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Blizzardville as seen by the Hutt River
Country USA flag.PNG USA
Area Polar District
Headquarters Blizzardville Govnerment Building
Neighbourhoods Business District
Frost Park
Winter Hills
Mayor Frank P. Fishingport
Population 100,000
Inhabited species

Penguins (86%)

  • Adelie Penguins (47.3%)
  • Emperor Penguins (40%)
  • King Penguins (10%)
  • Macaroni Penguins (2%)
  • High Penguins (0.5%)
  • Others (0.2%)
Puffles (14%)
General information
Demonym Blizzardvillite

Blizzardville is a small city located within the Polar District of the USA, around 15 miles south of the nation's capital, South Pole City. Being in the Polar District, Blizzardville is situated alongside the Hutt river, and is a neighbouring city to Whiteout. The city is part of the South Eastshield Crossing, and there is a light rail link to Whiteout.


Blizzardville was founded around the days of the High Penguin Confederacy by a group of traders who were stuck in a blizzard on their way to South Pole City. They were forced to camp in what is now Downtown Blizzardville. Later, after the storm ended, they decided to build a trading post in the area, and some houses for them to live in, thus creating a small town, as they wanted a place for travelers to stop by during a blizzard, since the area was known for having a lot of blizzards.


Blizzardville is a relatively flat piece of land by the Hutt River, making it more vulnerable to blizzards. As it snows almost year round, there isn't much vegetation, save for a few pine trees outside the city. Downtown Blizzardville is more crowded than most of the city and contains the most buildings

Notable Inhabitants[edit]



Blizzardville is served by two highways, Highway 1, which is a north/south highway that connects the city to South Pole City, and Highway 10, which travels east and west, and connects the city to Whiteout. There is also a small train system, with one line to Whiteout and three to South Pole City. The last mode of transport is by air, with Blizzardville International Airport built for that purpose, but the airport is rarely used, as citizens use one of South Pole City's airports, which offers a wider amount of destinations.



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