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This is 12yz12ab's family.

  • 12yz12ab (Well, duh)
  • Yzabtech (Brother of 12yz12ab)
  • Tabula Rasa (Great*45 grandfather of 12yz12ab)
  • Ab21yz12 (Father of 12yz12ab)
  • Yz12ab2] (Mother of 12yz12ab)
  • Ba21zy21 (Sister of 12yz12ab)
  • 12yz12ab II (Son of 12yz12ab)
  • Yzabtech II (Son of Yzabtech, from the future)
  • Swiss Ninja (13th cousin)
  • Flywish (15th cousin)

(NOTE FROM User:12yz12ab:More wil be added if i come up with ideas for some and you can make your own)

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  • They are all descended from Tabula Rasa, the great philosopher who created the Rasan philosophy.