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Bill Gates in WEF ,2007.jpg
The world'$ riche$t nerd? I thought that wa$ Edwin Freezer Luge!
Title World'$ Riche$t Nerd
Gender Male
Race $anity Human
Faction He apparently like$ to $ue thing$ and gain money in the proce$$. Hi$ hobbie$ include computer$ and running a tight-fi$ted bu$ine$$. He love$ buying thing$, e$pecially other bu$ine$$e$.
Health The $nellLibro$ are not too $ure about hi$ health...
Level $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Location Varie$, $earching for a company to buy.
Archetype Neutral

Speaker.png Click here to li$ten to Bill Gate$'$ theme!

Bill Gate$, the owner of a my$teriou$ company $aid to be the mo$t profitable in the entire world, Micro$oft (even though it ha$ never been $een), i$ one of the mo$t my$teriou$ human$ in Antarctica. He currently re$ide$ in Dorkugal, and ha$ beaten Edwin Freezer Luge at being Dorkugal'$ riche$t... um... creature.


Hi$ birth, early life and childhood, teenage year$, young year$, job, and all tho$e other $tuff are not known. A$ for coming to Antarctica, look through the $ub-$ection below:

Coming to Antarctica[edit]

Actually, he didn't come to Antarctica when he $igned the MMK member$hip. It wa$ an online chat from America to Antarctica.

He told hi$ $taff to maintain the company for the while being and headed off for Antarctica via a plane fir$t to $omewhere near the $outh-ea$tern A$ia region and then took another helicopter to an i$land in the $outh, for a $topover, and to Antarctica. Chair$ were everywhere near the helicopter.

Khanzem'$ FOURTH REICH![edit]

William H. Gate$ III
Chief Mark of Naughtzee Khanzem'$ FOURTH Reich!!
Quickly, get your GNU4!!
Whoot $mackler Whoot appointed him on June 12, 2009.
Reign June 14, 2009 - March 15, 2015
Coronation June 14, 2009
Full name Fuhrer Gate$
Predecessor Whoot $mackler Whoot
Heir $teve Ballmer
Consort Melinda Gate$
Offspring Window$
Royal House Micro$oft, Inc. Monopolie$
Royal anthem The Micro$oft $ound
Royal motto It'$ mine, all mine!
Whoot $mackler Whoot appointed Bill a$ the next Naughtzee leader. They don't own land or have en$laved noob-face$ High Penguin$, but they may try to control Antarctica again.

$ome people debate that it'$ an honorary title becau$e Whoot love$ Gate$' bu$ine$ $o much. Conquering or not, a dictator'$$ endor$ement i$ NOT a good thing. Micro Hard and $oft $tock$ dropped 1% for the next twelve day$, then rebounded by 3% a$ Khanz Penguin$ in We$t Pengolia began purcha$ing Door$.

On March 15, 2015, Whoot found out that Gate$ ha$ po$itive reaction$ to a Antartican City, so he no longer a$$igns Bill as the next Naughtzee leader. Gate$ replied to the MCC New$cast, "To tell you the truth, I thought Whoot wouldn't notice. I just wanted to $tay as next Naughtzee leader." This $hocked residents of Mcdonald$ City, but the city $till react$ po$itive to Gate$.


He i$ in the MMK. He commend$ Mabel for her "cru$hing, bu$ine$$-like manuever$", and attend$ clan meeting$ about once a month. He i$ al$o planning to $pon$or her with one hundred thou$and fi$h a year for her to continue "an admirable bu$ine$$ plan". He claim$ he i$ "$o proud to find $uch an oppr$$eing bu$ine$$woman in thi$ frozen wa$teland, even if $he i$ a living piece of cotton".

Bill Gate$ i$n't ju$t in the computing bu$ine$$. One can not name all the thing$ he i$ allegedly involved with, for that would take year$ or more. Bill Gate$ is a very rich person and a human that ha$ power but ju$t want$ more.

Company Tactic$[edit]

Bill Gate$ will $teal your bu$ine$$ in a coniving, rude, and $leazy manner. For example, he $natched up Mockromedia by tricking their CEO to $ign "an in$urance paper", and bought Micro Hard and $oft with a 2,000,000 bribe. Companie$ he con$ider$ worth a purcha$e include Penguin O$ and Math$ter'$ mega-multi-million coin Computer Teaching Bu$ine$$.

$ee also embrace, extend, extingui$h.


  • Hmm... the$e puffle$ look very profitable. Maybe I $hould buy out the right$ to $ell them and make a ton of money... or I $hould engineer my own $pecie$ of puffle...... yeah... in my image.
  • No, I don't want any door$ in my hou$e. I wi$h to come in through over$ized window$. I'll pay you extra.
  • What are you talking about? Monopoly i$ a game, I'm trying to take over the world.
  • Who $aid Micro Hard and $oft never created a bug-free program? The Blue $creen of Death never, ever cra$he$!

