Confederate landing party as more and more tanks and soldiers landed on the flat plain to the east of the capital. The tanks disregarded everything, shooting down any thing that came in their way and leaving behind a trail of shredded grass and dirt. Above the scene, the fighter jets of both sides tried to out do the other. Dozens of jets on both sides were shot down, blazing into the countryside before exploding. The drop ships, having done their job, tried to help with their limited armaments.

It was literal chaos in the sky.

Meanwhile, back at the bomber, everything was calm. The autopilot was turned on and the plane headed east towards Skulldrome. Unlike the situation above Culldrome City, they encountered no enemies.

Careflower: "It's ironic that to bring peace, we must drop a bomb directly above the enemy."

Chub: " times like this, it seems like the only reasonable option."

Buhc: "To be fair, it did work in the past."

Careflower: "I still think it's a stupid thing to do."

Everyone stopped talking. All that could be heard was the deep bass rumble of jet engines. However, a radio call broke the silence.

Air Traffic Controller (COMM): "Captain Buhc. You do read? Over."

Buhc (COMM): "Yes, I read you loud and clear. What's up?"

Air Traffic Controller (COMM): "There's been change of plan..."

Buhc (COMM): "What do you mean?"

Air Traffic Controller (COMM): "You're going to have to change address..."

Buhc (COMM): "So we're not going for the capital?"

Air Traffic Controller (COMM): "Er...technically..."

Buhc (COMM): "What do you mean?"

Air Traffic Controller (COMM): "Change your heading to two-eight-zero. You'll be dropping your package over the Culldrome capital."

Buhc (COMM): "What the heck? What do you mean? Why?"

Air Traffic Controller (COMM): "A large Confederate invasion force has landed on the mainland. We think that the CIC have brought their entire military over here to finish us off. If you drop your bomb over there, we wipe out their military."

Buhc (COMM): "But Shadow City-"

Air Traffic Controller (COMM): "This is an order. Do you understand?"

Buhc sighed as he fiddled around with the autopilot settings.

Buhc (COMM): "Roger. Heading two-eight-zero. This is Buhc. Out."

The bomber banked hard to the left and swung around. It began to head back towards their new 'delivery address'. Dan, who was at a turret at the back, called up to the cockpit via radio.

Dan (COMM): "What's going on?"

Chub (COMM): "Change of plans. We're dropping the bomb over Culldrome City. A Confederate invasion is happening as we speak and we must stop it."


Buhc (COMM): "I'm afraid not. We're heading there as we speak."

Careflower: "Even more ironic that we destroy our own homeland."

Chub: "But as they say...For the Good of All."

Back at the capital, things were looking grim. Everyone in the city was being mass evacuated, so that they would not get affected by the Porcyal bomb. Many flocked to the highways and headed west, towards the countryside. In the process, the roads got congested and filled with panic. Others rushed north to Seacast, where cargo ships were letting hundreds of the frightened citizens in, despite the dangers. Many, especially important officials, were also getting evacuated via air. The Culldrome air force quickly flew in several transports and got ready to fly off to neighboring countries.

At The Square, Steven stood in front of the giant screen in the main meeting hall, projecting the troop movements. Everyone had already left and he was the only one there. Everyone chose to be evacuated off in the planes instead of taking shelter in an underground bunker. Papers, chairs and other clutter were scattered around the room, after The Square's chaotic evacuation. He stared at the screen as he saw the Confederate forces nearing the city. Soon Steven's assistant came up next to him.

Assistant: "Sir?"

Steven: "Things are looking grim for Culldrome."

Assistant: "Yes, indeed. The Confederacy is ploughing their way towards us. They're within ten miles of the capitol. I suggest that you follow me-"

Steven: "Everything that I had worked for...gone..."

Assistant: "Sir, I'm sure everything will turn right in the end. Now come on."

Steven followed his assistant out of the room. As he exited, he took one look back at the giant screen, before coming to his senses and running after his assistant.

Steven: "So where are we going?"

Assistant: "Civ Island, where you suggested. We'll be taking a short plane ride to Toxic Island, before you get into a much larger plane and head towards the island.'

Steven: "Okay."

Steven went into his personal limousine and was whisked away to the airport, still helping with the evacuations.

