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Billybob image.png
Our former President
Title Former President of the USA
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction Member of the Bureaucrats of the Universal Bureau of Fictitious Literature
Health Excellent
Level Unknown
Status Retired
Location USA Capital

Billybob Waddles is the former president of the USA and a member of the Bureaucrats of the Universal Bureau of Fictitious Literature. His job is the author, and was elected president after The Impeachment of Mariothemovie. In February 2013, he was no longer be a moderator or the president of the USA and he is now replaced by Spike Hike.


Billybob was born on Club Penguin Island on November 29th, 1990 and his family owned a very nice igloo. His father was a High Ranked Agent in the PSA and his mother was a relative of Aunt Arctic. His father wished for Billy to become an agent like him, but the young penguin didn't wish to do so. When he was in his teen years he wrote a short book about a young penguin like himself whose father constantly urged him to become something he didn't want to be. Eventually his dad figured out about it, and burned the piece of literature. This caused Billybob to leave his family's home and get a job. For awhile he worked at McDoodles, but was fired after discussing Fat with the boss. Then he received a job at Eastshield Fried Fish which he kept for about five years. The penguin was now very dissapointed, and wanted to do more than simply work at a restaurant. He decided to just stay in his igloo and wait for a better job.

About seven months later he came out of his igloo carrying a book he had written about trying to find a job. As he walked around The Plaza, he bumped into none other than Mayor McFlapp. Interested, the Tern picked up his book and soon couldn't stop reading. Right then and there he offered Billybob a job as one of the Bureaucrats of the Universal Bureau of Fictitious Literature. Excited, the penguin accepted and soon recieved the rank of author.

About a month later his popularity had grown so much, that he was elected president of the USA. Now he runs the country in two ways and has fun doing both.

In 2012, he announced his retirement and an election was held.


Billybob spends most of his time writing, and running the USA. He usually lets the citizens of the USA in on upcoming events, but he isn't allowed to reveal too much. His father still wants him to become a PSA Agent, but Billybob still refuses.

His Writings[edit]

Billybob has published some of his writings to the public. Here are small parts of those that he has released:

Daniel looked into the river and kicked it. His father had gotten him a job at the Pet Shop, and it was terrible. Last summer
Daniel had a job there, and as he was feeding the Puffles a herd of Mwa Mwa Penguins ran over him and stole his food.
They ate all the food, and Daniel got in trouble for not feeding the puffles. "It wasn't my fault!" he said aloud.
The Mwa-Mwas laughed as they heard Daniel's fatal punishment: That he had to do janitorial work, which was the worst job you
could ever have in the Pet Shop, for about 2 months. When he and his father left the Pet Shop that day, 10 to about 20 Mwa-Mwas
we're waiting for him. They jeered at Daniel, calling him a "Poopyhead". Daniel got kind of away, but his father was even more
outraged. Daniel's father picked up a green-glowing glow stick, shining in the snow, and threw it at the Mwa-Mwas.


  • His favorite food is Poritos and Cream Soda.
  • Director Benny does not approve of Billybob revealing some secrets to the public.
  • He originally had Illustrator Keith paint him "Director Black" to keep his identity secret, but somehow it leaked out.
  • As President of the USA, Billybob lacks any political authority whatsoever. He is President of the nation in de jure, but all politiics actually go to the South Pole Council and GourdZoid Council Hall, making them the de facto rulers in Antarctica.
  • Billybob is the most revered figure in politics, and though he lacks any true power, his opinion alone is very powerful.

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