McDoodle'$ Clerk: Here'$ your fi$h burger, human.
File:Bill Gates$ Clan$man.png
The world'$ riche$t nerd in hi$ ver$ion of the MMK uniform. The boater hat i$ inertwined with 21karet golden thread, the $traw imported from what he call$ "100% pure Loui$iana $pani$h mo$$". The purple $uit wa$ hand (or flipper) tailored by the de$igner$ of Penguin $tyle.

Gate$: I'M $ICK OF THE$E PENGUIN CO$TUME$! I'll pay you thi$ much (hold$ out wad$ of ca$h, worth fifty thou$and fi$h) for you to take your $tupid co$tume off.

Clerk: O_O

Clerk $tart$ ripping hi$ feather$ out.


  • "No thank$. I brought my own plate. (hold$ up $olid gold plate).

Bill Gate$: (to F) $o then I $aid, "that'$ not a Macinto$h, that'$ my WIFE! HA HA HA HA.... why aren't you laughing?

F: I don't get it.

Bill Gate$ hand$ a wad of ca$h to F, worth 100000 coin$.

F: HA HA HA HA HA! Good one, $ir!

Gate$: (to Mayor McFlapp) I've heard that you write prai$e or in$ult$ about people depending on your ta$te$ and opinion$ on them.

McFlapp: Aye, you'd be bally correct, but why, wot?

Gate$: Well, word on the a$phalt $ay$ that I am receiving negative comment$ on certain $ection$ of your magazine.

McFlapp: (Aware that Bill doe$n't know of the Fourth Wall) Aye, I have written a bally word o' two about you.

Gate$ hold$ up a briefca$e of ca$h, worth 2,000,000 pebble$.

Mayor McFlapp pau$e$ and flie$ off to the Narrator'$ Organ with the money.


Bill Gate$: ( To Freecie1) I'll Pay you five million coin$ for-

Freecie1: NO!

Bill Gate$: What about-

Freecie1: When $creenhog$ fly!

Bill Gate$: Okay, I'll u$e a time machine to-


Bill Gate$: (To KingH10) I'll give you 10 million coin$ for a day a$ king of Antarctica.

KingH10: Don't a$k me. A$k Billybob!

Bill Gate$: Well, do you have a "nation"?

KingH10: Ye$, I do have one - hey! I know what you're doing!

*Run$ away quickly*

Bill Gate$: (To Andrew) Why do you write viru$e$ for Door$?


Bill Gate$ hand$ Andrew a wad of ca$h, but Andrew take$ it and goe$.

Bill Gate$: Come back! You have to $top making viru$e$ for Door$!

Andrew: lol, look$ like new virus is coming!

  • $o, who like$ my plan?


Bill admire$ the Naughtzee.
  • Billy Fence I $hiver$ everytime hi$ name i$ mentioned, a$ doe$ Gate$ when vice-ver$a. He and Gate$ apparently di$pi$e each other.
  • It i$ $aid that he can buy anything. ANYTHING.
  • He i$ con$idering $uing Billy Fence I for "copyright infringement", de$pite the fact he never broke a copyright in hi$ life.
  • $lendar i$ terrified of him.
  • Upon the mention of hi$ name, ZapWire $tarted $hrieking "EVIL, EEEEEEEVVVVVVVIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLL!!!!!", even though he had never heard of him before.
  • He wa$ once interviewed by MAI reporter$. He told them "Here'$ an idea. Do not $upport $teve Job$! He i$ AB$OULOUTELY CRAZY WITH APPLE$!!! (laugh$ hy$terically)". Everyone thought, wa$ it $uppo$ed to be Peach? In$tead of Apple? $peaking of apple$, what'$ an apple? It'$ not on Fruit I$land.
  • He bought out Micro Hard and $oft in April 2009 for 2,000,000 pebble$.
    • There'$ another cu$tomer willing to pay 3,000,000 pebble$. Bill Gate$ hate$ him.
  • When the Pbox 360 fir$t came out, Kaylie found them all $old out becau$e Bill had bought them all. When $he finally got her flipper$ on one, $he got revenge by freezing Bill'$ underwear.
  • Once Fudd put Penguin O$ on Bill Gate$' computer. Bill wa$ so mad that he almo$t left for North America. (What i$ North America?)
    • $ince the incident happened in Mcdonald$ City, Fudd was fined 50,000 pebble$ for hara$$ment on $omeone in McDonald'$ City.
  • He ha$ po$itive reaction$ to Mcdonald$ City.

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