Black Madame

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Black Madame
Title Black Madame
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Health Good
Location Antarctica
Birth date 4030 BCE
Occupation Supervillain
Nationality Kemetican
Interests fighting, ruling the world
Enemies SheZam, The Defenders

No Fair! Why does she get to wear pants?!?

Black Madame, known in ancient times as Kemet Khavah, was a proud warrior of the Kemetican Empire. She was given mystical powers by the wizard SheZam and initially was a hero but turned evil and wanted to take over the world. She has recently escaped imprisonment for 6000 years and fights the current SheZam often.

When hordes of enemies attacked the empire the wizard SheZam gave her mystical powers based on the sun to defend the people. However she decided to rule over the world, and was banished.


Khavah was born over 6,000 years ago in an ancient civilization called the Kemetican Empire. She was born to a warrior and trained to become very effective fighter. She was very proud of her achievements, and the Pharoah made her his personal general of the army. She lead her army to defend the empire against hordes of invaders, and conquered neighboring villages.

Khavah got along well with the high wizard, SheZam. Although Khavah did not understand magic, she appreciated what SheZam could do with it, and the power that it wielded. She thought that with her brawn and SheZam’s magic they would be unstoppable in battle, but SheZam was not interested in using her magic for combat, rather improving society.

One day, and army lead by a time traveling conqueror with futuristic technology teleported to the ancient emprie and began to attack the Kemeticans. Because of their futuristic weaponry, the Kemiticans were decimated. With no other choice, SheZam used her powers to give Khavah solar based powers. Khavah became the superhero Kemet Khavah and wiped out the army from the future and defeated the leader. She then resumed her position to defend the people.

As time went by Kemet Khavah became more ruthless and unforgiving in her actions. She also became more arrogant and believed that with all her power she should rule over the people without question. When people started to oppose her actions she took it to the next level and tried to take over the throne and rule the Kemetican Empire herself. SheZam was horrified, and decided to use the rest of her magic powers to make herself a superhero. She gave herself lightning powers and fought Kemet Khavah, and eventually defeated her and sent her to another dimension.

Kemet Khavah was trapped in the alternate dimension for nearly 6,000 years, but eventually SheZam’s magic wore off, and she escaped. She found the new SheZam (Andrew Anderson) and tried to kill him. She was defeated and taken to a place where the sun doesn’t shine. However she exacaped and fought SheZam many other times in addition to other superheroes. She got the nickname "Black Madame" from the population.


  • Solar blasts
  • Indestructability
  • Super Strength
  • Flying at great speeds
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Ability to sense danger

Black Madame gets her powers from the sun. If she is deprived of sunlight, then she becomes weak and loses her powers except indestructability.


Black Madame is very arrogant and ruthless. She believes that she is superior to all other lifeforms on the planet, and that she should the rightful ruler. She has no problem slaughtering thousands of people because she doesn’t view their lives as important, and it is only a drop in the world. However, she would treat people kindly if they subject themselves to her rule, and would defend them if they are in trouble.

Because of her high level of power, thoughtlessness towards the lives of others, and ambitions to rule the world, she is considered one of the greatest threats The Defenders have faced.


  • She is a parody of Black Adam. She is also a parody of Terra from Shezow.
  • She refers to herself as Kemet Khavah, but doesn't particularly care people call her Black Madame because she thinks their opinions are worthless.