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Kwiksilver's big, beefy brother
Title "Beefy"
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Brawler
Health Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but other then that better then most penguins
Level It raises by the second
Status Finding something else to flatten
Location Coughcandy land
Occupation Flattening Stuff
Feather color Black
Hobbies Flattening the mice that crawl underneath his bed
Interests Pounding everything he can find into dust
Weaknesses Unknown
Abilities Pounding anything he meets into dust
Friends His pair of sunglasses, named "Bertress"
Enemies Anyone who laughes at his hair
Archetype Beefy, Brawler, Dim-witted.
Weapon of choice His 45-pound, muscle-filled flippers

Beefgold is Kwiksilver's big, beefy brawler of a brother who is known for his enormous strength and general lack of intellegence. He was born and grew up way back before Kwiksilver was born, and therefore neither thinks the other exists.


Beefgold was born years before his younger brother Kwiksilver, though the exact date is not known.

He was born with an abnormally small brain, and a tiny, weak body.

As he grew up it became increasingly clear that he was incredibly dim-witted, and he was always at the foot of the class.

Because of this he was looked-down upon, and most of the sudents hated him even more then they did nerds.

One day as he was walking down the street, he came upon an old, crumpled newpaper dated 1945.

He happened to see an ad that promised to make the buyer "incredibly strong in five seconds" and proving once again his amazing stupidity, he went to the area specified.

When he arrived, he saw nothing but a tiny, wooden outhouse, with a little bottle marked "poison" leaning up beside it.

Beefsilver ran up to the botle, and taking the skull on the bottle for a picture of his teacher "Bob McFlare", he gulped down all of it.

Within seconds he started to feel rather strange and as he burped and gagged on his flipped that he was sucking, he fell down flat on the ground and lay there for a few hours.

When he awoke, he realized that he was late for school and rushed there, tripping all the way over everything that was in his path.

By the time he arrived, school was long over, and being the slow penguin that he is, he went in the classroom and waited for the others to arrive.

When they did arive(a day later), Beefgold still hadn't gotten any stronger, and he looked as sad as a smacked bottom.

As they all sat down, Beefgold felt something strange.

His muscles began to ripple and tingle, and he he looked down at his flippers.

Instead of his flabby, small flippers there were huge, bulging flippers growing by the second.

Beefgold felt stronger, tougher, and most importantly (to him), he could finally reach his desk (did I mention that he was short?).

He decided to slap the penguin sitting right next to him (an ugly fat brute named Saucepan101) and the penguin flew right out of his seat and out the window.

The rest of the class stared, amazed, and then fled.

In fact, the whole town evacuated!

Beefgold decided to rename the town Coughcandy land, and he has remained there ever since.

Kwiksilver's parents, by way of rumour, thought that their son had been killed by a strong beast (which was actually Beefgold) and therefore never mentioned him to their second son.


Beefgold is dimwitted and thinks of nothing other then flattening everything in sight, unless if someone can flatten HIM!

That is his entire personality (It didn't need much writing), so read on!


Beefgold remains inside Coughcandy land, barracaded inside his gigantic mansion to protect himself from the Time Agency who is out to get him for flattening one of their agents.

However his luck would soon change when he met Kwiksilver, his brother that he had never met before.


  • He will play a role in XTUX's upcoming Project Kwiksilver.