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Rockthemic, do be sensible!
— Bellarocker

"Hi, I'm Bella!"
Bellarocker, getting ready to nag at Rockthemic for neglecting a rule of Health and Safety™.
Born Maria Susan Bella Penguinlinsky
April 29, 2006 (2006-04-29) (age 13)
Gender Female
Nationality Puffish-Antarctican
Other names First Aid-y
Ethnicity Penguin
Citizenship Antarctica
Years active Since 2012
Home town Somewhere in Antarctica
Salary 100 coins per week (only because she is benevolent enough to follow Rockthemic around for health and safety reasons)
Known for Accompanying Rockthemic
Being a health & safety freak
Title Nurse of the Group
Opponent(s) Penguins who think that she's a nagging, incompetent "nurse" who follows the unwilling Rockthemic around the place...which is, in a way, quite true!
Relatives Rockthemic
Popcorn 3000
Leetle Penguinpuff
She is a total health-and-safety freak.

Maria Susan Bella Penguinlinsky, better known as Bellarocker, title Nurse of the Group, is the third oldest of Popcorn 3000's siblings. A total health and safety freak, she constantly accompanies her older brother Rockthemic with a First Aid Kit, just in case he gets any serious injuries. Whenever anything of the sort happens, such as getting PWNed by a snowball or getting smashed by Grump, she always insists on putting a bandage and some iodine on it. This is one of the reasons why some penguins despise her. These penguins usually say that she is a nagging, incompetent "nurse" who follows the unwilling Rockthemic everywhere. This is actually, in a way, true. She is also very, very cautious.


Early Life[edit]

Bellarocker hatched as Maria Susan Bella Penguinlinsky on April the 29th, 2006, in Antarctica, with two older brothers - Rockthemic and Popcorn 3000. As a chick, she was, for some reason, fond of Rockthemic. Once Rockthemic got used to her and vice-versa, she would find any excuse to follow him around, which annoyed him a bit. A month of this annoyingness passed, when he decided that the best way to stop this behavior was to ignore her, so he tried it. It worked, and luckily for everybody else, she didn't get upset and have temper tantrums.

However, given that Bellarocker has a trait concerning obsessions, something needed to take its place. She saw the recklessness of X-Treme Penguin live on television, and decided that the best way to live would be as a health & safety freak, or as a nurse. Aided by diagrams on the Internet and in self-help books, she began learning how to cure simple ailments, such as colds and indigestion. She carried on like this with no other interest, until, two years later, Leetle Penguinpuff hatched from her egg.

Even though she was only two, she was very prudent, and she decided to become her nurse-nanny. Leetle Penguinpuff thought of her quite highly until Bellarocker proved that she herself was an atrocious drawer, which lowered Leetle's expectations quite a lot. The good thing was that, thanks to Leetle's drawing skills and Bellarocker's devotion to her as a nurse-nanny, they could both be taught the alphabet, arithmetic, etc. easily.

Later-Current Life[edit]

Quite abruptly for Bellarocker, the entire family suddenly moved to Club Penguin, after Phenguinus Phoom lost his job and won the lottery at the same time. The odd thing about this sudden event was that, during the areoplane flight, Bellarocker's passion for looking after Leetle Penguinpuff began to fade away, and she slowly became more attached to Rockthemic, once again.

Luckily for both of them, Rockthemic was mature enough to be patient with her, and Bellarocker changed her role from "Leetle Penguinpuff's nurse-nanny" to "Rockthemic's personal nurse". As soon as they arrived, she bought the historic First Aid Kit she always carries around, in the airport convenience store, to her absolute delight. She then got more delight in following him around the place, because he kept on bumping into things, and thus injuring himself, which meant that she had a lot of use for the bandages, plasters and iodine inside.

Eventually, she was given the nickname "Bellarocker" a week after her elder brother, because she keeps on insisting following Rockthemic around. She didn't mind this at all, and to this day, she continues to follow Rockthemic wherever he goes, keeping the First Aid Kit handy, ready in case Rockthemic gets any injuries.


Because she constantly follows Rockthemic whilst carrying a First Aid Kit for him, her involvement is equally low. All she does is keep a lookout for whenever Rockthemic injures himself (such as getting bashed by Grump), and when the occasion happens, she will immediately run to him and insist on plastering a bandage and iodine on the spot. This is one of the reasons that some penguins say that she nags, and, truth be told, Rockthemic does get annoyed by this sometimes, especially when his friends are involved, or are spectating.


