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Developer "Nick"
Release dates
Release in Rest of Antarctica
December 7, 2009
Additional info
Genre Sandbox-Adventure
Platform Doors, OS X, Penguin OS, Androne, iceOS, Snowtendo Vii N, Snowtendo Swap
Rating 7+

Blockcraft is a sandbox-adventure game made by indie developer "Nick", well known for its iconic blocky graphics. In the game, the player is thrown into a vast world and forced to survive by building a shelter and collecting resources. Alternatively, they can let their imagination run wild and build to their heart's content with endless resources at their disposal.

Blockcraft is a heavily customizable game, and features in-game support for Customization Packs, which can be used to customize nearly every aspect of how the game looks and sounds. The game also has a large modding community, and on multiple occasions the developers have collaborated with mod makers to add content from mods into the official game.


Blockcraft has three different game modes, which vastly affect gameplay; Survivor, Constructor, and Observer.

In Survivor mode, the player is put into the world with the goal of surviving. They must build a shelter and explore the world collecting resources. Although there is no real progression or story to the game, the ultimate goal of Survivor mode is to reach the Box Dimension and defeat the Box Dragon, considered the final boss of the game. There is also the additional challenge of Hardcore Survivor, which is locked on the highest difficulty setting and does not allow respawning upon death.

In Constructor mode, the player is given access to every item in the game and free reign to build, with the only limit being their imagination. They are also given the power of flight and invincibility, and hostile mobs will ignore the player.

In Observer mode, the player can't interact with the world, but can fly through blocks and view the entire world unobstructed. Upon death in Hardcore Survivor mode, the player can return to their world in Observer.

Update History[edit]

Blockcraft 1.1[edit]

Blockcraft 1.1 was released in March 2010, and was the first update released after the game's official launch.

One of the most highly anticipated features of the update was the addition of puffles, adding both blue and red puffles as tameable mobs.

The MP3000 was added, which has different music tracks that players can listen to as long as they have it in their inventory. The tracks were designed to loop indefinitely, and only stop once the MP3000 is turned off or dropped. While it is in use, the MP3000 is held in the player's non-dominant flipper and the earbuds are worn; if it is selected in the inventory, it is moved to the dominant flipper.

The Spooky Update (1.2)[edit]

The Spooky Update was released in September 2010, just in time for the first Halloween after the game's full release. It focused on adding various spooky things to the game, as well as special changes for Halloween.

The biggest and most notable addition in this update was the Underworld, a brand new dimension. Demon Penguins, Demon Jellyfish, and Zombie Screenhogs were added to populate this new dimension. The overworld also received new mobs, including the hostile Zombies, Skeletons, and Spiders, and the passive Jackos. Pumpkin patches were also added, which is where Jackos spawn near pumpkin blocks, which can be turned into food or sheared to either be turned into Jack-O-Lantern blocks or have a rare chance to spawn more Jackos. Jack-O-Lantern blocks can be lit by combining them with a torch, and the facial expression can be changed by clicking it with shears.

As of this update, if the device's clock is set to any time between October 15th and October 31st, the game enters "Halloween Mode". The chance for thunderstorms to occur is doubled, and zombies, skeletons, and spiders spawn twice as often during these thunderstorms. Penguins can be seen wearing various Halloween costumes. Special music tracks also play.

It's Behind You! was added as a permanent music track that plays during the night in the overworld. Seek and Hide, Lurking in the Shadows, Discoween, were added as music tracks that play during the night in the overworld during Halloween. Lurking in the Shadows was also used as the menu theme for this update. Phantasmagoria was added as a playable track on the MP3000.

The Festive Update[edit]

The Festive Update was released in November 2011, as a Christmas counterpart to the Spooky Update.

The Puffle Update[edit]

The Flight Update[edit]

The Flight Update revamped flying in the game and added many new requested items to be able to fly.

