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Blobs of Fail, or Rocket Slug and Friends' Blobs of Fail, is a Snowtendo DS and Vii action-game. Gameplay is simple, but the game itself is quite complex. It was designed by Aunt Keziah.


A typical day in South Pole City: Veranda plays 3DS until her eyes hurt, Sye finds the Yeti in his garage using "the sacred wrench," and Xet comes up with harebrained schemes that always fail. TurtleShroom, a monarch, visiting a friend in the city, spots something that looks like rain. Actually, it's blue blobs of failure falling from the deepest depths of space. TS, upon seeing random villagers getting hit by the stuff and turning into monsters called Failures, calls up his friends Rocket Slug, Agent Meltie, Sye, Veranda, Dot of the EPF, and Jet Pack Guy. Older characters arrive, somehow unaffected by the blobs. They meet up at the headquarters of the Club Penguin volcano. Each character receives special weaponry designed to fight off the goo invasion, and they team up to fight them off!

Character Descriptions[edit]

  • The Grimoms- Let's face it, these are some weird siblings. Not only are they ready to fight off the Failures, Sye is excited to test out his new Fire Pistol, and Veranda has her trusty Blinder 3000, a high-tech video game system designed to blind the creatures.
  • The Agents- Dot, the master of disguise, has found a new invisibility application on her spy phone. Of course, she will use it to trick the creatures. Agent Meltie, however, has no weapons, but she forces herself to cry, distracting the Failures. Jet Pack Guy uses jet pack smoke and his amazing flying skills to distract and kick butt, too.
  • The Best Friends- TurtleShroom and Rocket Slug are definitely determined to defeat those Failures. The aged monarch and teen rocker duo, surprisingly, are going to kick some butt with their Censorship techniques and Guitar Solos as well!
  • The Glory Days- Captain Str00del, Professor Shroomsky, Melvin Turtleheimer, Penghis Khan, and Beaky4444, characters past their time, have decided to get back into the spotlight and fight off Failure. The Captain has brought back his robotic chihuahua army, Shroomsky has all sorts of AIA technology, Melvin administers healing items, and everyone knows what Penghis Khan does. The elderly Beaky4444 may be the slowest character to play as, but he makes it up in fighting off the enemy with his flippers and aged wits.

Worlds and Bosses[edit]

  • World 1: South Pole City. Sye, Veranda, Rocket Slug, and Agent's home. In this level, you play as Sye or Penghis Khan. Fight off creatures, go into the Emo Fashionz shop, collect +100 Wikia Points (and skinny jeans for your character) and beat the final boss, Xet, using mini vacuums and live penguins.
  • World 2: Mattress Village. TurtleShroom's home. Play as Agent Meltie or TurtleShroom. Fight off creatures, go into the drugstore, collect +3 Wikia Points (and slushies), and defeat the final boss duo, Naomi and Tammyshroom, using stamp books and Dan dolls.
  • World 4: Pengu Town and Mojave. No one has heard of this place. Play as Shroomsky or Captain Str00del/Turtleheimer or Beaky4444 (different characters for different versions of the game.) Fight off creatures, enter the nearby Taco Ball, and get ready to battle... nothing! That's right, there's a twist: the player actually has to venture to Mojave and fight the boss, Squidulator, WHILE SURFING! Throw waffles, law books, and mullets at him to win!
  • World 5: Ultimate Boss Level. All the worlds mashed together. There's one boss in every level.



The ViiReview website rated this game as a 5.5 out of 10, and it was mainly purchased because TurtleShroom was on the cover of the game. It was also referred to as "boring, mediocre, and glitchy." For the game's presentation, it got a 5, graphics and sound got a 6, game play earned 4.5, and appeal got 5.5.

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