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Speaker.png Click here to listen to Bellykid5's theme!

She isn't much of the happy penguin, only in August or February. Depression takes over sometimes and this soon becomes her theme song:

Speaker.png Click here to listen to Bellykid5's theme!

OGSK-cover 1.jpg
Bellykid5 in the cover of Only Gary Should Know
Title Agent
Gender Female
Race North Austician
Faction Good Gal
Health Excellent
Status Alive
Location Club Penguin
Birth date Template:Birth date and Age
Occupation EPF Agent
Interests Learning her family history.
Friends EPF agents
Enemies Herbert, Klutzy etc.
Archetype Protagonist

Bellykid5 is an agent of the EPF. An agent of a lot of potential, she currently resides in Club Penguin Island.


It is unknown who her mother is because she along with her father disappeared when she was a chick. She was adopted by Dancing Penguin as her father who often treated her horribly. Her sister, Belle, however, was treated like an angel. Belle disappeared though when Bellykid5 was only 4 or 5. Bellykid5 was moved out of North Austiceia because of social issues with other penguins as a baby. She was sent to Club Penguin by mistake, it is still unknown who or how she ended up being sent to Club Penguin, but she was adopted by Dancing Penguin who found her on a very tiny boat floating to shore at the beach. After her sister, Belle, ran away, her father, Dancing Penguin was no longer the same. He abandoned Bellykid when she was only 7 and left her to take care of herself. She had to get a job at the age 10 in order to afford food. She now stays in the same igloo she was raised in and owns 4 puffles.


When Bellykid5 was 11, she got a job at the Pizza Parlor to support herself. She got paid 250 coins a week so she doesn't have much to complain about. Sometimes work would get her down, but not enough to cause her to flip or enable the mood flip. After a hard day of work, she waddled to the Ski Hill and got a job as a tour guide. She ended up losing all of her tourists, and despite the rule of never leaving your post, she had to in order to find the tourists. She found the penguins wandering around the Forest where she and the tourist almost got lost. After she helped the tourists get to safety, she came face to face with the one who kidnapped them in the first place. As clever as Bellykid was during that time, she sets up traps to catch the villain, unfortunately, he got away before she could report them, but she was recruited to join the PSA during that time.

The PSA[edit]

During her time in the PSA, she made friends with Rookie and Gary but hasn't gotten along very well with Jet Pack Guy because of her social issues and his stubbornness. Because of her courage and excelled skills in Technical and Tactical settings, she was the leader of all the PSA groups. While doing PSA missions, she excelled in the first 2 but had to be sent out of the rest because of personal reasons. This caused her to have a nervous breakdown and crumble under pressure, giving her anxiety issues. Soon after a few weeks, she returned to the EPF to finish the last two missions. Sadly the PSA was finished after a Popcorn Bomb explosion.

The EPF[edit]

It was questioned whether she would be part of the EPF because of her sensitivity, but before the Popcorn Bomb exploded, Gary was stuck inside the building because the code had reset and he couldn't figure it out. However, Bellykid5 ran back inside and set the code and Gary got out safely, sadly the blast hit before Bellykid5 could make it out and she received a concussion; resulting in her severe case of short-term memory loss. When the EPF came, she had to redo the PSA missions, which caused G to build the VR Room. Soon after finishing the PSA missions, Herbert infiltrated the EPF and kidnapped Bellykid5 and knocked her out cold, her mood flip was then activated and very unstable. She still cannot control them to this day. After escaping Herbert's clutches, she was able to become better friends with Jet Pack Guy. Unfortunately her relationship with Dot the Disguise Gal isn't the best it could be; it is unknown why she has a hatred towards Dot but none of that mattered. Currently, the EPF is under repair after being destroyed during Operation: Blackout which Bellykid5 described as, "The most horrifying experience of my life and it is something I never want to talk about again."


Mood Disorder[edit]

She was born with different moods. These are her moods:

  • January - Friendly
  • February - Sarcastic
  • July – Depressed
  • August – Hyper and Loud
  • September – Grouchy
  • October – Sinister
  • November – Serious
  • December – Emoguin

It is unknown what caused the moods or how to get rid of them, but she currently lives with them to this day. Before her mood flip was active, she was somewhat clever and sneaky.


Bellykid5 is a black penguin wearing an Infrared Helmet, a Black Sweater, and black sneakers. It has been confirmed that she looks different in different moods but it is unknown what she wears. She's most commonly seen in all black no matter what mood she's in.


  • Pi
  • Math
  • Science
  • Medical terminology
  • Technical
  • Tactical
  • Elements of the Periodic Table
  • Getting tough when needed


  • Aphenphosmphobia (fear of being touched)
  • Claustrophobia (fear of tight spaces)
  • Pressure
  • Loud noises
  • Bright lights
  • Lactose intolerant
  • Extreme hyperactivity after sugar
  • Prone to headaches
  • Arachnophobia (fear of spiders)
  • Agrophobia (fear of heights)



  • "You do not know what is best"
  • "You think you know what's best!"
  • "Wilfred Warfstache knows what's best!"
  • "Son of a fish!"
  • "Enjoy it before he destroys it."
  • "Its official, we're gonna die"
  • "We're snowed, dude."
  • (When asked about her parents) "Parents? What parents?"
  • "You 'member 'member?"
  • "Can I use this knife?"
  • "Is it time to quit yet?"
  • "Why can't I die?!"
  • "I hate happiness!"
  • (When asked about Gary the Gadget Guy) "Who told you I was crushing on him? I mean uh... *whistles nervously*"
  • "It's something I can't control"
  • "Woah! Watch the language!"
  • "Go get eaten by an orca."
  • "You suck!"


She currently has four puffles, a few more to come.

  • Frank is her red puffle that is a daredevil, if not fed properly he bites.
  • Buster is a shy blue puffle that seems to have a possibility of insomnia because of sleep issues.
  • Evanescence is her rainbow puffle that isn't as magical as everyone thinks, but cheers up a room in seconds.
  • Goth is a black puffle who is secretly her favorite and sleeps in a lot as well as parroting everything she does because of the personality similarities.


  • She has a sister named Belle.
  • She changes color when she's in a mood.
  • Is right-handed.
  • She can't tell her lefts from her rights.
  • She's permanently emotionally scarred from her childhood.
  • She's a pacifist which is hard to believe because of October.
  • She loves animals.
  • She has a crush on Gary the Gadget Guy.
  • Dancing Penguin is her adopted father.
  • Is often pessimistic.
  • Her sister Belle hates her because she's a good guy.
  • Dot is one of her enemies for unknown reasons.
  • She's psychic.
  • She can use telepathy but only in Extreme October, and a negative after effect is an extreme headache and dizziness.
  • She likes Horror Games which is also weird because she's easily frightened.
  • She's prone to frequent nightmares.
  • She has visions and can predict upcoming events.

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