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Beta Team
Beta Team
Type Virtual Reality/Command Console
Effects Puts you in something that needs debugging in a similar fasion to Nothing.
Source Bureau of Fiction
Location The Bureau of Fiction
Cost to buy Priceless (costs 9000 pebbles to manufacture)
Cost to sell Unsellable (punishable by universal law)

Beta Team, though it seems to be a team, is actually a console used by the BoF to beta test things.


Originally, this was a feature intergrated into the Narration Organ. However, it was a bit cumbersome to beta test things on a small screen, so a meeting was held with the Bureaucrats of all departments and the masters. It was decided to turn Beta Team into a Virtual Reality console.


Beta Team looks like a giant Bureau of Fiction badge with a robotic arm holding an oversized beta hat ,which is the Virtual Reality device. On the side of the hat, there is a slot to read your Employee Card. Next to the computer, you will find a crate for beta hats of custom fits (ex. puffles, McFlapp.)

This item allows workers at the BoF to beta test ideas. However, they have to be authorized employees to log in to the console.

Items Tested[edit]

Item, Progress, Brief Description

  • Operation Rolly Ball with A Puffle In It, Complete, Puffles must find stolen BoF documents that have been stuffed in Puffle-Os. Of course, puffles think they are just puffle-Os.
  • Puffle Fashion, Complete, Beta Team messed up and accidentaly released these hats.
  • Skyscraper, Testing, A worker tried to make a Tetris parody. This happened.
  • Operation Stuff Puffles into Rolly Balls for the Second Time, Reconcidering, Continuation of RBWAPII.
  • Operation Annoy, Failed, The agent (really about anyone, even this mess) must imitate a penguin until said penguin becomes annoyed. Failed because nobody goes to sea sea sea to see what they could see see see and all that they would see see see was the deep blue sea sea sea.
  • Operation Make A Puffle Eat Ballons and See If it Thinks It's Puffle O's/Cacti, Testing, Everyone is curious so they don't have to spend 20 coins on a Puffle-O.
  • Can Fish get Fat? v2, Testing, A test to see if fish get fat. Also, a game if you need to feel hungry for no reason.
  • T.E.S.T., Testing, A Club Penguin server with various improvements, such as easier communication. Demonstrator Jack comments, "It feels weird... it's like the words literally roll off my tounge.

Authorized Employees[edit]