Blade of Light

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Blade of Light
No pic as the blade has been lost for centuries.
Type Sword
Effects Can sumon the true potential of the power of light.
Source The Ancient Masters
Location Unkown to many
Cost to buy Can't be bought
Cost to sell Can't be sold

The Blade of Light is a legendary artifact crafted by the Masters. It's power is near unmatchable except for the Dark Lord's power. It was made so that one day a hero as fast as light will find it and put and end to the Dark Lord's threats.


Soon after Malcur's defeat he was tried and found guilty. As punishment for his crimes against Ard Mahaca and the surrounding land he was set to be executed. He was crained up to a metal pole and Finwe held out a sword. The sword was then used to supposedly put an end to Malcur, but it was not to be. Not only did Malcur control the Shadow Amulet, he shared it's power. With using barely any of his strength he broke free from his chains and laughed. Not even the Masters expected this to happen. Malcur began to attack the surrounding penguins, but Ulmos I used the Water Amulet to hold him back. The other Amulet Masters helped to and using their powers they managed to create a portal that sent him and his helpers to the Simaril Void. It was then that the Masters gave them the newly forged Blade of Light. It had the power to destroy Malcur once and for all, but it would only reveal it's true power when a hero who will one day find it will use it's power to defeat Malcur. The Blade was then broken up into two pieces and those pieces were hidden in locations known only to one penguin.


  • It's a parody of the Master Sword.
  • However, During the Wikia Catastrophe, it was revealed that Willy the Penguin was the true wielder, as he became Blade Willy and finally defeated the Dark Lord.

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