Big Fat Building O' Archives

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Building o' Archives
Key details
Level 75
Location Booklin, South Pole City
Inhabitants 29,345 articles and documents

The Big Fat Building o' Archives is a large archives building near the City Capitol, it was built in 2005 by the South Pole Council. It is made in a Roman Revival style and has three floors, eight large hallways and many archives. Many important items are kept here.


The Archives was established by the South Pole Council, who were looking for a place to store confidential information. Since the Library of the Council was stuffed with too many archives. The Council agreed to build it near the old library and was to be one of the largest structures in Antarctica. Fred later calculated that the project would cost 30 million pebbles for the building and 3 million to move and shelf all the archives. Since the opening, the Archives have kept the confidential secrets of the continent for many months. The building has three floors, and 5 major hallways. The South Pole Council is proposing a fourth level be built, as even more papers are coming in.


  • Main Lobby: A very small lobby, with a receptionist desk, many chairs and tables to relax.
  • The Atrium: There is a large mural of the Forming of The USA on the domed wall, with a large stained-glass skylight, has many archives
  • East Wing: Classified items, such as the tapes from the LiquidFence Scandal, are placed here.
  • West Wing: Public items (non-classified stuff) are placed here either for storage or public viewing.
  • The Vaults: The basement of the building contains many vaults, in which extremely confidential items are placed. Most Fourth Wall-related objects are stored in the Vaults, and many of the objects shipped via the Kermillian Channels are meant to be stored in the Vaults.
  • The Terrace: A large garden with a patio and a lot of shrubs and a fountain.
  • The East Courtyard is a small patio with a fountain and a garden
  • The West Courtyard is a small patio with a fountain and a garden


  • National Guards protect all entrances of the building, there are about 50 total.
  • The Dean of the Archives is a penguin in-charge of the facility,
  • The Receptionist is lady who helps pass penguins through the facility
  • The Government Representative is a penguin who protects many government archives
  • The Maintenance Staff are penguins who shelve archives, clean the building and help out,

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