Big Daddy Walrus

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Big Daddy Walrus
Zoo Wee Dada!
Title Daddy Walrus
Gender Male
Race Walrus
Faction Walrus Crime Ring
Health 100%
Level 10
Status Wannabe Gangster
Location Walrus Warehouse

Big Daddy Walrus is the fatherly figure of the Walrus Crime Ring. He is married to Big Momma Walrus.


Big Daddy Walrus was a bullied kid. Most of the big Walri bullied him, and he watched gangster movies, starring Bugzy.

He always wanted to be a gangster, so he wore a suit to school and used one of those bubble pipes.

During school days, he tried to sit next to Big Momma Walrus. They fell in love and got married.

They became the parents of the Walrus Crime Ring. They loved each and everyone of their children, except for Walrus2, who is a spoiled brat.

Bugzy constantly mocks Big Daddy Walrus because his status of wannabee gangster. Big Daddy even has a, quote, "gangster drag", which is him dragging himself across the floor in what he thinks is a "gangster fashion".

Big Daddy and Big Momma will soon star in the new series Big Daddy and Big Momma Plus 13.


Big Daddy Walrus likes to practice talking, eating, and dragging like a gangster. He is also the fatherly figure of the Walrus Crime Ring. Big Daddy likes to act rich, even though he's middle class. He also fixed the interior of the Walrus Warehouse.


  • Big Daddy Walrus wants to create his own Mafia, and PWN Bugzy. IN HIS DREAMS!
  • If Big Daddy Walrus wanted to be a Gangster, he'd learn the proper adjective for "gangster": gangsta, as in gangsta drag.
  • Bugzy on Big Daddy Walrus:
    "Hay WalRUSS, I'm going to harvest your TuSHks for ivory!""

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