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Not to be confused with Bacon University in Waffleland!

Beacon University was a University that was founded in 1786 by Signore Francis Hochstadt. It had lots of Students and was tucked inside the mountains of Club Penguin.


Signore Francis was a native to the city of Frostize and he loved education because he had been raised a Monk and grew up in Liguria. He founded this university in 1786 to expand education to the common penguins on the small island of Club Penguin. Signore Francis became the Dean, Thus called "Signore", and ran the school until he returned to Frostize in 1790 because his son, Pengo Pollo, was about to be born. Pengo was planned to inherit the university when he was older, but he persued the life of adventure. Eventually, Signore Francis' Grandson, the Sensei Chin Yang, helped sponsor the small university by holding Ninja Classes after he had burnt down the Dojo. The school continued to thrive under the sucession of The Five Senseis, Pen Chi, and Sensei. During the 2003-2005 economic boom, Penguin Chat became Club Penguin, and the university gained several more students as families began moving into the island. The hard work of all the Senseis has helped create this sucessful academy.

Arson Incident and Destruction of the Campus[edit]

On July 1st, 2013, at 11:30 PM Penguin Standard Time, an angry fraternity that had lost a bet with another fraternity got their revenge by throwing several containers of gasoline onto their enemies' headquarters. The fraternity house was lit on fire by a match, and the house was caught on fire in a matter of seconds. The fire was extremely strong, and it quickly spread to several other nearby fraternity headquarters and dorm rooms before someone notified the Fire department. Meanwhile, the Fraternity that had their HQ burnt down also took part of a revenge plot by burning the dorm rooms of their enemy fraternity. The campus eventually became a warzone between clashing fraternities, forcing all the students to evacuate the campus. By then, the Sciences Building had caught on fire and exploded due to the chemicals inside, causing the fire to become harder to contain. By 12:30 AM, Firefighters had given up on the campus and they immediately called for a large trench to be built around the campus to avoid the fire's expansion into the woods. Special aircraft and helicopters were dispatched from Shiverpool, Antarctic Peninsula, and dropped several tonnes of water to quench the fires. By 5:00 PM, all the fire had been put out.

The campus was completely destroyed; no building survived, and there was an estimated 5 billion coins worth of damage in total. Dorms, classrooms, and all the items inside were all decimated, and it was declared that the campus was beyond repair.

Luckily, no one was killed, though a few were injured from falling or burning objects. Those responsible for burning the school were captured and arrested; they were charged with grand arson and sent to The Hot Snow for 45 years. Students had to be transferred to the temporary Monsters University while the Club Penguin Island legislature decided to create Club Penguin University next to the mine.

The Site today[edit]

Today, as the ruins are being cleaned up, a large monument dedicated to the school was built. There is some talk about rebuilding some of the historic buildings to be used as extension classrooms for Club Penguin University, but it is unconfirmed. As of now, the site is being dominated by ruins, rocks from the stone buildings, moss, trees, flowers, some grass, and wild puffles. The area is popular with hikers and student alumni. The road to the university now leads to camping grounds where some of the dorms used to be.


There are Several Buildings that consist of the University Campus. Originally, during Signore Francis's short term as Dean and founder, the University was a single large building made of stones.

  • Staff and Office Building:This building holds the Teacher's Lounge, School Office, and other Staff related rooms.

  • History Building:This building holds the Archaeology, History, and Natural History Classes in the School. It is also home to an extensive collection of Artifacts from different places found by the University's own Archaeology team.

  • Medical and Science Center: The Medical Center holds all of the school's medical and Science classes.

  • Sports Fields: The Sports Fields holds all of the Sports Classes, that include Soccer Fields, American Football Fields, Tennis Courts, Baseball and Softball Fields, a Track, and a Gym.

  • Business and Tech Center: This is where all the Business and Technology related classes are held.

  • Signore Francis Building: This is where all of the rest of the other classes are held. It was the largest building in the school.

Notable Students[edit]

Here are Notable Students that have attended this school:

Graduated Students[edit]

Expelled or Quit Students[edit]



Teacher:Fisch Hochstadt

In this class, Penguins and Puffles will learn about ceartain time periods of the history of Antarctica - depending on what class you will take. Also, you will learn how to escavate a historical area to find important historical Artifacts. This class is recommended for those who want to join the Time Agency. To pass the class, you must take a written exam.

Aviation (Penguins)[edit]

Aviation (Puffles)[edit]

Teacher:Piper J. Cub

One of the only classes available for Puffle Aviation, this class will help teach the basics of Flight to Puffles. To Pass the Class, a puffle has to fly with the instructor in a plane, and must handle radios, navigation and controlling the aircraft, and must have logged in 1,000 hours of flight time before a permit is given.



Languages Arts[edit]


  • It had a famous rivalry with the similarly-name Bacon University, which is slightly more famous due to it's zombie infestation in it's basement.

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