Propeller Caps are rare loot items in overworld chests and grant the player double jumps, slow falling, and immunity to fall damage when worn. They are mostly found in red and blue, with rarer green and purple variants, but can be dyed any color. Jetpacks are rare loot items in overworld chests that allow the player to fly as if they were playing in Constructor mode, but must be powered using jetpack fuel, crafted using hot sauce and cream soda, which drains quickly when used. Gliders are rare loot in boxes in the Box Dimension that can be used to glide from high heights.

Float in the Clouds was added as a music track that plays during the day in the overworld and was used as the menu theme for this update. Time was added as a playable track on the MP3000.

The Medieval Update[edit]

The Spookier Update[edit]

The Spookier Update was a second Halloween-themed update, released in October 2013.

This update added the Haunted Forest biome, as well as Ghost Mansions which can rarely be found in them. Ghost Penguins and Candy Ghosts were added as new mobs which spawn there. The Monster Toboggan was added as an homage to the Night of the Living Sled films, which only spawns when a toboggan is struck by lightning and relentlessly pursues players until it is killed.

Penguin and Town Update[edit]

The Penguin and Town update was released in early 2019, aiming to update Penguins, Puffles, and towns. Although fifteen colors of penguin exist, they are each very limited in items since there are so many colors, with White penguins not having any items. Many players also considered certain penguin colors "useless" for this reason. To remedy this, item trading with penguins was reworked to be based on many different occupations. A few occupations are also rare outside of specific town types, with an example being treasure-selling pirates being near-exclusive to coastal towns, which usually have a ship docked. Taller penguins and penguins with separated square eyes were also added in all colors, to represent High Penguins and Khanz penguins, with Dorks being represented with an occupation wearing Dorkugese-style clothing. Puffles were also updated to include many species that were missing from the game and updating some existing species, such as Red Puffles following their owner in water now hopping on surfboards and floating behind when there's an open block above them.

Town structures were also heavily updated. Housing structures such as igloos and huts were updated for each type of town and given variations, as were many of the local structures.

April Fools Updates[edit]

Every year the game has a joke update for April Fools' Day with changes or new features that are reverted shortly after. However, some features added in April Fools updates have returned in full updates.

In 2010, the Box Dimension was added as a unique dimension. It featured unique physics, such as decreased gravity which allowed players and mobs to jump higher and farther, and projectiles following a wavy path. Due to popular demand, more features were added to the Box Dimension and it was added in a full update the next year.

World Generation[edit]


There are three different dimensions to explore in the game, each with unique biomes, mobs, blocks, and items.

The main dimension is the Overworld, which is automatically where every player starts and the majority of gameplay usually takes place.

The second dimension is the Underworld, containing various mobs, blocks, and items that can't be found in the Overworld, some of which are necessary for progression.

The third dimension is the Box Dimension. Gravity is reduced, allowing players and mobs to jump higher and farther, clocks and compasses don't work, and projectiles follow a wavy path. The Box Dragon can be fought here, and there are many rare treasures and valuable items scattered throughout the area. The Box Dimension was originally added as an April Fools update in 2010, but was added in a full update later that year with many new features due to popular demand.


The various dimensions in Blockcraft consist of many biomes, which dictate the terrain generation, the structures and mobs that appear there, blocks used, and items that can be obtained.

The following biomes can be found in the Overworld:

  • Dreadful Island
  • Haunted Forest
  • Ice Cavern
  • Ocean
  • Rocky Beach
  • Soda Seas - The water is polluted with cream soda, turning it purple. Using a bucket on the polluted water gives the player a Cream Soda Bucket. Pufferfish have a much higher spawn rate here than in other biomes.


