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Title Blary
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Communist
Health No one knows
Level Doesn't have one
Location MYSTERY

Blary Gadget is Gary's brother but rivals him. He works with Xary. He is an infamous member of the now illegal and fragmented terrorist group known as the STINC. Blary joined in 1989 as one of their weaponry engineers, and was later promoted to assistant director of the STINC weaponry department. Although STINC officially ended in 1990, Blary fled with the remaining scientists of the group to Rusca. Blary's colleagues resigned their positions and began to move on with their lives as time passed, but Blary continued his loyalty to STINC even after the fall of Communism in Rusca. Blary was the first and only scientist to join Falcon Xaldi during his attempt to recreate STINC. Now, Blary is allegedly in charge of STINC after Falcon Xaldi's death.


Unlike any other penguin in his family, Blary has very little patience. Blary also despises competition, and he always tried his best to beat his brother, G, but to no avail. Eventually, Blary decided to move away, and he moved to what is now modern Polaris and attended University there. Sadly, Blary was still outmatched despite his genius and potential. Then, one day, several penguins dressed in trench coats were holding red signs and were hosting a rally. Curious about what they were protesting about, Blary was introduced to STINC, who told him about the ideas of Communism, which appealed to him since he liked the idea of social equality. Blary joined STINC first as an intern, and once he finished university, he became a full time chemist and weaponry engineer for the group. With the help of the Ruscan government, Blary was able to experiment and create sophisticated weaponry that would clearly outmatch the lesser weapons of the Olde Antarctica kingdoms. Blary was later invited to Rusca to study Nuclear Weaponry as well. Eventually, in 1990, Blary's weapons were used during the Olde Antarctica War and STINC was successful at overthrowing the government. Blary received praise from the government of Rusca and the newly created STINC-zachal government and was honored with the medal Hero of Communist Rusca. However, when Puffle'and and it's allies invaded Antarctica, Blary and his colleagues had to flee to Rusca to escape capture and execution by the Puffish army. Blary moved to Muscovgrad and worked at a small Nuclear Power plant there for a month before Rusca's communist government collapsed. Blary stayed in Rusca until after the USA was established in 2001. Blary was later seen as one of the first recruits of Falcon Xaldi's main inventors during the short revival of STINC, though Xaldi's death immediately brought the group back into fragmentation once more. Rumor has it that Blary is now trying to reunite STINC once more, this time as its leader. Blary's location is unknown, though some hypothesize that he may be in hiding with STINC recruits in the remote mountains of Eastshield, or possibly even still in Rusca.


Blary helped contribute to create advanced weapons that helped to destroy Olde Antarctica. Blary is considered a dangerous criminal and is currently being searched for by the EPF. Blary allegedly works with Xary in a remote place for the reunification of STINC. He hopes to work with Herbert one day but he does not tell anyone he is currently somewhere in Club Penguin, Eastshield, East Pengolia, or Rusca.


  • No one knows where he is currently.
  • He has a rivalry with G, even though he's in his family.
  • He also developed a Rivalry with Flywish. Flywish often attacked him and he often attacked Flywish. They always fought and still do.
  • He has a crush on Willie Watt.
  • He recently betrayed Darktan.
  • He used to work with Xary a lot and still does, though he gets mad at Xary for stealing Willie Watt away from him.
  • He is known to be fluent in English, Russian, Greek, Latin, and Greek, though in reality, it is believed that he can only speak English, Russian, and German, since they have been the most common languages that he had used in his life. He has only a very limited knowledge of Latin and Greek since the two languages help with scientific naming.

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