On the ground, the Confederate troops neared the city. It was already deserted by the citizens and tanks easily rolled onto the streets. Soldiers burst down every door along the streets trying to capture whatever citizens who did not evacuate. Several Culldrom ground troops faced their opposition in last ditch attempt.

The two sides fought ferociously. Artillery shells of both sides rained down in a random manner, managing to destroy several buildings. Some Confederate tanks were destroyed, blocking some of the Confederate advance. However, the tanks behind mercilessly rolled over the top of the tank debris and continued. The Culldrome troops retreated and evacuated the scene.

CIC Commander: "Hah! Those cowards! They're retreating. This is going to be an easy victory!"

The Confederate troops and tanks neared the capitol building, not noticing the rumble in the sky.

Chub: "We're nearing our target."

The bomber came ever-so closer to the Confederate invasion force. In the skies, the Culldrome air force had managed to clear our most of the Confederate air force. Although both sides had heavy loses, the skies were clear.

Buhc: "Okay. I'll descend and start the bombing run."

Chub (COMM): "Culldrome Command. We're approaching our target. Estimated time...five minutes."

Air Traffic Controller (COMM): "Roger. We'll clear out everyone else in the city. Good luck."

The bomber descended as everybody got prepared for the bombing run. Joseph had left his gun turret and was in the bomb bay, pacing around the big grey bomb. The bomb resembled an old nuclear bomb. On the side, the Culldrome flag, the Military flag and the CSRA symbol were crudely pained on. The bomb had a dark purple color and had an eerie feel to it.

Chub (COMM): "Joseph, move. We're opening the bomb bay doors."

Joseph moved away from the bomb and the doors below it opened up. Joseph shielded his eyes as he adjusted towards the bright daylight outside. The engine's roar and rumble got louder and wind washed up into the plane. Joseph stood next to a small control panel and looked down the hole. There were a few wispy clouds above the forests near the city. There were a few fires burning around the place as a result of the invasion.

Chub: "How far away are we?"

Buhc: "We've just got seconds to go."

The two glanced over the cockpit window and onto the ground below.

Careflower: "Every second we wait is a second closer to doom."

Chub: "Well-"

Buhc: "TEN SECONDS EVERYBODY! Get ready for deployment, everybody. You can do the honors, bro."

Chub twisted a key around unlocking a plastic cover. He flipped over the case and got ready to press the button.

Joseph (COMM): "We make history today, guys."

Buhc: "Any famous words to say?"


A small buzzer rang as Chub pushed the button, releasing the Porcyal bomb onto the city far below.

Buhc: "Now let's get the heck out of here!"

Buhc pushed the bomber to full throttle as they made their way south, far from the city.

Buhc: "We have only seconds to get out of h-"


Careflower: "What was that?"

Chub: "Did it detonate already?"

Buhc: "No, no. We're hit."

A Confederate fighter jet had spotted the lone bomber and had managed to shoot it's wing tip.

Chub (COMM): "Dan! Duncan! We're hit!"

The two puffles, who were at the rear cannon turrets, began to look for the plane.

Dan: "Over there! Eight-o-clock!"

Duncan moved his turret and aimed at the fighter jet, which fired a deletion missile at them.

Dan: "I'll get the missile, you get the jet!"

Dan began to frantically shoot at the missile. Duncan successfully managed to shoot down the Confederate plane, but the missile was a different matter.



The missile managed to delete another large portion of the wing. Fuel and hydraulic fluid leaked out as the bomber banked to the side.

Buhc (COMM): "Guys! We're going down! MAYDAY! MAYDAY!"


Another buzzer rang in the cockpit as the Porcyal bomb detonated.



A deafening explosion sounded throughout the Culldrome Isles. A gigantic shockwave pushed the bomber out of the sky even more. Buhc managed to crash land the damaged bomber into a small forest. The bomber's explosion was dwarfed by the size of the mushroom cloud that the Porcyal bomb created. The sky turned a dark orange as the cloud covered most of the city. The cloud and the surrounding areas had a small glow of purple; energy residue from the Porcyals. The explosion could be heard and felt as far away as Antarctica. The shockwave shattered millions of windows in Culldrome and uprooted trees. A massive storm of debris flew out, damaging even more. Within seconds everything had calmed down as quick as it had begun. The Confederate army was entirely wiped out; the tanks and soldiers sucked up in the vortex of wind from the blast.

