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Bengal image.PNG
Bengal's picture.
Title Major-General
Gender Female
Race King penguin
Health Good?
Level -6
Status Being hated.
Location Highlaw Island
Birth date Unknown
Occupation Military
Interests Yelling
Friends None
Enemies Penghis Khan
Archetype Good, but very mean

Bengal is a penguin and a Major-General in Highlaw Island's military. She is infamously in bitter conflict with West Pengolia's ruler, Penghis Khan. She has a bitter personality and a very cold demeanor. As a penguin, she's no fun to be around, but she makes one heck of a soldier. She has great military skill and commands many soldiers, but her tendancy to ridicule and disgrace Penghis Khan profusely could start a war between West Pengolia and Freezeland, whose relations have been strained for almost one hundred years, thanks to Khanzem. The situation cannot find its solution, however, because the sides haven't talked since the fall of the High Penguin Confederacy.


Bengal was a normal penguin inhabiting Highlaw Island. She did not have friends, because of her difficult personality, and similarity to Mabel. She decided to take advantage of her surplus time alone, and began to study history, politics, and geography. When she grew older, she decided to join the army. After many years of intense training here and there, she was promoted to Major-General after helping burn down the Kytocratic Hall in the War of 2002.

Later, she got into a conflict with Penghis Khan by stealing his palace wallpaper. The situation is unsolvable. Everybody knew, she was guilty, but there was no evidence that she took it from Penghis Khan and was found innocent. Also, many members of the Jury disliked Penghis Khan more than Bengal.


Today, Bengal is a major general in Freezeland. She is still despised, but is valued because aside from West Pengolia, she is a good and fair commander. Many people hate her because she could potentially cause a war with Freezeland and West Pengolia, who already have ice-cold relations because of Khanzem. She can't be exiled, though, because she hasn't technically committed any crime outside of petty theft. (Wallpaper isn't worth THAT much.) As of now, Penghis Khan hasn't declared war, and Bengal doesn't think he ever will.


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