Bernard Hochstadt

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Bernard Hochstadt
Coach Bernard Hochstadt.png
Bernard in his Coaching/Referee Uniform
Title Coach Bernard Hochstadt
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction Protagonist
Health Very Healty
Level Coach.
Status Active.
Location Zurich, Snowzerland
Birth date Hohenterngau, Alemania
Occupation Coach, Referee
Interests Sports, Soccer, Adventure, Coaching
Friends Gottfried Hochstadt, Hochstadt Gang, his team
Enemies Other countries' soccer teams, Swiss Ninja
Archetype Good

Coach/Referee Bernard Hochstadt is the Manager of the The National Soccer Team of Snowzerland. He is the younger brother of Gottfried Hochstadt, and yet he lives in Snowzerland, he also is a Hochstadt Gang Member.


Coach Bernard Hochstadt was born in the town of Hohenterngau, Alemania about 5 years after Gottfried. Then, when he was 10 years old, his father died, and his mother, who knew that her corrupt brother-in-law would have to take his place, sent young Bernard to Penguin Academy and later to Penguin University, where he grew to love sports, especially soccer, and where he also trained to become a Referee and a Coach. Young Bernard lived with a foster family that only spoke English, thus Bernard had to adjust to a knew culture and language, both of which he mastered. When he graduated school, he first coached for the school soccer team at Penguin University for many years until 2009, when Swiss Ninja invited him to coach for the National Soccer Team of Snowzerland. Unaware of Swiss Ninja's corruption, Bernard accepted the job without thinking twice. Bernard was given a home in downtown Zurich with a view of the Bay, and he soon rose to national fame as the National Soccer Team won two games against Castilla and Liguria. Bernard soon learned the harsh reality of Swiss Ninja's dictatorship and the brutality of the SSS, though he felt no fear to leave. Meanwhile, Bernard had lost his contact with Gottfried until after the Great Snowzerland Wars took place. When they reunited, Bernard frequently kept in contact with his brother, and Bernard often relayed information about the conditions in Snowzerland. Today, Bernard is a semi-active member in the Hochstadt Gang who continues to coach his team and visit his brother in Alemania.


Bernard Hochstadt first was mentioned in Travelling All of Antarctica, where he helped several Hochstadt Gang members in Snowzerland seek refuge in a PFLS Headquarters located near the city of Zurich. Bernard's main role in the Hochstadt Gang is to gather secret data that he can obtain from any Snoss soldier that he can easily bribe with money or free soccer game tickets. He immediately relays his gathered information to Gottfried.


  • Bernard is bilingual and can speak both English and German fluently. He wants to learn Spanish soon, though political situations in Snowzerland prevent his aspirations.
  • Swiss Ninja somewhat knows that Bernard sides with the Hochstadt Gang, but he does not want to arrest him in fear that his execution would lead to public protests in Snowzerland or an independence movement in Alemania.
  • Due to Snowzerland's corruption, Bernard avoids political discussion and propaganda rallies altogether as he is usually found at the National Stadium in Geneva where he goes to work.

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