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Don't just sit there. LET HIM OUT!
Title Agent
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Former Garbage Agency Agent
Health Fairly healthy (for someone that's been trapped inside a garbage can for years)
Level 2400
Status Stuck
Location Inside a garbage can
Birth date November 1, 1989 (1989-11-01) (age 29)
Occupation Getting out
Catchphrase Let me outta here!
Interests Getting out
Friends Anyone that lends him a flipper
Enemies Those annoying penguins that slam the lid whenever he comes out
Archetype Unlucky

Bert is a penguin from the disbanded Garbage Agency who is stuck inside a garbage can.


Bert was born on November 1st, 1989 in a normal, nonmember igloo to two normal penguins. From birth he was very ordinary and up until March 2001, nothing special happened. However, in one way he was different. He was part of the Penguin Secret Agency (which isn't that secret nowadays thanks to it being disbanded) and back then, they did all kinds of secret, exciting stuff.

However one day, something extraordinary happened. A low-ranking agent named UncBung came up with the idea for agents to hide in special garbage cans and go on secret missions, wearing them as a disguise. When he asked the Director to give him a high-ranking agents to test it on, the director was rather hesitant. He decided to give him Bert as a test subject, even though he was just average rank and of no great importance. After all, why waste your elite agents on experiments that may or may not work? When Bert heard that he was going to be the first member of the "Garbage Agency" (yes, that's what it is named), he practically lept for joy and ran all the way to the testing room. In there, he was placed into a rather ordinary-looking garbage can and the lid was shut on him.

Bert about to be sealed to his fate. The low-ranking agent is to the left, and Bert is on the right.

"UncBung" pulled a switch, and...nothing happened. The Director was not impressed and ordered that Bert be taken out of the garbage can. An agent waddled over and pulled on the lid. It wouldn't come off. He tried and tried and tried, but eventually he realized that it was stuck. They had foolishly bought a "Penguin-Proof Wastebasket" which was made by Walruses, and thus, was almost impossible to open. No wonder that company had gone out of business years ago.

Bert remained inside that garbage can forever. However, that hasn't made him less motivated to escape his metal prison. Bernie the Tour Guide has fooled Bert a few times, telling Bert that he'd help him get out of the ccan after he went on one of Bernie's tours. However, after the tour is over Bernie says "I'll be right back after I give a few more tours", and never comes back (we're not sure if Bernie didn't want to help, or if he hasn't given enough tours yet). Also, Bert occasionally helps the EPF Stealth Branch with missions, and was the first "Employee of the Month", since he inspired the whole branch and uniform.


Before he was trapped, he was very mild-mannered, but having been stuck in that boring old can for years, Bert has gotten far more desperate and snaps more often then his previous self (as we all would do if we were in the same situation).

He will do anything to get out, no matter how dangerous or crazy, and is believed by most to be insane.


Bert has been stuck in that same garbage can for years, and has never gotten out once.

He has been known to pop up almost everywhere and anytime, sometimes even popping up years before he was born!

He often gets very close, sometimes even opening the lid, but usually by some cruel twist of fate the lid is slammed shut again or some other random event happens that keeps him from getting out. He has to survive by living of the garbage in the can.


  • He was voted as Club Penguin Island's unluckiest penguin ever, but a scandalous judge gave away the prize to Darktan I, making Bert unlucky in more ways then before.
  • "UncBung" is rumored to be Uncle Bungee, a mysterious creature that is part of many conspiracy theories.
  • The "Garbage Agency" eventually evolved into the Elite Penguin Force's "Stealth" branch in 2010, with agent's "uniforms" even transforming to make the agents look like penguin-sized recycling bins (they decided not to put any more agents inside real garbage or recycling cans.

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