Chapter 10: Rise of the Confederacy[edit]

January 13 2014, 3:20 PM, Southeast of Culldrome City, Culldrome Isles

Buhc, Chub and Careflower climbed out of the wreckage of their downed bomber. Joseph punched out the glass of a turret and fell down onto the ground. Dan and Duncan also managed to escape, before the entire plane caught fire. Everyone stepped back as the plane exploded, showering the forest with hot pieces of metal.

Chub looked up at the sky. It had turned a dark orange. In the distance he saw the mushroom cloud, glowing purple.

Chub: "Holy Mullet! Look at that!"

Buhc: "We practically destroyed the city."

Joseph: "At least the Confederacy is long gone."

There was a rustle in the trees and bushes as about a dozen Confederate soldiers, who escaped the blast, crawled out and aimed their guns at them. The group hid behind the bomber wreckage as the soldiers continued firing.

Duncan: "What the heck? What are they doing here?"

Chub: "I don't care. GET THEM!"

Chub and Buhc got their respective swords out of Dan's hammerspace and rushed out, deflecting the ice bullets. Joseph soon joined in as he stood up and began punching the soldiers. The two puffles and Careflower stood behind the wreckage.

Chub, Buhc and Joseph got shot by several ice bullets but continued on anyway, spurred on by their determination. A few other soldiers snuck behind Careflower and the puffles, capturing them.

Careflower: "HELP!"

Chub: "WHAT?!"

Chub turned around and tried to confront the soldiers, but instead collapsed on the ground after several ice bullets. Joseph and Buhc exchanged looks at each other, before dropping their weapons and raising their flippers.

Buhc: "We surrender!"

The soldiers aimed their guns at their new captives as two penguins came out of the bushes.

???: "That's an excellent decision."

???: "Indeed."

The two penguins stepped out of the shadows and into the orange sunlight. It was Gravity and Chub 667X, Chub's X-Antibody. The two had previously confronted the Adelie brothers during the Nightmare of Culldrome

Buhc: "YOU TWO?!"

Chub 667X: "Why are you surprised?"

Buhc: "E-i-um-well-"

Gravity: "Whatever. TAKE THEM AWAY!"

The soldiers knocked everyone out with their rifles as they dragged them away.

January 13 2014, 5:55 PM, Shadow City, Skulldrome Isles

Chairman Dux was about to get ready for a speech that he was to deliver to the Confederacy. His Confederacy. He had just finished talking with his top military advisers about their situation and was going to tell the nation (his nation) about the future. He stepped out onto the grassy, front lawn of the Skulldrome Capitol, where a small wooden stage was constructed. He waddled out onto a podium and began to address dozens of news reporters and penguins in countries around Antarctica.

Chairman: "Today, our great nation...our Confederacy...was attacked by our enemy, the Culldrome Isles. We have seen the power that they posses and when we look at ourselves, we see that our armies will not be able to defeat power of that kind."

The crowd 'booed' the Chairman. Several soldiers marched up to the crowd and pulled out anyone that booed their great leader. The Chairman continued speaking as the soldiers executed the 'rebels' backstage.

Chairman: "That is why...we...the Confederacy, hereby propose an armistice with the Culldrome military. The Culldrome Civil War will temporarily end as a sign of peace. That will be all."

The Chairman waddled back into the capitol as the soldiers continued to silence anyone who disagreed with their leader. The Chairman tripped over the doorstep into the capitol, as a Porcyal fell out of his pocket. He quickly picked it up and hurried back in.

January 13 2014, 6:01 PM, Civ Island

Far away, in Civ Island, Steven Snowen had just finished watching the Confederate press conference in his private suite. He knew that it was not over...not over yet.

Someone knocked on the door to Steven's suite.

Steven: "Come in."

The door opened and Sonic waddled in.

Sonic: "Sir-"

Steven: "It's all over."

Sonic: "Don't say that. We can still fight back. We have allies. They don't. We fight for the freedom and democracy of our citizens. They just want to rule the world."

Steven sighed as he collected himself.

Steven: "Alright. Order all factories to mass produce military equipment. We're going to have to end this...eventually."

Sonic: "Good. That's the spirit."

The two waddled over to the suite balcony and gazed off into the moonlight. Culldrome was not out of the woods They've only fought the battle of Culldrome, but they still have to rid the archipelago of the Shadow of Culldrome.

The End!

To be continued in the Shadow of Culldrome...

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