Blockcraft has numerous generated structures other than normal terrain generation. Here are some of them:

  • Snow Forts are common small structures that spawn randomly in open snowy biomes.
  • Walrus Dens are rare structures in the overworld that are generated in the sides of mountains or underground, usually with Walruses in them or nearby. They typically contain a few chests with common or slightly uncommon items, signs with l33t and hacker talk, and computers, which are decorative items that can be crafted using Screenhog wires.
  • Dojos are rare structures that occasionally spawn in the overworld in mountain biomes.
  • Rainbow Clouds are structures that rarely appear in the sky. A random number of Rainbow Puffles can be found on each cloud, which can be tamed using "Rainbow O-Berries", which are Golden O-Berries combined with eight different dyes.
  • Underground Temples are one of the rarest underground generated structures. There is a central room in each temple with a Golden Puffle on a pedestal, that triggers disaster when taken.
  • Towns are one of the most common above-ground generated structures. They are the home of Penguins, who you can trade with, and usually contain many homes and other buildings which you may also be able to obtain loot from. There are different types of town based on the biome they're in, and since the Penguin and Town Update they have had varied buildings more than using different block types.
  • Coastal Towns may have homes made of ice (igloos), or wooden huts, and usually have buildings related to fishing and seafaring. Almost every coastal town contains a lighthouse building, and many have a docked "pirate" ship where you can get special trades.
  • Ghost Mansions have a rare chance to spawn in Haunted Forest biomes.


There are three kinds of mobs. Passive mobs will not attack the player. Neutral mobs will not attack the player unless provoked. Hostile mobs will attack the player on sight. Most mobs drop certain items when they die or are killed.

