Becky Nivaj

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Becky Nivaj
Becky Nivaj.png
Title Rebecca Amy Nivaj
Gender Female
Race Green
Faction Antarctican's Next Top Model
Health Very good
Status Alive
Location The mall, her condo.
Birth date April 30, 1991 (1991-04-30) (age 28)
Occupation Model
Interests Picking on other girls, being mean, fashion, being famous, getting what she wants.
Friends Erika Resi, Wendi Livingston, Jessie Heyton, Tess Regi, Clara Ferdeni, Katherine Geran, Lucy Van (formerly)
Enemies Dota Livingston, anyone who isn't her friend.
Archetype Neutral

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Becky Amy Nivaj is a 28 year old penguin who is "queen mean girl". She picks on anyone who she believes is below her, and talks behind other penguins' backs. She is looked up to only because she is envied.

She is a very popular model in Antarctian's Next Top Model and she throws a tantrum every-time she lost. She once got arrested by the Fashion Police for having an 'ugly face'. Ever since she was 14, she loved 'Antarctican's Next Top Model' and she always dreams of being in the show. She is one of the models that swear the most in the show but luckily the bad words are censored. Sometimes in her dreams before she got into the show, she dreamt of being in the show and receiving lots of awards for best beauty. However, her dreams came true when she got into the show after she toured around the world for modelling and she was sooooo happy to be in the show since she said excitedly "I never felt more of myself, in my whole life!".



Becky was born on a rainy day to two extremely rich parents, who were snobs. When she was young, she was highly spoiled by her rich parents. Becky received anything she asked for, which badly spoiled her, which also developed into snobbishness. She was taught by her parents that "unless they are rich, pretty, and popular, you are better than them." The evil influence of her parents continued to affect her for the rest of her life. Since she was of higher class, she was tutored for her elementary years by a tutor that also was very snobbish like herself. At age 7, her parents had another chick named "Emma". At first Becky immediately hated her sister but later when Emma was 3, Becky liked her because she's mean like her. However, Emma wanted to be an athlete more than a model which made Becky mad. The evil influence that Becky got had passed on to her sister which made Emma and Becky get along even more well.


Eventually, the old, snobbish tutor died of old age, and her parents decided that Becky should go to Public school to show herself off to the world. Becky picked on pretty much everyone, as she found most people to be lesser than her. She hated everyone on a different level. She also had her own clique who consisted of other rich girls like her who adored her all the time. Half of the rich girls at school didn't like Becky much because she's mean which made her mad. The main penguins she picks on is Kai Hills, DotA, Bree, Willie Watt and many more. By eighteen, she had gotten a job as a model for her beauty in the city of Citadelle, a city known for being home to most Bakunyumorian fashion designers. She immediately loved the idea of being a job as a model and she started moving to Citadelle which made her soooo happy. The day before Becky flew to Citadelle, she graduated high school and yelled at the penguins she bullied by calling them losers and dorks.

Early Adulthood[edit]

Once Becky became a model in Citadelle, she got the experience of a lifetime when her fashion designer decided to take a group of models on a tour around Antarctica. Becky did not like the other models very much since they were competition to her, and Becky always did her best to show off on every show they attended. In total, Becky visited the famous cities of Parie, Metido, Toledo, Buenos Suelos, Snowdon, Zurich, Milano, South Pole City, Shiverpool, Club Penguin Island, Polaris, Ulaansnowtar, New Club Penguin City, and Pengu Town during her tour around Antarctica. She was also able to get signatures from Swiss Ninja, Penghis Khan, and King Carlos Goberna II during the tour, all of whom praised her for her beauty and elegance. That same year, she got signed up to become a model in Citadelle for the reality fashion show 'Antarctican's Next Top Model'. She got through most rounds in the show which received an award at 'The Golden Model Awards' for best beauty and elegance. Despite getting through lots of rounds in the fashion reality show, she sometimes lose which causes Becky to throw a tantrum in front of the judges.


Becky is a mean girl who loves to torture people mentally, as she thinks she is above anyone else. She usually likes to torture other penguins, and even puffles during her free time when she's not modeling. Becky is the most famous fashion model in Bakunyumoria. She is commonly seen in the front of many Bakunyumorian magazines. She mainly bullies DotA, Kai Hills, WIllie Watt and many other penguins at her high school. Despite being very wealthy, she wan't very popular much to her jealousy and that's why she is the arch-enemy of Bree. She was so happy that she moved to So she moved in Citadelle in her condo because she can't stand the other penguins that went to her high school and she wouldn't have to see Bree again. Her current highest enemy is Kai Hills because he's 'annoying' in her opinion and she bullies him a lot. What she hated most in her life is losing in 'Antarctcan's Next Top Model'. She also swears at the fashion reality show but luckily the bad words are censored.



