Beth von Injoface

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Beth von Injoface
Beth before she died
Title Mrs. Beth von Injoface
Gender Female
Race Puffles
Faction Von Injoface Family
Health Deceased
Level none
Status Deceased
Location Von Injoface Necropolis
Occupation None
Interests Her kids, hating others
Friends Everyone in her family
Enemies Everyone not in her family
Archetype Rude

Beth von Injoface is the mother of Chuck, James, Mabel O'vian, and Emilia von Injoface. She is also the grandmother of Mandy, Rick, Abel, Tars O'vian, Label, Mabel XVIII, and Director Lenny. She is also the great grandmother of many of the others and the aunt of Paul von Injoface. She loved all of her kids. Chuck hates her though. He has a strong hate for her even if she's his mother. She died a little while after Chuck found his perfect owner.


She was born in the wild. She was taken to the Pet Shop where Mwa Mwaism was starting. She hated it. She finally escaped and met Puffingham von Injoface. They got married and had four kids. Chuck was often bullied and she tried to give him advice to scream at them but it made them bully him more. Eventually she sent Chuck away for being a bully. Chuck hated her ever since. General Puff often visited him though. She continued with her three other kids. Emilia ran away to go find Chuck after a while. She still had her two kids. Her husband General Puff moved to space colony leaving her with Mabel XVII who later started dating Jordan O'vian.


She died at the age of 76. Everyone except for Chuck attended her funeral. She was buried in Von Injoface Necropolis.


She was a great cook. She once worked at a very fancy restaurant before she died. She also was famous for her talent. She was a great dancer but she never wanted to be an outcast of the family so she decided not to get a dancing career.


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