Mob Stance Details Drops
Albatross Tamable Rare mobs that can be fed a lot of fish to be tamed, after which you can put a saddle on it and fly.
Bat Passive Flying mobs that spawn in dark locations, typically caves.
Black Puffle Tamable Type of puffle that will ignite on fire when in a dark area at full health. Their flame cannot harm any mobs or players and does not ignite flammable blocks, however. Additionally, they are immune to fire damage and can swim in lava. They are commonly used by players to light up caves without any need for actual light blocks. Tamed with O-Berries and follow their owner until command to sit.
Blue Puffle Tamable The most common type of puffle with no remarkable traits of their own and are considered the "default puffle". Tamed with O-Berries and follow their owner until command to sit.
Box Dragon Boss The final boss of the game, found only in the Box Dimension. It is the largest mob in the game and can destroy most blocks it touches. Mystery Box
Brown Puffle Tamable
Candy Ghost Neutral Candy
CartSnail Passive Rare variant of RocketSnail that occasionally naturally spawn on rails underground. Mine Cart
Chicken Puffle Passive Egg
Clam Passive Pearl
Crab Neutral Does not attack until provoked. At that point, it will slowly chase the player and try to snap at them with its claws. If there are any tools on the ground, it will pick them up to try and attack the player with them. Appears in red and a rare blue variant. Crab Claw, Raw Crab Meat
Demon Jellyfish Hostile Only found in the Underworld.
Demon Penguin Hostile Only found in fortresses in the Underworld. Trident
Duck Passive Swims around in rivers, often getting in the way of boats and tipping them over, sending the rider into the water. Because of this, ducks have become notorious among the Blockcraft community as one of the game's most annoying mobs. Raw Duck
Dragon Hostile Only found in caves and breathes fire, which can catch flammable blocks on fire and destroy wooden tools if the player is holding one. Appears in green, blue, and purple variants. Dragon Wing
Fish Passive Swims around and can be caught with a fishing rod. Follows players holding a Worm. Appears in Fluffy and Grey variants. Raw Fish
Frog Passive
Ghost Penguin Neutral
Ghost Puffle Tamable
Gold Puffle Tamable
Green Puffle Tamable Type of puffle that can equip their propeller caps, allowing them to fall slowly and prevent them from taking fall damage. As of the Flight Update, they have been given better use of their propeller caps, and can now fly with their owner. Tamed with O-Berries and follow their owner until command to sit.
Jacko Passive Jack-O-Lantern
Jellyfish Neutral Does not actively try to attack the player, but gives an electrical shock if the player attacks it or gets too close. Raw Jellyfish
The Kraken Boss Emerges from whirlpools if the player gets too close.
Lava Puffle Hostile
Mine Crab Neutral A very rare mob, which has a 1 in 2500 chance of spawning in place of a normal crab. When attacked, it says "Hello!" and explodes. Crab Claw
Mimic Neutral Disguised as a box, it only attacks once a player tries to open it. It only appears in the Box Dimension. Chest
Monster Toboggan Hostile Spawns when a Toboggan is struck by lightning. Whenever a player is within 50 blocks of it, it will begin relentlessly chasing that player until it is defeated. Toboggan
Mullet Passive Underwater mob that follows players holding raw fish. Raw Mullet
Mummy Hostile Hostile mobs that spawn only in Underground Temples and act like a variant of Zombies. Paper
Orange Puffle Tamable Unlike regular puffles, which must be fed O-Berries to recover health, Orange Puffles can be fed any item in the game. They will also attempt to eat hostile mobs that attack their owner, defeating them instantly, and skeletons in particular will always attempt to flee from them. The drawback to this is that they will also eat any items or experience points that they may have dropped otherwise.
Parrot Tamable Similar to Tropical Birds, they can sit on a player's shoulder and are available in multiple varieties. Follow their owner until command to sit.
Penguin Passive Trades for various items with the player depending on their occupation, with trades ranging in usefulness. They appear in 15 different color varieties and three different species. High Penguins are taller and have more health and health regeneration, and Khanz have stereotypical Khanz square eyes. Prior to the Penguin and Town update, trades depended on their color instead of profession. Only found in igloo towns.
Pink Puffle Tamable Type of puffle that equips scuba masks when diving underwater, preventing them from drowning. They will also blow bubbles every few seconds, which can be collected to recover air. Tamed with O-Berries and follow their owner until command to sit.
Polar Bear Neutral Fur
Puff Daddy Boss Amethyst Cluster
Pufferfish Neutral Inflates if the player gets too close, doubling its size and extending its spikes.
Purple Puffle Tamable
Rainbow Puffle Tamable Type of puffle that spawns in rare generated "rainbow clouds" in the sky. Tamed with Rainbow O-Berries, which are Golden O-Berries combined with eight different dyes. Follow their owner until command to sit.
Red Puffle Tamable Type of puffle uncommonly found on beaches. Tamed with O-Berries and follow their owner until command to sit. As of the Penguin and Town Update, Red Puffles summon a surfboard when they encounter water, which allows them to traverse water at the same speed as a player riding in a boat.
RocketSnail Passive Tiny rare mobs that move relatively slowly. A rare variety that can sometimes be seen in mine shafts is the CartSnail Fireworks
Sasquatch Neutral
Screenhog Passive Can be ridden with a Saddle Raw pork-chop, wires
Shark Hostile Shark Tooth
Shocktopus Neutral
Shprogshel Hostile
Skeleton Hostile A long-range mob that carries a trumpet and tries to "doot" players. They run from certain types of puffle, including Orange Puffles. Bone
Spider Hostile String
Squid Passive Raw squid
Tropical Bird Tamable Similar to Parrots, they can sit on a player's shoulder and are available in multiple varieties. Follow their owner until command to sit.
Turtle Passive Turtle shell
Walrus Hostile Tusk
Whale Passive Can be walked on, unlike most mobs. Occasionally sprays water from its blowhole, which will lift the player about 5 blocks if they are standing in it.
White Puffle Tamable
Yellow Puffle Tamable
Yeti Neutral
Zombie Hostile
Zombie Screenhog Neutral Does not attack until provoked. If the player attacks a Zombie Screenhog, all other Zombie Screenhogs in a 30 block radius will also be provoked. If a Screenhog is struck by lightning, it will turn into a Zombie Screenhog. It spawns commonly in the Underworld.


  • Blockcraft has its own theme of Armo sets.
  • It is inspired by the real video game Minecraft.