Billy Jamie

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Billy Jamie
Real Name is Billy Christopher Jamie
Title pookie
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Health Good
Status Alive
Location Snowville, Polaris SAD
Death date Sadly, alive
Occupation Pookie Army member
Feather color Red

Bill Christopher Jamie, otherwise known as Billy Jamie, is a notorious Mwa Mwa Penguin, who likes to torment other penguins, and also being a fan of the evil Mwa Mwa Penguin, Manny Peng.


Billy Jamie claims to be a little Chick, but is in fact 19 years old, and hatched in October 31, 1999, and yes, he is dubbed, insane. He states that he is a little chick, but, a chick, at a young age, cannot drive, or even know how to drive! Billy Jamie does not think so.

One time, Billy Jamie even met, the ignorant pookie, (which is Manny Peng of course), and said that he should make a army of pookies, but that has been already made, and Peng thought that too, but had more other plans. He soon wanted an autograph, and got an autograph from him.

Years past, he gets introduced to the game company Zatori, and had a blast for it, playing games day and night, and eating candy, and junk food all the time.

Deadly Alliance[edit]

In 2015, he trained in various martial arts classes. During this, he, after training, would attack penguins in alleys with his skills, but also, he would train for sword-wielding classes, making him more dangerous. He was soon snitched to the class by a fellow student, which made him angry, and killed him afterwards with his sword. He then went to an undisclosed location in some mountain range, before he found what appeared to be an abandoned bunker, but was really an underground outpost where the Deadly Alliance is.

He was soon confronted by The Stranger, who told him why he was here, to which Billy replied with "to join an evil group because I feel left out" to which The Stranger let him in, and then took various tests, and then finally became a member.


He is often seen at South Pole City eating tons of candy. He is part of the Deadly Alliance, and joins them in their raids, assassinations and robberies. He is part of the Deadly Alliance's "orchestra group", and plays the Piccolo.


Although good before, he is a mean, ruthless, and evil soul.


  • Hello inferiors!.



  • He has a nice family, but his big stepbrother, Jimmy Armstrong, is more ruder than him.