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Belle in the cover of 'Jet Pack Fever' (notice the aqua penguin behind Jet Pack Guy)
Title Herbert Assistant
Gender Female
Race North Antarctican
Faction Villain
Health Excellent
Status Alive
Location Club Penguin
Birth date October 31, 1997
Occupation Villain
Interests Destroying her sister.
Friends Herbert, Klutzy, Protobot, etc.
Enemies EPF agents and any friend of her sister.
Archetype Antagonist

Belle is one of the main villains in Club Penguin for she has worked with Herbert on all occasions and is surprisingly related to EPF agent Bellykid5.

Theme Song[edit]

Belle is a very headstrong and intimidating penguin, making this the perfect theme song for her.


Belle was born in the Northern part of Antarctica. During that time her mother and father, Dancing Penguin, were divorced so her mother was taking care of her. Soon her mother disappeared causing Belle to move to Club Penguin and live with her father Dancing Penguin, who she says "treated me better than mom did". Belle has a fantastic memory, being able to remember up to her birth! When she was 2, her father, Dancing Penguin, brought home a little baby. It was her new step-sister Bellykid5. Belle immediately had a hatred towards her. Belle was an advanced toddler, being able to read and write by the time she was 2. Bellykid however wasn't as advanced and couldn't read or write when she was 2 years old, which caused Belle to have an even greater hatred towards her. One day Belle's father went to her and told her that her step-sister, Bellykid, had a learning disability. That day, something snapped in Belle, she hated everything about her sister and wanted no part of her. Despite numerous attempts of trying to hide her, take her away, even kill her, she soon knew that none of that would work. Belle ran away from home when she was 4. She left a note explaining why. After 3 years, the note was found and Dancing Penguin took care of Bellykid5 for less than a year until he abandoned her around 7.

Running Away[edit]

Belle was 4 when she ran away from home. On numerous occasions she couldn't help but think about her father and if she did the right thing by leaving him. She was soon interrupted of her thoughts when she came upon the Pizza Parlor. Most penguins woulddn't hire a 4 year old, but Belle was more advanced than a 4 year old, which got her a job at the Pizza Parlor at a young age. She moved around a lot from place to place for a while because she didn't have just one place to live. Pretty soon when she was 10, she found the Protobot and was raised by him until she was old enough to buy her own igloo.

Becoming a Villain[edit]

When she was 13 she quit her job at the Pizza Parlor after seeing her sister, Bellykid5, apply for a job there. She ended up working as a tour guide which she had to quit again after she realized Bellykid5 was working there. Soon she decided to pull a prank on her and kidnap the tourists, thinking that Bellykid wouldn't go after them. She was sadly mistaken after she was captured by a trap she fell into absent-mindedly. She was able to escape easily and soon she began stalking her sister. She discovered the PSA and began spying on the villain, Herbert. She secretly assisted him with creating the Popcorn Bomb which blew up the PSA. She got more and more connected with Herbert, she began connecting their minds together so she could speak with him telepathically. She was the one who told Herbert to kidnap her sister, which is when Belle discovered the mood flip and caused Herbert to enable it. Mind-speaking with Herbert was draining her energy, so after the PSA was destroyed she soon developed a plan to meet Herbert face to face and work together with him. She met him and got him to trust her, soon she was face to face with her sister and now currently plans to destroy her.


Belle is a very headstrong penguin who is sometimes very egotistical. She's evil because of her father, Dancing Penguin, and only has one deep dark secret that no one knows about her. It's her one secret weakness. She's easily angered and hates seeing her sister happy as well as disaproving anything that her father didn't like. Her personality is similar to Azula on Avatar: The Last Airbender. She's also very intimidating as well as frightening. When she got Herbert to trust her, she told him a fake sad story to gain his sympathy. It has been reported that she does it everytime to gain sympathy.


Belle is an aqua penguin with a stolen EPF jacket and skirt. She normally wears clear heels and has her hair up in a long bun. Sometimes she wears a jet pack.


  • Seeing her sister unhappy
  • Motivation
  • Intimidating
  • Headstrong
  • Fake sympathy
  • Creating fake sad stories for sympathy
  • Tricking others
  • Manipulating others
  • Rights from wrongs
  • Extremely talented reader and writer


Belle doesn't have many weaknesses. But here are only a few of her biggest ones.

  • Nyctophobia (Fear of darkness)
  • Her mother
  • Atelophobia (Fear of being imperfect)
  • OCD (She's obsessed with doing things exactly correct)
  • Insomnia
  • Atychiphobia (Fear of failure)


  • "What are you doing here?"
  • "Who are you?"
  • "Why do you care?"
  • "You're making my sister happy."
  • "You aren't very bright are you?"
  • "Herbert is my new father."
  • "Mother? What mother?"
  • "Don't talk about mom! She's dead to me!"
  • "I'm your long lost sister."
  • "Don't play dumb with me!"


  • Bellykid5 is her sister
  • She looks up to Dancing Penguin and Herbert.
  • Klutzy is adorable to her.
  • She has no concern for Puffles.
  • She's telepathic like her sister.
  • Deep down she believes her sister is evil like her and Dancing Penguin.
  • Belle is evil
  • She hates the EPF
  • She assisted in the demolition of the PSA
  • She's a stalker
  • Once she gets an interest in you, she'll follow you.
  • She's not a pacifist
  • She loooooves meat!
  • Loves all horror games except for Slender.
  • Doesn't like to admit similaries between her and her sis.
  • She belives Dancing Penguin and Herbert were more of a family to her.
  • Secretly scarred because of her mom.
  • Hides her feelings like her sister.
  • According to a few theories, she eats RAW meat!
  • Some people think she is crazy.


Belle enjoys giving nicknames to anyone. Whether it be someone she likes or doesn't like. Here are some of the nicknames that she's given people.


  • Nobody
  • Loser
  • Wierdo
  • That kid
  • Someone
  • Hey you
  • Ding-a-ling
  • Wangnut
  • Knucklehead Mcspazzatron
  • Kiddo
  • Little one
  • Short stuff
  • Small fry
  • Kid


  • The Idiot
  • Dumbo
  • Dum dum
  • Stupid head
  • Lard
  • Tubby
  • Bear
  • Stupid
  • Fatty
  • Lardo

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