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Not to be confused with Ben Hun.
Ben 100022 Artoo
Ben in his casual outfit.
Title The evil bounty hunter working for Swiss Ninja
Gender Male
Race Penguin? Nah, we're betting that he is an alien walrus from the moon.
Faction REJECTED by the Str00del Force, Bounty Hunter
Health 0
Level -10,000+
Status In Terrain custody
Petty vandal; backstabber; bounty hunter
Location Terninia, Snowzerland, Principaute de Mylou
Friends How could someone like him have any?
Enemies Shops Island (what irony!), Castilla, USA, Bro

Ben 100022 Artoo (also just known as Ben or General 100022) is the biggest backstabber in the history of the Clubb Phengin Weekee; He made almost all of Wompus78's friends turn against him, but TurtleShroom (penguin) and a few of his acquaintances realised what was going on and put an end to his insane charade. Nevertheless, he found other things to do and became a general of the RDA Troopers for a time, but he was soon hired by Swiss Ninja to be a Royal Bounty Hunter.

He is also credited for being the unfortunate founder and first president of Shops Island, where he was badly received as a cruel, heartless dictator. After he was exiled he then became president of Slumolia.

In 2015, Ben was captured by UnitedTerra Forces during the ongoing War in Slumolia, thus bringing his Slumolian reign to an end. The TaliBEAN mourn his capturing everyday. It is unknown what UnitedTerra are going to do with him. The government of Shops Island has stated that Ben should be extradited to Shops to face charges for his actions there. The Terrain government has thus far refused these requests.


Ben's history goes way back to his birth in Prinicpaute de Mylou, a small country located on the coast of Frankterre. He was born into a lower class family of fishing penguins who made small wages every day. Ben learned to live in these poor conditions, but his family always managed to put food on the table. Nevertheless, Ben wished more for his life, and he tried his hardest at school to learn English (since his native language was French) and graduate college. When he went to high school, he joined a local vandal gang who lived in the area. At once, Ben learned the ways of vandalism and trickery, and soon found himself taking Politics classes in College. That was when he heard about the Clubb Phengin Weekee and TurtleShroom's dictatorship. On that day, he swore he would go to the weekee and vandalise it, and most importantly, overthrow TurtleShroom. As soon as he earned the money from various jobs he did around his city, Ben moved to the Weekee to vandalize, but was continuously PWNED by Wompus and TSP. After throwing a tantrum, Ben was kicked out of the whiteboard. He kidnapped a penguin called Russian One and said that he would not let Russian One go unless he gets let back into the Club Penguin Wiki, and so he came back.

He declared that TurtleShroom (penguin) was Whoot Smackler Whoot in disguise (LOL) and that Wompus was the son of Mabel.

Although Ben was legally aloud in the Club Penguin Wiki, barely anyone was happy about it; TurtleShroom and Wompus continued to PWN him.

He eventually conned many innocent users into signing a petition declaring his Reformation, one which the "Dictator" and Wompus, among a few others, refused to sign. When his petition was ignored, Ben sent hate mail and started to whine.

Ben started TPing TurtleShroom's palace in the Clubb Phengin Weekee and sent hate mail to his holiday house which he rented from Mister Fisk (to escape Ben). He continued harassing TSP until TS was forced to resign as "Dictator" of the community.

As TurtleShroom tried to write his memoirs, Ben contacted him and told TurtleShroom that saying anything bad about Ben was against his rules and that if TurtleShroom even mentioned Ben in the memoirs he would call the Nebraskan police on him. No one knows what a Nebraska is.

This lead to more conflict even though TurtleShroom had already resigned. TSP left a new government in his place, but even they couldn't stop the Ben rampage. Ben had brainwashed them as well, so TSP returned as a backseat driver.

Ben has enemies. He hates innocent Johnny 115 and Penquino1. How could he!!!!!!

Snowman 1001, being the wise leader he was, was aware of the distress of the community and chose to have the people cast ballots to determine Ben's fate.

Naturally, Wompus voted for Ben getting thrown out, as did Leekduck and Zapwire. Knowing he'd lose, Ben put on a disguise and voted for himself. He did this over and over again and rigged the vote, allowing himself to stay in the land.

Surveillance cameras later caught his sending hate mail to TSP, and the deal was sealed. Ben was taken to stand in trial in front of the ex-Dictator, and that was that.

Rejected by Str00dels[edit]

Ben was so evil that the Str00del Force refused his membership. Everyone voted no.


  • Ben: Can I join your club?
  • MOTP: No.
  • Ben: Pretty please?
  • Sp00nzoid: n0
  • Ben: PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE? (gives pathetic version of The Look)
  • Professor Shroomsky and Turtleheimer: NO!
  • *Ben cries*
  • Everyone: O_O
  • *Ben gets thrown out of the clubhouse*

Post-Vandalism Years[edit]

After being kicked out of the Weekee and even the Str00del Force and the TaliBEAN, Ben became unemployed and tried his best to find a job. That was when he met Django Ghent (before he died) at a Cream Soda tavern in Frankterre. Django Ghent offered him a job as a soldier in the secret base of Terninia, and Ben took the job since he had nothing else to do and to escape from all the insults penguins have been giving him in Antarctica. Ben soon became involved in Django's plans for creating a clone army, and Django allowed Ben to be a general of the clone army. Ben took this job eagerly, and soon won the hearts and minds of the soldiers that were Django's clones. Nevertheless, this was years ago, and since Ben never left Terninia after he was hired, many had thought that he had died of loneliness; instead he was very busy with organizing the RDA army, but he never left Terninia, even after Django died. However, Ben did go on some small endeavors, including going on a sea voyage and discovered Shops Island on August 15, 2010. Years past, and finally in 2011, Ben had enough of being a general, and gave up his title to another worthy RDA Clone. He had just heard about Django's revival, and the start of the Snoss-Castillan War, so Ben was hired as a Royal Bounty Hunter and joined forces with Swiss Ninja.

Shops Island[edit]

See History of Shops Island

Ben, after a series of unfortunate events, found himself on a seemingly deserted island in the southwest of the Asiapelago. He, with his power-hungry ways, established it as a sovereign nation and duped some political leaders to recognize it. For two years, he developed the island under his tyrannical flipper until a revolution couped him out of office; barred from his very own country forever. To this day, Shoppers still view him as a symbol of evil and disgrace to Shops Island.


Ben is one of Swiss Ninja's zealous bounty hunters who has become good friends with Swiss Ninja himself, Austin8310, and Django and Java Ghent. He is currently plotting revenge on the Weekee, Shops Island and on UnitedTerra because they confiscated his toaster. Swiss Ninja has promised him to help him with that when the day comes.



  • Ben almost got away with coming back. He used an account called Fiskerton Phantom (and a sockpuppet of a sockpuppet called DHawk) to regain entry into the CPW and CPFW. Nobody noticed him as Ben until they saw that his WHOIS was the same as IT. A checkuser was ran, and "Fisk" was exposed as the Ben.
  • Iamred777 never believed he was good.


  • Ben: "As long as she is alive, I will always control you." (Ben after being captured in the Battle of Fondus. He said this to his son about his beloved.) [Side note: Ben turns Rex evil for a while, but Rex defects and returns to his wife and family. He also nearly kills his father, but spares his life.]

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