Battle of George Washing Machine Laundromat

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The Battle of George Washing Machine's Laundromat
Part of Antarctic Revolution
Colonial laundromat.png

The laundromat as it is today.
Date December 26, 1999
Location George Washing Machine's Laundromat, Aware Dell, Eastshield
Result Decisive Revolutionist victory
USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica HessiaCastleFlag.png Hessia-Castle
2,400 1,500
1 killed, 6 frozen by Ditto, 10 wounded 7 killed, 800 wounded, 700 captured
Contains references to the Battle of Trenton and Crossing the Delaware
Part of the Colonial Antarctica series of articles
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South Eastshield Crossing

The Battle of George Washing Machine's Laundromat, also called Operation Big Laundry, was an extremely successful sneak-attack campaign made by the Revolutionists on a Loyalist stronghold in Eastshield that was occupied by Alemanian mercenaries. They ambushed them on the day they were washing their uniforms, having not done so in weeks. The victory here, though minor in scale, was a major moral boost to the Revolutionist faction and also gained large amounts of supplies and weapons from the Loyalists that were much needed in the war effort.

The battle is often taught in schools today as a decisive battle and a major turning point in the war, for it sent the rebels from going on the defensive to going on the offensive against the Puffish and their allies. It also was the deciding factor in the war between the Loyalists and Revolutionists, for if the Revolutionists had failed that night it would've been the total end of the Revolution, as those soldiers were the only ones fighting in the Revolution at the time. Additionally, the victory was noticed by many of Puffle'and's enemies who would later aid the rebels.

The Battle[edit]

After losing the major Battle of Rockhopper Island against the Puffish, the Revolutionists were incredibly weakened, with low morale and extremely exhausted soldiers. The Loyalists had hired Alemanian mercenaries to fight most of their battles for them, and as long as they were paid, they fought well. Indeed, this philosophy, while getting plenty of warriors to fight, had its drawbacks. If the going got tough, the tough didn't exist, for a mercenary's loyalty is to their wallet, not their country, unlike the Revolutionists' love of their country.

These mercenaries had gathered a week before to set up camp near a remote laundromat and have their clothes cleaned for further conquests. They smelled horrible and needed it badly, and were to begin washing their inventories at dawn and ending at dusk. It was also winter, which was too cold compared to their homeland of Alemania to do any fighting, and the mercenaries expected the rebels to have to settle down and rest due to their cold and exhaustion. It was also Christmas, and the mercenaries decided to host parties with much cream soda, which quickly put them to sleep.

The Revolutionists saw this as the ultimate opportunity to strike. That night, they camped down in a dell not too far from the laundromat, a small wooded valley known as Aware Dell, which was across the road and downwards. The Revolutionists merely needed to climb the hill and weave through the trees. That and the road were all that stood between the mercenaries and the Revolutionists. They didn't light a fire or use any electronics that whole day or night, so that the lights wouldn't give them away, as they were at a disadvantage being downhill in the forests.

The saddened troops, having faced far too much defeat, felt hesitant to charge on an enemy force, fearing total defeat and the end of the Revolution if they were crushed. They were also hungry and extremely cool due to lack of suitable winter clothing and hadn't been able to obtain new clothes in weeks. The generals knew this, and they took the opportunity to read from yet another Thomas Ouch pamphlet that truly made them feel better and raised their morale. Now happier and more motivated to fight, the troops decided to carry out their mission.

As night fell and the mercenaries went to sleep, the Revolutionists sneaked out with their weapons and began to quietly trek up the hill and through the forest, passing the road. They were careful not to step on any twigs or branches, though the unavoidable did happen. No one was stirred by this in the enemy camp. As they crossed the road, one penguin, a Dark Penguin, failed to look both ways before crossing. She was smashed by a big-rig tractor-trailer zooming by, killing her instantly. This was the only death taken by the Revolutionists.

Approaching the camp, the group turned as they crossed the road and sneaked behind the ornate laundromat, entering through a back door. They went inside and cut the power by severing the wires, so that even if they lost, the mercenaries couldn't get clean clothes. Some of them took their weapons and went to the second story of the laundromat, positioning themselves in windows and aiming their weapons at the mercenary camp. The rest of the troops exited through the front door of the laundromat and stormed the camp. They opened fire and injured hundreds of mercenaries before they could even get up and fight back.

After a while, the dust settled, and the mercenaries were heavily injured and had taken many casualties already. Those that weren't heavily injured were caring for those who were heavily injured, allowing the Revolutionists to capture them or watch them run. Seven of the runners escaped, but failed to look both ways before crossing the road, and they too were flattened by yet another big rig passing by. This victory primarily boosted the morale of the troops, and they were able to obtain a lot more clothing and supplies for their ranks.

After the battle, Revolutionist General Greg Cleanington gave a speech in the town to his soldiers, whose tours with the army were about to end. Since the victory gave new hope to the Revolutionist cause, in the end, not a single soldiers left the army. They would stay for another year. Soon after, 2,000 Froztizian reinforcements also arrived, bringing much need supplies and hope, and through the next few days, many locals also joined the army. With the supplies, many rebel soldiers were able to get into fighting shape, bringing Cleanington's army up to 8,000.

The Laundromat Itself[edit]

Main Article: George Washing Machine's Laundromat

George Washing Machine's Laundromat is one of the oldest laundromats in Antarctica, founded in 1967 and run by the same family ever since. The ornate, two-story building contains rows and rows of washing machines on both floors. Sadly, they do not receive very many customers because they are in such a remote location. The building is extremely fancy and resembles more of a luxurious estate than a laundromat on the outside. The building is larger than it looks, though.

Recently, as the laundromat received few costumers, the family who owned the laundromat sold it to the Antarctican government for a large sum of money, due to its history, and was converted into a historic site by the government, with information signs being placed around to show its status as a historic site. The government also built a gift shop and information center nearby and started tours led by hired tour guides to guide visitors around and tell the history behind the laundromat and the famous battle that occurred there.

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