  • Erika Resi
  • Wendi Livingston
  • Jessie Heyton
  • Tess Regi
  • Clara Ferdeni
  • Katherine Geran
  • Lucy Van (formerly)


  • Bob Paepa






  • "Like, oh my gosh!"
  • "Oh, that is so you."
  • "That is so hideous!"
  • (When her sister says she wants to be an athlete), "There is no way you're going to be a disgusting athlete."
  • "Don't you need a license to be that ugly?!"
  • "Oh my gosh, where did you get that hideous outfit?!"
  • "I got that same green sweater, for my puffle from the Pet Shop."
  • "Darn that stupid stupid Kai Hills!"
  • "You are so going down like your clothes for the modelling show are so last year!"
  • "Like, whatever."
  • "Oh that girl thinks her hair is soooo cute, seriously? Like, her hair looks like a bird made a nest, had babies and died!"
  • "You'll never be popular and that's all you'll ever be!"
  • "Listen midgets, the only reason I did this 'cuz I was forced to, so like stay out of my way!"
  • "Eww what's that awful smell? She's supposed to spray it, not marinate it!"
  • "Nice slippers, where did you get it from? Shooting bunnies?!
  • "Hello unpopular!"
  • "I can't go on the show with a big bruise on my arm, the judges will hate me!"
  • "Like, what?"
  • "How dare you disapprove of my modelling!"
  • "Annoying, much."
  • "What's her problem?!"
  • "What's up with her?"
  • "Oh my gosh DotA, is that your journal?! Can I read it?!"
  • "Only dorks have diaries!"
  • "Like, Tapestrea's music is soooooo old, like yeah."
  • "Like, duh."
  • "Haha, sucks to be you!"
  • "Like, I actually care!"
  • "I'm going to search the whole school to look for your journal and you'll be totally sorry!"
  • "Don't make me beat you up again!"
  • "There is no way I'm competing such a stupid nerd!"
  • "You suck!"
  • "What?! You can't arrest me fashion police, I've work pretty hard on my face!"
  • "(fake cries), she hit me!"
  • "I'm going to watch you like a hawk!"
  • "Loser!"
  • "Shut up!"
  • "I don't know and I don't care!"
  • "But Dad!!"
  • "I want it now!"
  • "Shut up! *covers ears* shut up, shut up, shut up!"
  • "*sarcastic* oops, didn't see you there."
  • "Who cares? Its not that important!"
  • "Its not fair! *stomps feet*"
  • "What do you want now?!"
  • "Bob, get me an ice water!"
  • (Bob gives her water without ice cubes), "I asked for ice cubes, not a very cold drink!"
  • (when she wears a wacky outfit) "Shut up!!"
  • "I love your shoes, not!"
  • "And I fed five of them, your welcome."
  • "Ow!"
  • "What your friggin' problem?!"
  • "Worst. Day. EVER!"
  • "She's like, totally ugly."
  • "Ewwww, you've got a zit!"
  • (When someone spills something on her expensive dress), "How dare you?! You, like, totally ruined my dress!"
  • (When DotA first introduced herself to her), "*cries with laughter* what a stupid name!"
  • "You are such an idiot!"
  • (When Bob did something stupid), "Stop it or I'll fire you!"
  • "Hello?! Are you deaf or blind?!"
  • "What do you think your doing?"
  • "Aw c'mon, only nerds do that!"
  • "I am not a drama queen, who told you that?"
  • "We're not friends anymore! Urrh! *stomps off*"
  • "Its like, a major emergency! The penguin messed up my invitations for my sweet 16 party."
  • "No, a big fat no!"
  • "Thats it, I'm deleting her on Facebook! *deletes friend*"
  • "Oh, pur-lease!"


  • Her favorite colors are blue and lilac.
  • She has a sister named Emma.
  • She is known at high school for Bree's archenemy.
  • Even though Becky was rich, she wasn't very popular at her high school much to her jealousy.
  • When she used to be around her sister, she sometimes forced her to become a model like her.
  • Kai Hills is currently her highest enemy.
  • She almost humiliates every girl that hasn't have enough fashion sense at high school.
  • She usually starts off her sentences "Like."
  • She currently lives in her condo at Citadelle.
  • It's rumored that Swiss Ninja has a crush on her but it was confirmed false.
  • She throws a tantrum every-time the judges disapprove of her modelling and her fashion choice.
  • She has a personality similar to Mckenzie from Dork Diaries.
  • She hates Kai Hills because he thinks she's hideous and a total drama queen.
  • She sometimes beats up Kai at school.
  • She despises the Fashion Police because she was once arrested for 'having an ugly face' though the fashion police say.
  • Her inspirations are Angeline and Tay Tay because they have great fashion sense.
  • She features on the reality fashion show Antarctican's next top model.
  • She sometimes swears on the fashion reality show but luckily the bad words were censored.
  • She loooves fashion.
  • Machu might possibly have a crush on her.
  • She thinks Willie Watt is so annoying and loud.
  • She is always considered such a drama queen by everyone who gets picked by her.
  • She has an agent called "Bob Papepa".
  • She's a diva.
  • She has a problem with exercising.
  • She hates being called fat.
  • She was disappointed and upset that Angeline wasn't pretty anymore.
  • She doesn't know who Meaghan is.
  • She always flips her hair when something goes her way.
  • She has a addiction to lipstick.
  • She's a girly-girl.
  • Despite being mean, she's not evil like Herbert.
  • She might have a long lost relative.
  • She hates Tapestrea because Becky thinks she doesn't have fashion sense and classical music.
  • She has brown hair like her mother.
  • She hates getting dirty.
  • She twirls her hair and flirts with boys to get what she wants.
  • She stomps her feet when something doesn't go her way.
  • She says "Totally" a lot in her sentences.
  • She might have an ex-boyfriend.
  • She has green feathers like her father.

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