Black Mullet

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Black Mullet
Key details
Type Prison
Level Public
Location Somewhere in Rusca
Inhabitants Prisoners, prison guards

Black Mullet is a prison in Rusca, where prisoners are kept in a 3 tiered cell, never to see sunlight again. It is a maximum security prison, and regarded as one of Antarctica's toughest prisons. Prisoners are fed soup and bread 4 times a day, and it is home to Antarctica's most dangerous crimminals. Cannibals, maniacs, and murderers are predominantly what houses Black Mullet. Prisoners are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are motion detecters and the cell is very small, 1 metre in width, 1 metre in length. For exercise, they are taken to a slightly bigger cell which is 3 metres in width, 3 metres in length. A unique thing about Black Mullet is that inmates are bent over and have a guard hold their hands behind their back which are handcuffed. This stress position allows for maximum control over the inmate. It is the most feared prison among crimminals, only 2 have managed to escape Black Mullet


Black Mullet is one of the oldest prisons in Rusca and one of the first prison for life in Antarctica. Originally it was a jail for a lifetime of hard labor, however due to the suppression of the Rusca Rebellion in 1773, the prison was then built for lifetime imprisonment. Inmates of Black Mullet describe the prison as psychologically draining, they are not nourished enough from the food and when they wake up they are not allowed to sit on their beds,