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Bepis Logo.png
Type Soft Drink
Effects Satisfaction

Bepis-Cola, often shortened to Bepis or occasionally Beep, is a carbonated cola-flavored soft drink popular across Antarctica. First invented in Ed Island in 1924, Bepis-Cola quickly dominated the soft drink market of Ed Island, eventually becoming one of the most popular beverages across Antarctica.


Bepis-Cola first entered the beverage market in 1926, after two years of experimentation on the formula by its inventor, Heinrich Bepis. Initially marketed as a health tonic, it soon became a popular beverage throughout Ed Island, and by 1930 could be found in nearly every city in the nation. The first exports of Bepis occurred that same year, with shipments being made to nations throughout the Sub-Antarctic and Ninja Archipelago. Bepis-Cola proved to be an international hit, and became a cultural icon of Ed Island.

Today Bepis-Cola is one of the most popular soft drinks in Antarctica, partially due to the partnership with McDoodle's and countless other fast food branches.



  • Carbonated water
  • Sugar
  • Caffeine
  • Citric acid
  • Sodium benzonate
  • Caramel coloring
  • Natural flavorings from seventeen of the most popular fruits, the exact list of which is a company secret


Bepis-Cola is distributed exclusively in glass bottles and soda fountains, initially due to material shortages in Ed Island but later as a brand symbol. Bepis is produced and bottled entirely within Ed Island, and is afterwards shipped across the continent to virtually every single country in Antarctica.

Some Bepis soda fountains possess recipe guides encouraging consumers to mix the various soda flavors in order to create entirely new combinations.

Bepis-Cola Flavors[edit]

Bepis-Cola Classic[edit]

Bepis-Cola derives its distinct taste through the blend of seventeen of the most popular fruits in Ed Island with traditional cola flavors. The Great Passion Fruit Famine of 1966 led to the beverage being reformulated without passion fruit, the change being very noticeable in taste and having mixed consumer response. Since the stabilization of passion fruit trade throughout Antarctica, it has since been reintroduced into Bepis-Cola with the drink being rebranded as Bepis-Cola Classic.

Diet Bepis[edit]

Standard Bepis-Cola with the sugar levels reduced to an acceptable level. Diet Bepis has been accused of actually being less healthy than standard Bepis, but there have been relatively few studies on the matter.

Cherry Bepis[edit]

Originally an independent cherry soda brand in the Comona Islands, the company was bought out by Bepis in 1967 during the height of the passion fruit famine in order to win back customers using a brand new flavor. Cherry Bepis is virtually unchanged from the original recipe with only the coloring altered for visual appeal, but is marketed as a "Bepis original flavor."

Bepis Cream[edit]

An effort to compete in the Cream Soda market across Antarctica, Bepis Cream is a blend of standard Bepis and traditional Gentoo cream soda aimed towards Club Penguin Island and other cream soda-dominated markets.

Bepis Sunset[edit]

Only distributed in substantial numbers to Snowjave, Bepis Sunset is a root-based blend of Bepis-Cola based on the indigenous root beer drinks in the region.

Other Flavors[edit]

  • Bepis Grape
  • Bepis Clear
  • Bepis Vanilla
  • "Red Bepis" - An unofficial type of Bepis smuggled into the Snowviet Union, disguised as bottles of cream soda.


  • Bepis-Cola is not based on any one soda brand, but takes inspiration from both Coca-Cola and Pepsi among others.

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