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Beep is happy!
Nicknames B, The Dumb Spy, Rookie 2
Title Beep: Feey1's Pet Green Puffle
Gender Male
Race Puffle
Faction Good Guy
Health Great
Status Exploring
Location The Yowien Sea
Fourth Wall He doesn't even know about it.
Birth date October 19th, 2001 (Aged 18 years)
Death date Not yet
Occupation Nothing
Height One foot
Eye color Cool
Fur color Green
Color Green
Nationality Yowien
Country of residence Yow Kingdom
Primary residence Feey1's castle on F Island.
Hobbies Spying, reading, exploring, dueling swords with his owner
Interests Exploring, flying, history, spying.
Strengths Great spy, flies really fast
Weaknesses Does not run fast, is very clumsy
Powers None
Abilities Reading, sword dueling
Allergies Cheese, peanuts
Favourite color Green!
Fears Aliens, Herbert
Criminal record Spying on government officials
Jail time accumulated A week
Community service time None
Times arrested Once
Net worth Five-hundred Gold Coins
Friends Feey1 Pie, Rookie, Gill, Meme
Enemies Swiss Ninja, Leonardo di Tremezzo, Clovis
Member of Feey1's pet puffles
Alma mater Home schooled by tutor
Archetype Good Guy
Weapon of choice Sword

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Beep is Feey1 Pie's pet Green Puffle, who loves to spy and explore. He spends most of his free time exploring F Island, reading history books, or spying on citizens. But he has gotten in trouble a lot for spying, and has even been arrested once. Feey1 has tried to talk some since into him, but Beep is hard to convince. He is currently 18 years old.


Beep was born on October 19, 2001 in Hontana. His parents were both pet puffles, so Beep became one. Sadly when he was one year old, his parents were taken to a pet store. After four years Beep was adopted by Feey1 Pie, while he was on a vacation to Hontana. Feey1 took Beep back to F Island, and raised him there. Beep got along with Gill, and Meme well and became good friends. When Beep was five he said his first words, which were: "Where's my propeller cap?" He took after his owner, and loved to explore. He asked for a propeller hat on Christmas 2007, and got it. When he did he flew around F Island in it, and threw snowballs at penguins from mid air. He started to become a little too crazy, and started to get trouble lot. When he was nine, he spied on some government officials. He was soon arrested, and Feey1 had to bail him out. He continued to spy on others, and go on explorations. On his tenth birthday, he had a big party with his friends. Included in the guest list was Rookie, the two met on Yow Kingdom Island. Beep continued to be a fun loving, explorer, and spying puffle. The EPF has even thought of inviting him to be an Elite Puffle, but The Director believes he's too young.


When Yow Kingdom became more of a corrupted country, strange things happened on F Island. More penguins were whispering to each other in public, and Beep was very interested. He did much spying, and with the help of police caught several Snoss spies. Because of this he won the 'Medal of Honor', and was invited to The Yowien Castle. He helped to snoop out some spies in the castle, all but one.


Beep is a lot like his owner, and loves to see what's up. He never likes to be missed out on, and is always trying to figure out who's doing what. He can be very annoying this way, and drive some people insane. He is kind of clumsy, and doesn't really understand stuff. In someways he is much like Rookie, only a bit smarter.





  • "I only kind of did it!"
  • "Hey you stupid yellow puffle, your art rinks."
  • "Why do you think I was spying on you? You're the most boring person in the world!"
  • "The moral lesson is that, ummm...hhhmmmm...I got nothing."


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