Believe it or not, she is quite a "traditional" penguin. If she was living in a time when females were gradually abandoning the dress and opting for skirts/trousers/T-shirt/whatever, then she'd be the archetypal "strict old grandma" nagging her peers and juniors about what to wear, and what not to wear. Not only that, she has a horror of factories and shiny cars, proudly declaring them as "horribly vulgar", and use that as an excuse to steal borrow somebody's bike to get away from the sight. She is quite the luddite.

In addition, she also insists on having classical music wherever she goes - her favourite piece of music being Tchaikovsky's "Waltz of the Flowers" - and privately considers it her duty to make sure that Leetle Penguinpuff follows in her footsteps. She has no full success so far, but she is slowly getting more attention to her pleas.

This may be another reason why penguins her age (and younger) are annoyed with her.

Powers and Weaknesses[edit]


  • Super Nurse - Bellarocker is an excellent nurse/doctor. She knows everything needed for everything from explorers to the common house-penguin, which is great if one of her companions get hurt.
  • Kind - Obviously, since Bellarocker is a nurse/doctor, she has to have empathy/sympathy/kindness, or else she would probably try to squeeze some pocket-money off her patients, or be cold, or something of the sort.


  • Nags - She has an unfortunate tendency to nag others when they neglect or forget something, especially if it's a rule of Health and Safety™. In which case, she will go on, and on, and on about the importance of it.
  • Brags - She also has an equally unfortunate tendency to brag about things she's good at, such as being able to make personalized medical Card-Jitsu cards that work.
  • Worrier - Bellarocker PWNs at worrying. She can worry over petty things, and over important things, such as where Leetle Penguinpuff has got herself to, and hopes she isn't starving. This behavior of worrying usually ends in crying.


  • Rockthemic, do be sensible!
  • Poor, poor Rockthemic!
  • Oh bandages!
  • In the name of iodine!
  • Do be quiet, Leetle Penguinpuff, I'm just dividing the amounts of iodine into separate dark-glass unbreakable bottles on behalf of Rockthemic...
  • That is not funny, Popcorn 3000. Rockthemic might have got hurt.
  • Penguinpuffdude, I would highly advise you not to become a Fire Ninja. Hot sauce can be so irritating on the feathers.


(Penguinpuffdude and Bellarocker are playing Card-Jitsu.)
Penguinpuffdude: Level 2 water card. Your turn.
Bellarocker: Level 11 soap powercard; higher the level of soap, the better it beats water! :D
Penguinpuffdude: Wait, a what powercard?
(Before she gets an answer, she immediately gets a rub-down, whilst all the rounds she won disappear. Bellarocker is immediately proclaimed winner.)
Bellarocker: Highest level of soap beats water all the time! Yes!
Penguinpuffdude: I don't believe that's fair, Bellarocker.
(Bellarocker throws down a Level 12 Ssssssssuuuuurrrrrrrrgggeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyy powercard, which chases Penguinpuffdude away.)
Bellarocker: I'm sure glad I took his advice - Sssssssssuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrgggggggggeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyy wins over anything! :D
Penguinpuffdude: Actually, Bellarocker, I'm not an inherited ninja for nothing.
(As Bellarocker looks down, she sees her own, somehow deactivated, powercard, right underneath her beak. Just before it's re-activated...)
Bellarocker: *gulp* Oh bandages...


  • Whenever she is narrated, her saying "do" is always italicized whenever relevant.
  • She always accompanies "poor, poor Rockthemic!" whilst carrying a First Aid Kit, in case he gets any serious injuries.
  • Bellarocker is the most sensible of the siblings.
  • She is also the most serious.
  • She always carries iodine and bandages in her First Aid Kit.
  • No matter her good intentions, not everybody likes her.
  • Because Penguinpuffdude always insists on playing Card-Jitsu with her whenever she visits, she keeps a handy set of personalised, hand-made medical Card-Jitsu cards in her First Aid Kit.
  • She is a semi-parody of the two different Susans in the Swallows and Amazons series and from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, but just blown waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of proportion.